Last First Kiss (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Ray moves to Ireland suddenly to be with family; family she has never even known. Her whole life is switched around and now everything is different. She has lost one and gained another. What happens when Ray becomes friends with the one and only Niall Horan (it starts out before One Direction is started and continues from there; its better than it sounds!)


16. Chapter 16

"RIONA ANNE ARCHER!" A voice yelled from the kitchen making me jump. I threw a long sleeved t shirt on and glanced to Niall who was still frozen before I made for the stairs. "Mom?" I yelled back opening the door. Niall followed behind me. Mom was fuming shredding up a paper. "How does your dad know we are here?!" Mom snapped at me. "Huh?" "That was fucking court papers! He wants visitation rights or custody!" I flinched. "He cant do that." I said in a small voice. "Apparently he can. We didnt even have to go to trial. They are deciding who you live with in september." Her eyes went to Niall. "Why is he here? Did he stay the night?" She shrieked at me. I stumbled back. "Ma'am, I didnt stay the night. I just got here." Niall said holding his hands up. "Well you need to go. And Riona isnt supposed to be alone in her room with boys. Shes grounded. Go home Niall." My mother said grabbing me hard on the arm, making me cry out in pain. I could smell alcohol on her. ""Ma'am, wait! It wasnt Ray's fault! It was mine!" "GO HOME OR IM CALLING.THE POLICE." Niall froze again. "Just go home, Niall, its fine!"I called as my mother shoved me into my room. I caught my balance before I fell down the steps. I hear mom yelling more and then the front door slam shut. I sighed and walked down the steps and into my room. I heard a knock on my tiny window and looked up to see Niall. I smiled and forced the window open. He smiled at me. "Is it okay if I come by later when your mom is asleep? She kind of kicked me out and told me not to come back." "What? Why?" "Im actually not sure. But is it okay?" "Yeah thats fine. Go before she finds you." "Alright," he stuck his head through the small window enough to kiss my cheek. "Be safe!" He said running off.


I had been banned from dinner and was starving. I just sat in wait of Niall. When a knock came on the window, I jumped. I smiled at Niall and opened the window. He squeezed his way in, and jumped down. "Hey," he said pulling me into a hug. It was almost one in the morning. "Your mom isnt home. Neither is Jesse or Stephanie. They went to a hotel with your mom to get her to calm down. Stephanie came by to tell me. They wont be back till later."Niall informed me. I nodded and darted for the stairs. "Im so hungry!" Niall laughed and ran after me. "So what was that all about earlier? Whats wrong with your dad?" I was silent. "Some things are better left unsaid Niall. Lets just say he isnt a good person." "Alright. And your mom?" "Is just going through a rough time. She watched her daughter die. Since then she was depressed and got into bad habits. She drinks a lot now." "Is that what happened yesterday?" I nodded. He took my arm to observe the scars and now the dark bruises. "Is this from when she grabbed you?" "Yeah, she didnt mean to." I told him pulling my hand away. I pulled out some pizza from the fridge. "Want some?" Niall nodded. "Ray?" "Hmm?" I asked placing the pizzas on a plate. I stuck them in the microwave. "Can you stop?" His voice was so low I barely heard it. "Stop what?" I asked in confusion. "Hurting yourself." He said watching me carefully. I looked down at my feet. "Niall... I cant promise you I will, but I will try." "Promise me you'll try." He begged coming closer. I nodded to him. He smiled in relief and the microwave beeped. We sat down with the pizza. "How long have you been doing that? Is it because you lost Emily?" I shook my head. "No. Ive been doing this since I was ten. Its hard to stop." "Why did you start?" I kept silent. "Sorry I wont ask anymore questions." I smiled apologetically. We finished our pizzas and I cleaned up the plates. It was 1:30 now. I sighed and turned to him. "You can sleep here tonight. I will get you some of Jesse's pajama pants." He thanked me as I walked off to his room. I grabbed a pair blindly and walked back to Niall, tossing him the pants. He went to the bathroom to change. He came back very shirtless and very attractive, his hair messy from pulling his shirt over his head. I smiled and led him back to my room. My bed was a king sized and I didnt mind sharing. He stood there awkwardly, not sure if it was okay. I patted the spot next to me. He grinned sheepishly before climbing to my side. He laid down and I laid down beside him and smiled. "Im a cuddler, so dont be surprised." "I wont be." He laughed reaching over to cut off the light.

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