Last First Kiss (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Ray moves to Ireland suddenly to be with family; family she has never even known. Her whole life is switched around and now everything is different. She has lost one and gained another. What happens when Ray becomes friends with the one and only Niall Horan (it starts out before One Direction is started and continues from there; its better than it sounds!)


9. Chapter 9

~Chapter Nine~
When we walked into Nandos, I could instantly hear Niall's friends. "Why is he so interested in the new girl? Shes nothing special. Just a yankee. Shes not even pretty." A girl said. "He said she was different. Something about her. So calm down Holly. Let Niall be happy for once." "He was happy with me," she said clearly unhappy with her newfound competition. I saw Niall's eyes get wide. "Oh hey Niall!" The boy said loudly making a point of Niall's arrival so their conversation would cease. The girl turned in her seat excitedly smiling. Her smile dissappeared when she saw me. I smirked to her and stepped closer to Niall, wrapping my arm through his. Yeah thats right. Be jealous, honey. I wanted to shout. She turned in her seat back to her friends with a snobby flip of her hair. I grinned to Niall, who was blushing feverishly, but smiling hugely. "Hey, Mike. This is Ray." "Nice to finally meet you Ray." Mike said holding out his hand. "Is that short for something?" "Uh, yes,"I started. The girls all glanced to me. Mike sat waiting. Niall pulled me down to sit beside him. "Whats it stand for?" Niall asked. I blushed, of course they would want to know. Duh, God I was dumb. "Oh, Riona. (R-ee-oh-nah)" "Thats a really nice name." Mike said with a smile. "For a yankee." The girl said giving me evil eyes. "Oh, and is your name Elphaba? Cause you remind me of the wicked witch of the west. You even kinda look like her," I said taking a strand of her hair between my fingers and twirling it. She gasped dramatically, smacking my hand away. "Niall, you make bad company." "No, Ive been making better company since we broke up." He shot right back. He gave me an apologetic look. I held up a hand. "Whoa, you dated Froggy?" "My name is Holly, bitch. And I rocked his world. I could do it all over again." "I think he's moved on to better things." I said leaning toward her on my elbows. "Hey so what do you want to eat, Ray?" Mike said before anything could get bad. "Oh, um," I looked to Niall. "I'll just have what he's having. I can hibernate today," I smiled to him. He smiled right back, chuckling a bit. "Oh and water! Just in case I need to melt Froggy over here!" I yelled as he went to go get food. He laughed from the line. Holly just glared at me. I smirked and turned my back to her and brought my attention to Niall. "Thanks for introducing me to your friends. Mike is nice." "Sure thing. Sorry Holly is bein a bad sport." She scoffed behind me and I rolled my eyes. "So what are the other girls' names, not that I really care." He pointed to a pasty brunette. "Thats Megan. And the redhead is Julia. They're Holly's friends." "Damn right. So dont get any ideas yankee." Julia said. "I dont need you guys anyway. Id rather be an original than a run down copy of a hoebag." "You know what? SHUT UP you priss, before I knock you off that seat." "If you hurt her, I'll never speak to you again, Holly." Niall practically growled. She was silent. "We're over anyway," she said standing. Her copies stood as well. Niall stood, standing in front of me. I stood up behind him. I peeked around Niall. Julia and Megan pushed on Niall who stumbled back and tripped over a chair. Holly smiled at me. She lurched forward, grabbing me by the hair. I shoved at her, throwing her against the table. She clawed at my arms, scratching me, leaving me with bloody gashes. I grabbed a fist full of her hair just as her copies grabbed me and threw me back. I hit the hard floor with a gasp and yelled out when they all started kicking me. Holly jumped on me, throwing punches. I threw my arms up to block my face. Suddenly I felt wettness and all the chaos stopped. I looked up to see Holly soaked, her mouth agape as she stared straight ahead. Mike was standing over her with a now empty water bottle. I just laid there. Employees grabbed Holly off of me, grabbing her friends and threw them out. "And dont come back!" The manager yelled. She was an pretty blonde lady who looked only in her thirties. She knelt next to me. "Are you alright honey?" I sat up quickly taking Mike's hands as he offered them to me. "Yeah Im fine. I think." I stuttered. Niall rushed over to me, taking my shoulders in his hands, looking me up and down. "Come on, I'll take you home and get you cleaned up."




Sorry it took so long for me to actually update. I have been writing a new fanfiction and you should check it out. Im going to post it in a bit. Its called Lost Shadows. Its a Horror 1D fanfiction <3


~Kate :*

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