Changed: Sequal to "More Than Friends"

It's been almost a year since (Y/N) left town. Justin has been doing what she told him in the note. He hasn't gone out much and hardly talks to anyone. But when he gets a job at the local Kroger and sees (Y/N) his hopes rise to an all time high. After a small talk they have, he knows things are different between them. (Y/N) now has another boyfriend named, Troye. (looks like youtuber, Troye Sivan) Justin is heart broken because its like (Y/N) forgot the note, the necklace, their love. Will Justin make (Y/N) the person she was before, and will his love for her be enough?


13. Good Morn- Afternoon

(Y/N's P.O.V.)


I woke up to Michaela sitting in the love-seat, eating Lucky Charms, poking me with a brook stick. I rolled over towards her and she said, "Yo bitch, give me my Danny Phantom pajama bottoms back."

I was tired and I said, "Shut the fuck up."

She put the broom stick down, "Well, I thought you should know, it's one o'clock in the afternoon. I woke up an hour ago but I stayed in bed. Please mark this down as the first time I woke up before you."

I sat up and my butt was falling off the couch so I walked over to Michaela. She put her finished cereal bowl on the coffee table, and pulled her blanket off of her. I sat down at the other end of the seat, I put my legs on top of her's, she through the blanket back over us, and asked, "Will you get me the remote please?"

I leaned over, picked it up, and handed it to her. I couldn't see the T.V. but I could hear it. She turned on the local news.

"Hello, I'm Samantha Carmichael."

"And I'm Shane Brown."

It went back to Samantha, "Murderer on the loose. Davis (Your Last Name), is back in town. He stole high school graduate Justin Bieber's car two nights ago. The car was found outside of a gun shop. The car's license plate was scanned and is now in the local scrap yard."

I tried to wake up Justin by calling his name, but nothing. I picked up a pillow on the floor and through it at him, "JUSTIN!"

He woke up, "what?"

"They found your car."

He sat up, "What? Where?"

"Outside of a gun shop. Now it's in the local scrap yard. I'm sure you can get it later."

"No, I need my car now."

"Justin, how are you going to get there?"

"You'll drive me."

I was shocked, "No, I just woke up. and I am not going out there alone."

"I'll go with you guys. I can ride in the car with (Y/N)," Michaela suggested.

Justin stood up, "Thank you Michaela," he kissed the top of her head quickly.

"We still have to get ready, and you need to put on your shirt," Michaela said.

"Oh, (Y/N), do you have any clothes I can wear? I know you have some of my clothes here," he winked.

I rolled my eyes, "yes. I'll get you some, AFTER, my coffee."

I stood up and walked over to the kitchen. I turned of the Keurig, and put in my Starbucks House Blend, K-cup in. I stood there waiting, then Michaela yelled from her room, "(Y/N)! MAKE ME ONE TOO!"


Mine was finished, I took out the K-cup and my mug. I put in another mug and K-cup. I started drinking mine and let Michaela's sit under the drippy thing. I took out the cup, and threw it away.



I was half way done when Michaela walked out wearing short dark blue jean shorts, a black loose tank-top that crossed in the back and a pair of flip flops. She took her cup and said, "Okay, now go get dressed and give Justin clothes."

I laughed, "Okay." I never drink the last part of drinks because they're never good. I put my mug in the sink and walked over to my room.

I opened a drawer and gave Justin a pair of sweat shorts and a dark blue tank top. Justin walked to the bathroom and started getting dressed. I closed my door and picked out a pair of light blue short jean shorts, and a tank top like Michaela's but like a dark indigo. I put my hair in a loose side braid and put on my flip flops.

I opened my door and saw Michaela standing there getting her bag. I picked up my phone from the coffee table and put it in my back pocket. Justin came out of the bathroom and put his shoes on. He picked up his phone and put it in his pocket.

Michaela grabbed her keys and asked while taking a deep breath out, "We ready?"

I looked at Justin and he said, "Yep."

"Alright, let's go."

Michaela locked the door behind her and started walking down the stairs. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and went on Instagram. I was going through an liking people's pictures. When I got outside I clicked the camera button and switched it to video.

I turned the camera to me and said, "Goin' out!'

I turned it around, "with Justin, and Michaela," when I said Michaela's name, she looked back and made the stupidest face.

We got in the car, Michaela got in the drivers seat and I got in the front. Justin was sitting in the back. I turned the camera so it was on me, pressed the button down and said, "I'm sitting in the front," lifted, switched it to the front camera, "Michaela is driving," lifted, went to Justin, "and my baby is sitting in the back," when I said that Justin frowned and then laughed. I turned it so it was on Michaela, we were now driving on the freeway, "don't kill us Michaela." She responded, "I'm gonna kill you if you take my pajama pants again."

The time was up, I laughed. I set the caption as, "Please don't kill us. Then I tagged, @michaela(your last name) and @justinbieber"

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