Last First Kiss (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Ray moves to Ireland suddenly to be with family; family she has never even known. Her whole life is switched around and now everything is different. She has lost one and gained another. What happens when Ray becomes friends with the one and only Niall Horan (it starts out before One Direction is started and continues from there; its better than it sounds!)


18. Chapter 18

Niall clutched my hand in his, watching the waves crash against the rocks. I looked down at the frayed edges of my blue shorts and the purple shirt I stole from Niall's closet. I tied it on the bottom so it didnt hang on me, showing part of my skin. I had my knees pulled up to my chest. "Whats your favorite color?" Niall asked. "Purple." "Favorite movie?" I thought for a second. "The Labyrinth. David Bowie was in it." He nodded lost in thought. "Favorite food?" "Peanut butter and honey sandwhiches." "With or without crust?" "With." "Smooth or crunchy?" "Smooth." "White bread, wheat, rye?" "Why all these questions?" He smiled toward the water. "White, wheat, or rye?" He asked again. I sighed. "White." "Whats your favorite flower?" "Roses and Lilacs. I cant decide." I said honestly. "Can I ask you question now?" I asked. He thought for a second. "Sure," he said. I smiled and thought. "Will you promise to answer?" He thought. "Maybe." "No! Swear or I wont ask. And you have to be honest." He observed me. "Fine, I promise." "Swear?" "I swear." I took a deep breathe and let it out. "What did you ask me in french last week?" He stared at me again and looked away. He stayed silent. "Niall,"I whined, "you promised!" His blue eyes flashed up to my own green ones. "Ray, it... I cant-" He sighed cutting off. "Please, Niall!" He sighed again turning red. He dropped my hand; I could feel the absense like a slap to the face. I hopped forward to grab his shoulders. He looked up at me, his face was inches from mine. "Please."

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