One Direction Images.

Hey everyone! It's my first time trying to write images, but I'm going to give it a go. I'll do my best.
So, I need your name, eye color, hair color, which boy you want it to be with, and the type of story you want it to be. You can give me specific things you want, or it can be a suprise it's all up to you. Comment with what you want and I'll do it as soon as possible. :)

*Any suggestions are encouraged, thanks!*

***I'm sorry to anyone who's I didn't get to write, but I couldn't keep up with the amount of people sending comments. In the future I may do another and please feel free to comment again, and I'll do my best to write as many as possible. Anyway I hope you can still enjoy those I've already written. Thank you to everyone who commented. x***


4. Samatha & The Boys.

You're one of the prettiest girls anyone has ever seen. You have naturally straight brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes that can be seen from a mile away. But you're shy and sometimes hide behind your glasses, even though they only make you more beautiful. Your family and friend always tell you how beautiful you are, and how boys are constantly drooling over you, but you never listen and you always deny it. Until one day, you actually realised they were right.

You walked down the streets of your hometown, to go to your favorite icecream shop. To pass the time you called up your best friend Nadia. You asked her to join you, but then you remembered she was punished and couldn't go out. As you talked to her on the phone, you saw two boys out of the corner of your eye from across the street. You saw them look at you, look at eachother, and then speed walk across the street to your side. You ignored it, and looked down to look for your chapstick that was inside your purse. You found it, and when you looked back up you saw the two boys with huge smiles on their faces standing right infront of you. You remembered you were on the phone and said "Um, Nadia, I have to go" and quickly hung up. You awkwardly stood there, staring at them, as they stared back at you. Finally, the first boy, with white pants, black vans, and a dark blue shirt introduced himself as Louis. Then, the second boy wearing black jeans, boots, and a jack wills shirt stepped infront of him and introduced himself as Harry. You nervously said "HI, Um, I'm Samantha, and I think I have to go now." Harry quickly responded "Well where are you going?" You shyly said "My favorite ice cream shop." Louis questioned "Alone?" You just nodded. Harry then said, "Well we will come alone, and keep you company." As you walked they acted very strange. It was like they were competing for your attention. They would say things about one another to make eachother look bad, and they would say things about you trying to be sweeter than the other previously was. You just sat back, watched, and laughed. You all got your ice cream, and went to sit on a bench just outside of the shop. As you all talked, eventually Louis seemed to get very irritated and said "Harry may I have a word with you in private?" Very confused you sat and watched them walk about 15 feet away and have what looked to be a very heated discussion. As they walked back and sat one on each side of you, Louis was all smiles, but Harry, not so much. You had no idea what had just happened over there but Harry looked really upset. He sat looking at the ground with his arms in an awkard position. Concerned you scooted closer to Harry and said "Harry, are you okay love?" You could see the saddness in his eyes, but he seemed to perk up a little when you said this to him. He just looked at you then looked back at the ground. You said "Seriously, what's wrong sweetheart" as you placed your hand on his. You could tell this made him nervous, and he said "I'd rather talk about this somewhere else." Louis then butted in and said "Samantha, he's fine, so what're you doing tomorrow?" As he spoke you became peeved with his comment, and you frustratedly replied "Excuse you, he clearly does not look fine" and ignored the rest of his question. You felt terrible when you realised what you had said and immediately apologized. " I am so sorry Louis. I really didn't mean it, I know you're just trying to be nice to me, but try being nice to your friend as well. And to be honest I don't think I have anything to do tomorrow." After you focused your attention back to Harry and said "Do you wanna go for a walk and talk?" He nodded but then mentioned he needed to sya goodbye to Louis before we went. He and Louis walked away again and began to whisper. Louis then came up to you and hugged you, and kissed you on the cheek and said goodbye. He waved as we disappeared into the distance. You and Harry began to make you rway down the streets your arm in his. You let the silence carry for a while and enjoyed the moment walking with him then you said "Okay, now spill it." He looked torubled at what to say then he said "Okay, I'll start at the beginning." He then told you every little detail to what had happened so far that day, and even though it was a serious conversation, he still seemed to make you laugh. As he explained you looked right into his eyes, and became mezmerized as to how adorable he was. You couldn't keep your eyes off of him. Then he said he and Louis had both seen you, and knew there was something special about you. He continued by saying "For me, I think it was love at sight" and you blushed terribly at the sound of his words. But then he said when Louis talked to him, he told Harry to back off because he really liked you. And Harry agreed because he said Louis is his best mate. You first thought was, Louis was being really selfish by telling him to back off, because honestly they both should've been saying no because they're friends, not just Harry. After walking for what seemed to be the longest time you looked up and realised you were right by Harry and Louis's flat. So, you walked him to the door, pulled him into a huge hug, and kissed him on the cheek, and this time he did the terrible blushing. As he walked in the door he looked back at you and smiled, and then all of aa sudden, Louis came rushing out to meet you. You looked at Louis, then looked back at Harry and waved goodbye before he walked in. You thought Louis was very sweet, and of course extremely good looking, but you didn't really like what he had done to Harry. But he had offered to walk you home, and you decided to give him another chance. As you walked, he made it very romantic. You got to know him better, just as he got to know you. It was suprisingly nice. But it soon came to an end, and you found yourself at your door. He asked if he could see you again, and you sweetly nodded yes. He then excitedly asked for your number, and you laughed as you gave it to him, because you knew that you had already given it to Harry first.  As you said goodbye, he pulled you into a hug and whispered in your ear "You're incredible, Samantha. I can't wait to see you tomorrow." You said " I can't either" with a smile as you walked in the door. As you walked upstairs to your room, got changed, and crawled in bed, all you could think about was the craziest day of your life. It left you asking yourself a million questions like "Why do they even like me?" and "What do I do now?" and "How could I choose between them, if I had to?" with these questions, you fell asleep. But you didn't sleep well, these questions left you bothered, and you woke up around 3 am. When you woke up, you checked your phone, and found you had a new message. Intrigued you looked to see it was fom "Harry." Curious, you quickly opened it, and it read "I can't sleep, and I haven't stopped thinking about you. Thank you for everything today. I hope you're having sweet dreams. Louis told me he's taking you on a date tomorrow, so I hope I'll see you as well. Goodnight love. xx" You smiled huge, and with that you laid your phone back down, and slept soundly the rest of the night. Around noon the nest day you had already showered and dressed in a gorgeous blue dress with your favorite white toms. Not much later, Louis called you and asked if you were ready to go out for your date? You excitedly replied yes! He picked you up almost immediately. You drove to the best pizzaria in town, and you couldn't wait. You parked, and he came to your side, opened your door, and helped you out of the car. But, after helping you out, he kept your hand in his, not letting go. And it sent chills down your spine, you looked over and smiled at him, as he smiled back. You went in and sat down, and were having a great time until Louis started flirting with your waitress. After a while, you got furious, excused yourself and let, but you don't even know if he noticed. You began to walk home, and as you walked you noticed a firmilar boy sitting alone on bench just ahead of you. You realised it was Harry. You walked quickly to him, and sat down next to him. He looked really happy to see you but confused he asked "Wait, where's Louis?" You started to tear up and said "I don't really want to talk about it." He immediately got worried, and hurried to put his arm around you. After thinking for a few minutes, you remembered you found him here alone, and you asked "Wait, Harry, why were you here?" He just looked into your eyes, opened his mouth, but nothing came out, and he just looked away. You said "Harry, what is it?" He quickly got up, and started pasing infront of you, when he finally blurted out "Look, Samantha. I came down here to stop you from going on the date with him, because it's me you should be with, not him." You were shocked, you were about to say something when he continued by saying discouragedly "Then I saw you holding hands with him, and you had a bright and beautiful smile on your face and I knew I couldn't stop you. You were happy, and I wasn't going to ruin that. I realised I was wrong. You do belong with him, not me." That's when you lost it, you were hysterically crying but managed to say "Harry, you weren't wrong, once we got inside we flirted with the waitress the entire time and payed no attention to me. He left me sitting there looking and feeling stupid." He didn't know what to say, so he didn't, he  just sat back down, holding you in his arms, saying "It's okay love, you're with me now" until you stopped crying. He then kissed you on your head, and asked if you wanted to go somewhere special. You didn't feel like speaking, so you just nodded. He was giving you a piggy back ride, and as he did you didn't speak but you just thought about him. You knew he was the one for you. He was amazing, handsome, funny, caring, and a good friend to everyone, even those who didn't deserve it momentarily. You couldn't let him leave you tonight without him knowing how you felt. Your thoughts were interupted b his beautiful voice as he said, "This is what I had set up for our first date tonight. So, close your eyes and I'll lead the way." You walked silently with your eyes shut, listening to the sounds around you, only imagining all the things it could possibly be. He stopped walking, so you stopped with him, and you heard him say "Okay love, you can open them now." You looked around to see something out of the blue. It was a log cabin, on a lake. It was beautiful. There were fire flies surrounding you, lighting the path to the cabin, but not only that there were frogs and crickets making a perfect relaxing tone throughout the whole place. This was only the beginning. Once you got to the cabin, he unlocked and opened the door, for you to catch a glimpse of the incredible house. Inside you found this wonderful smell that brought you right to the dinner he cooked for you. As you explored further you found a stack of movies, and a carton of your favorite ice cream. You were so overwhelmed with happiness, that you ran to him, and gave him the biggest hug. He hugged back and laughed as he said "I take it, you like it?" You said "More than anything. This is absolutely amazing, Harry. Thank you so much." His next statement was short and simple: "Anything for you, love." After, you enjoyed the dinner he cooked, and you guys talked and laughed the whole time. You told him what a great job he did on dinner, and he just smiled. He led you to the living room where he put in a movie, and began to feed you ice cream. You asked him if you were in heaven, and he laughed. You cuddled up with him, and began thinking. You couldn't wait any longer, so you bluntly said "Harry, I need to tell you something." He just looked into your eyes and said okay. You got nervous, and said "I think you're the most amazing person I've ever met in my life. You're perfect. And you're perfect for me. I've never felt beautiful in my life, until I met you, and now you make me feel beautiful every second. You've done more for me in a couple hours, than anyone has ever done for me in my life. And, I love you. I just couldn't wait another minute without you knowing that." He looked into your eyes, grabbed your face, and kissed you. You'd never felt that way before. It was everything everyone had always said it'd be, fireworks and all. After a few more kisses, you could see the explosive happiness all over his face. He finally said "Honestly, I couldn't let you get away from me. I love you too, and I knew I loved you right from the start. You're my happy ending." The rest of the night was perfect, neither of you could stop smiling. You cuddled together all night, and fell sleep in eachothers arms. This was the first of many nights of your young love.

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