Last First Kiss (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Ray moves to Ireland suddenly to be with family; family she has never even known. Her whole life is switched around and now everything is different. She has lost one and gained another. What happens when Ray becomes friends with the one and only Niall Horan (it starts out before One Direction is started and continues from there; its better than it sounds!)


4. Chapter 4

"Here we are. Nandos." "Its pronounced Nan-dows. Like Nanny without the n-y. And female deer. But many of them." I sighed. "Are you sure it isnt Nahndoos?" She asked. "Shes sure," Jesse and Stepanie said in unison. Mom just huffed and walked us toward the door. I shook my head and followed. Stephanie nudged me when we walked in. I was looking down. "Hey, your blonde boyfriend is here." She giggled. I glanced up just as he started laughing at something his friend had said. He had a cute laugh. "Hey, cute blonde in the corner! Neil!" Everyone looked at Stephanie. I felt my jaw dropped and threw my hood up over my head trying to hide my face as I ducked behind her. She side stepped away. "Yeah, the one with the drum stick in his mouth in the back corner!" "Oh my god, shut up!" I hissed blushing fiercly. She giggled. "Nah, Im good" I peeked over her shoulder to see Niall staring at us. My eyes widened when my sister stepped away from me. Niall's lips turned up and he put down the chicken to wave. He turned to say something to his friend before walking over. "I. Hate. You." I hissed to my sister. "You'll thank me later." She whispered back walking to stand with Mom who was looking at the menu. "Weyhey, Ray!" Niall said cheerfully. "Didnt expect to see you so soon. How you like it here so far?" I glanced around. "Well... The only thing I've seen so far is this place." "Nandos is the best!!!" He said loudly making me jump. I let out a shaky laugh. "So, whats good here?" "EVERYTHING." This time, Mom turned to look at us. She smiled and turned back to the menu. "I dont think I have enough money to order EVERYTHING." I said mocking him. "Ohhh, I thought you was asking me-never mind," he laughed at himself. "I suggest you get the chicken wrap! Oh, or the pita with the hummus; soooo good!! Oh oh oh OR chicken wings with the corn! Its great! And maybe some-" "Hey Im not hibernating here..." "Right! Sorry. I like Nandos its amazing." I laughed. "I see that. I'll go with the chicken wrap thing." Niall glanced toward my mom. "Hey, mum, Ray wants the double-breasted chicken wrap please!" I giggled and rolled my eyes. Mom smiled over at Niall. "I dont remember having another son." "Oh, ya. They didnt tell ya? Ya left me at the hospital! Ive.missed ya mum!" He joked. I smiled over at my mom. She smiled at me before laughing. "My mistake. Welcome home then." "Its a bit awkward if you wanna date your brother, Ray." Stephanie called. Niall looked to her flushing a bit. "Wha?" "Oh nothing. Sorry. I was talking about Jesse. Right Jess." "No." "Right." "Im sorry about my sister. Shes a dumb skank." I said quickly. "Oh I love you too sweetie!" Stephanie said rushing over to hug me. "Dont touch me..." I said flatly. She let go of me and pat my head. "So Neil." "Niall." "I said that. Why dont you take sister dear here on a tour? She needs one." She said with a sweet smile. "Id love to! Want me to come by tomorrow round noon and bring ya round?" Niall asked hopefully. "Um, sure. Sounds fun." I said honestly. "Niall! Time to go!" His friend called. "What? But I didnt finish!" "Then take it to go! If Im late again, Mums gunna kill me!" "FIIIIIINEEEE!" He grumbled loudly. He turned to smile at me. "See ya at noon?" "Yep! Bye Niall. Thanks." "Sure thing. Hope ya like your wrap!" "Me too." I watched as he ran over to grab his large amount of food and follow his friends out the door, munching as he went.

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