Last First Kiss (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Ray moves to Ireland suddenly to be with family; family she has never even known. Her whole life is switched around and now everything is different. She has lost one and gained another. What happens when Ray becomes friends with the one and only Niall Horan (it starts out before One Direction is started and continues from there; its better than it sounds!)


1. Chapter 1

"It wont be goodbye for too long," I told my best friend Rachael as she sobbed into my shoulder. "You're moving to Ireland, Ray! Im never going to see you again!" She practically screamed causing others around us in the airport to stare. "Honey, there is spring break, christmas, summer. And as soon as I graduate I plan on moving back. I have nothing for me in Ireland." I sighed patting her back. It was true. I had no friends there. Just my mother, sister, and brother. And some old family. Thats why we were going to Mullingar. But I protested. I loved living along the beach. The waves, the wind, the sand between my toes, the sky. I loved the feeling of New Jersey. It was home. So now we were up and leaving for some random family we didnt even know! How did it make sense? Id be the odd one out. They would all have accents and Id be a soar thumb. Maybe I could go mute? "Do you promise?" Rachael asked sniffling a bit as she pulled back to look me in the eyes. "Of course, hun. I love you, Rach. So much. Dont forget that." I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before turning to my other friends Ross and Cameron. "And I love you two dweebs! Dont forget me." Ross smirked and grabbed me up into a big bear hug kissing my cheek. "I cant forget you, Slick. Im going to miss you. Take care of yourself. And dont let those Irish men get under your skin. There just as man-like as any guy in Jersey." "But drunker!" Cameron said lurching forward to hug me, making me giggle. "Uh, that isnt a word, moron." Ross said with a roll of his eyes. Rachael laughed beside him. Cameron placed me back on the ground and gave me one last hug. I turned to my waiting sister at the gate. I sighed and made my way to her. "Ready hun?" Stephanie asked with a sad smile. She was 18 and I was only a mere 15. My brother Jesse was 17. I was the youngest. "More ready than I'll ever be." I lied. I turned to wave to my friends as Stephanie dragged me up and into the plane. We took our seats and waited for take off.

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