Last First Kiss (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Ray moves to Ireland suddenly to be with family; family she has never even known. Her whole life is switched around and now everything is different. She has lost one and gained another. What happens when Ray becomes friends with the one and only Niall Horan (it starts out before One Direction is started and continues from there; its better than it sounds!)


11. Chapter 11

With a sigh, I stripped of the tattered pink blouse, throwing the jersey over my head. I fixed my hair and glanced in a full length mirror on Niall's closet door. His jersey was comfortable and hung on me slightly, but still managed to cling to me in a good way. I bit my lip when I realized you could see the pink bra through his shirt. Well damn. My luck. I would probably look like a big old slut. But then again, it still looked cute. I smiled to myself and began to walk toward his door-and stopped. Where was my jacket? I hadnt even brought it back. I must have left it at Nandos. I hid my arms behind my back, leaning to peek my head out his door. "H-Hey, Niall?" "Ya?" "Do you have a jacket I can borrow? Im a bit cold." I said leaning against the door frame. He looked up at me from the picture in his hands. I felt the blood drain from my face. He placed the picture down and came to me. "Ya," he began to reach into his closet and pulled out a jacket. He held it out to me and I pulled it on quickly. He watched me carefully. "You okay? Ya look sick." Im fine." I lied quickly. He led me back to the kitchen. I walked to the counter and closed my song book tucking the picture inside. "Can I ask you a question?" "Yeah, sure." I smiled wearily. "Who was the little girl in that picture?" I felt ice run through my veins, freezing me to my spot.



Im sorry my updates are so short asdfghjkl I used to post this all on instagram and the posts were short. They get longer ugh Im sorry

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