Last First Kiss (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Ray moves to Ireland suddenly to be with family; family she has never even known. Her whole life is switched around and now everything is different. She has lost one and gained another. What happens when Ray becomes friends with the one and only Niall Horan (it starts out before One Direction is started and continues from there; its better than it sounds!)


20. Chapter 20

Niall's POV:


I could feel my palms sweating, my hands shaking and the weight of Ray's phone in my pocket was like a brick. I made my way quickly to her house, holding my breathe as I walked up the driveway. There was no cars. I stood near the front door for a long while, contemplating whether I should knock or put her phone on the brick steps and leave. I raised my fist to knock on the door just as the door swung open. Ray's brother leaned against the door frame, pulling a green lollipop from his mouth. I could smell the sweet sour apple of the blow pop.

He just stared at me for a long time with no emotion before he talked. "Whatcha want, Jim?"

"Niall. And I'm looking for Ray...?" I clenched and unclenched my hands in my nervousness. He stared at me again in silence sucking on the candy.

Finally, with a light glare, as if deciding something, he pulled the candy from his mouth and used it to gesture to the right. "She's in the backyard," he said before slamming the door in my face.


Stephanie's POV:


I sighed watching my brother throwing random left overs into a blender. He had no intention to eat it. He just felt the need to watch it blend and break creating something new and gross looking. Much like the change he had gone through. I looked away, my eyes finding the window. I could see a figure walking up our drive. I stood and went to the window, peeking out. I saw Niall standing in front of our door now. He just stood there all fidgity like he was thinking.

Jesse came to my side to look as well. "Who is that?"

"Niall, Ray's boyish friend." He humphed next to me. I glanced to him. "What?" He shook his head and pulled a lollipop from his pocket. I watched as he made his way to the door. I just rolled my eyes and made my way to my room.


Ray's POV:


I had been lying in the grass for what felt like hours. I watched as birds flew by then the clouds and one plane. I was also lost in thought. My brain felt like it might explode. Dad, Niall, mom, Jesse and Stephanie, Emily, what school would be like, how I would mess up Holly's face if she gave me any more problems. All this gave me the urge to go inside and find my razor. To take it in my hands and feel the cold metal. To lower it to my skin and with just a little pressure and one small jerk of my hand-

"Hey, Ray." A voice came making me jump. I looked up to see Niall standing over me, blocking my sun.

I sat up slowly. "Bejeezus Niall! You scared the crap out of me!"

"Sorry," he chuckled sitting down. I could see my phone in his hand. "Jesse told me you were out here." He said holding out the phone.

I took it with an impish smile. "He was right." I just waited for him to start.

He looked down nervously. "I'm sorry I didn't just tell you."

"Tell me what?" I pushed. He peeked up at me then back down mumbling something unintelligable. "What was that?" He mumbled something again but I only caught the last part, "" "Niall, speak up."

"I like you!" He finally shouted. My eyes widened at his intensity before I giggled and leaned over to wrap my arms around his shoulders. He just stared down blushing.

"There we go," I said softly kissing his cheek.

He smiled a bit and turned to look at me. "And is there anything you wanna say to me?"


He rolled his eyes. "Ray I was honest with you. Now its your turn."

"Do I really have to say it Niall? I like you too." I said scooting closer.

He looked down sadly. "I was afraid of that."


"I'm leaving though, Ray. The X Factor. I want to be with you but it will hurt us both."

"So then lets wait and see. Okay?"

He smiled at me. "Okay. By the way, my dad talked to your mom. You're coming with us. As long as we don't share a room."

"But I probably will." I shrugged.

He smirked. "You're terrible."

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