Changed: Sequal to "More Than Friends"

It's been almost a year since (Y/N) left town. Justin has been doing what she told him in the note. He hasn't gone out much and hardly talks to anyone. But when he gets a job at the local Kroger and sees (Y/N) his hopes rise to an all time high. After a small talk they have, he knows things are different between them. (Y/N) now has another boyfriend named, Troye. (looks like youtuber, Troye Sivan) Justin is heart broken because its like (Y/N) forgot the note, the necklace, their love. Will Justin make (Y/N) the person she was before, and will his love for her be enough?


11. 5 Hour Drive

(Author's Note: Okay, guys. I saw Justin in concert, on the floor yesterday, July 12th. I screamed, I cried, I breathed the same air as him. It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. I was 100% blown away. I love him so much, and I can't even believe I saw him live. I still have a ringing sound in my ear from all the screaming. He looked at me while he was singing "Fall." Then, when the buses were leaving, Dan was looking out the window and waving at people, I was shouting his name, he looked back, made eye-contact, and waved at me. I had the ultimate fangirl moment. Best night of my life. Alright, now on with the story.




(Y/N's P.O.V.)


I put on a pair of flip-flops, grabbed my phone and my keys, locked the door behind me, and got in my car. I started the car, plugged my phone into the speaker adapter, turned on the song "Beneath Your Beautiful", and started driving to Gibson, North Carolina.

Before I pulled out, I realized I had no idea where I was going. So I pulled out  my GPS and looked up directions to Gibson. I put my GPS on the thing that sticks to the windshield and I was off.

About an hour into the trip I got a call from Justin. I turned the music down, and out the phone on speaker.

"Yes?" I asked kind of happily.

"Where are you?"

"How the hell am I supposed to know?"

"Haha, i-d-k."

"Okay, so how is the gas station?"

"It's boring. Bethanne asked if I wanted to help with the register, so I said yes. And now nobody is here, so I thought I should call you."

"Awe, well I don't know where I am, so."

"Okay, call me in an hour? Okay?"

"Okay, I love you."

"I love you more."

"I love you most."

"I love you more than most."

Then, he hung up before I could win.

Two to three hours later, I had stopped at a Speedway, filled up, and gotten coffee. I was still in my PJ's but oh well.

Four hours into the trip I was woken up, and listening to "Take Me Along", by Miley Cyrus. My phone started ringing again. I answered, "Hello?"

"Hey, are you almost here? I'm literally bored out of my mind."

"Wow, Justin. I am like an hour away."


"Yeah..Hey, I'm at a toll booth. Gotta go and pay."

"So, you're at the boarder?"

"Yeah. Gotta go."

Then, I hung up and paid the $4.00 toll.

I entered the town and looked for a Speedway. I asked around and they said it was on the other side of town. So, I drove all the way across town and found a Speedway. I parked my car and got out. It was now, noon.

I walked into the Speedway and saw Justin, sitting on a stool behind the counter. He was playing with a pencil, making it look like a rubber one. I knocked on the counter, and he looked up. I was smiling and so was he. When he stood up to come and hug me he was limping. As he wrapped his arms around me, I put my hands on his chest and asked, "Why are you limping?"

"He looked down at his leg and said, "There is a bruise on my knee and it really hurts."

I looked down at it and said, "I have to get you to a doctor or something."

"No, (Y/N) it's fine. It's just a bruise."

I exhaled and said, "Okay."

He leaned in and kissed me. I pulled away, and said "Can we go? I've been driving forever."

"Okay, I'll drive," he kissed my nose.

Then he said good-bye to Bethanne, took my hand, limped to the car, and started driving. Whilst in the car, I caught up on my sleep.

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