Last First Kiss (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Ray moves to Ireland suddenly to be with family; family she has never even known. Her whole life is switched around and now everything is different. She has lost one and gained another. What happens when Ray becomes friends with the one and only Niall Horan (it starts out before One Direction is started and continues from there; its better than it sounds!)


2. Chapter 2

"Ray, wake up." My sister said shaking my shoulder. I looked around. We were parked outside a cute little house. The area around me was unfamiliar. "Where are we?" I asked sleepily. "Home," my mother, Tara, replied. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. It was getting late, around 6pm. There was a group of kids across the street watching us. There was three girls and two boys. The two boys wore soccer jerseys. They had been fighting over the ball but froze when I kicked open my door, adjacent to them. I flushed as they all stared. Jesse was smiling toward the girls, who giggled. I walked to the front of the car to sit, yanking my boots on my feet. I jumped down and pushed my hair out of my face to walk back around the car to grab the handle if a suit case. I yanked, frowning when it didnt budge. I pulled again, harder this time. Nothing. I growled myself, bracing my foot against the car, getting ready to pull. "Should we help her?" One of the boys asked. I kept my focus on the trunk. I gave another yank with all my might, squealing when the suit case released and I stumbled back, falling on my butt. The suit case busted open, my stuff falling everywhere. I heard the girls of the group start laughing. "Dork," one said. "Loser," another snickered. "She must be retarded." The last said. I felt tears sting in my throat as I let my hair fall in my face and leaned forward to retrieve my things. My cheeks were burning. I heard Jesse and Stephanie arguing inside, my mother being the referee as usual. "Niall?" One of the girls asked. "Niall!" A boys voice called. "Where is he going?" "Not sure." I heard footsteps thudding as someone came closer. I didnt look up, just kept gathering clothes and shoving it back in the suit case. "Hey, are you okay?" A gentle voice said in my ear. I saw a hand push my hair out of my eyes. I blinked quickly to make sure I hadnt cried, glad to find I had remained strong. I looked up at the blonde boy that was staring at me. "Uh, y-yeah. Im fine." I said grabbing another shirt. I was so glad I had picked the suitcase that didnt have my bras and underwear in it. Oh god. "Are ya sure? Ya took quite a spill there. Lemme help ya!" He said gathering the clothes. I watched him curiously for a second. "Thank you.." I said. "You're welcome," he smiled sweetly. He reached down to pick up a small notebook. " 'Song book'? Do ya sing?" I shook my head and reached for the book. He stood up pulling the book with him. He was flipping through the pages, reading to himself. "Wow, these are...really good." I jumped up blushing, grabbing at the book which he held up high away from me with wide eyes. "Whoa!" "I-I would like my book back. Please." I sighed stepping back down. He stared at me for another second before handing me my book, which I shoved into the suit case and zippered. "Do you sing?" He asked again. "Um, yeah. But not well. At least not that I think." I explained. "Well, you and that song book should totally come see me to jam out some time." He offered with a shy smile. I blinked. He wanted to hang out with me? "Me?" I asked looking around. He looked around too. "Ya, I dont see anyone else here." "You do now..." Jesse said as he leaned against the car. I hadnt noticed him walk out. The boy and I both jumped. "Is he causin any trouble here, Ray?" "No, um, no, uh..." I looked to him for his name. "Niall." He offered quickly. "Niall Horan." "Yeah, Niall was just helping me. I dropped my suit case." Jesse rolled his eyes. "Idiot sister. Stop being so clumbsy." "Right, sorry Jess." I said looking down. Niall cleared his throat. "Well, hey, I better be goin. Welcome to Mullingar. Hope ya like it. Remember what I said." He said turning back to me. I turned to look at him as Jesse huffed and pushed off the car, gathering suit cases, but not before turning to wink at the group of girls. They giggled and began whispering in response. "Mind tellin me your name?" He asked. "Oh, um, Im Ray." "Ray. I'll remember that. See ya around?" "Yeah, sure." I smiled as he started backing away. He was still facing toward me as he backed up, smiling at me. "Hey, Niall! Heads up dude!" A voice called. Niall gasped as a soccer ball came flying and hit him in the head. It bounced off and right into my hands. I saw the other boy hold up his hand for me to throw it back. I smirked, letting my old athletics skills take over. I kicked the ball with what I estimated to be enough force. The ball landed right in front of the boy and he stopped it with his foot. He smiled toward me. "Thanks! Good leg, new girl! Ever play soccer?" He called. I smiled. "Yeah, I was the captain of the girls soccer team back home!" I yelled back. I unzipped my sweat jacket a bit to show my blue soccer jersey. Both Niall and the other boy smiled. "Nice. Come play with us sometime." Niall yelled. "Maybe!" I yelled grabbing another suit case. "Bye!" I yelled as I carried my things inside.


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