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Hey everyone! It's my first time trying to write images, but I'm going to give it a go. I'll do my best.
So, I need your name, eye color, hair color, which boy you want it to be with, and the type of story you want it to be. You can give me specific things you want, or it can be a suprise it's all up to you. Comment with what you want and I'll do it as soon as possible. :)

*Any suggestions are encouraged, thanks!*

***I'm sorry to anyone who's I didn't get to write, but I couldn't keep up with the amount of people sending comments. In the future I may do another and please feel free to comment again, and I'll do my best to write as many as possible. Anyway I hope you can still enjoy those I've already written. Thank you to everyone who commented. x***


11. Rose & Harry.

You'd always heard everyone talk about love at first sight, but you never believed it. Until, one day, you met the one and only Harry Styles. That day something hit you in the pit of your stomach and told you, that he was the one, and you needed to act on this immediately. So, you listened to your gut, and you did. You walked up to him almost like were in a transe. You looked up into his eyes and you said "Hi, Harry. I know this is crazy of me, but would you like to go out with me some time?" At first he just stood silently, and it made you extremely nervous and those few seconds felt like forever. Then he smiled big and said sweetly "I like crazy." You blushed. He stuck out his hand and said "What's your name love?" You quietly said "Rose." He replied "What a beautiful name, I'm Harry." You were so glad you actually built up the adrenaline and courage to talk to him. You both exchanged numbers. You then mentioned how you had to be getting home, and he offered to give you a ride. You nodded and followed him to his car where he opened the door for you and helped you in, like a gentleman. After closing the door he got into the drivers seat and began driving based off of your directions. As you drove, you talked, getting to know each other. But unfourtunately he pulled up to your house. Honestly, you were afraid you wouldn't see him again. You went to get out on your own and he got out quickly and ran over to your side to get the door. After you got out, he walked you up the drive way, and to your door step. You stood facing each other, and you looked intently into his eyes. Finally, he spoke up and said "There's something about you, Rose. Something special." As he said that you shied away and looked at the gorund with a smile, and he grabbed your chin, and softly lifted your eyes back up tp his. He continued by saying "Maybe it's those beautiful dark brown eyes, or long brown hair, or maybe it's the way you're blushing, like right now."He began to chuckle. He sweetly caressed your face, while looking into your sparkling eyes. After a few minutes he said "Rose? May I have a kiss?"' You were screaming on the inside, but calm on the outside, and with a smile you said "I thought you'd never ask." With that, your lips smashed together romantically, and you knew from the kiss, that he was the one for sure. You both pulled away and looked at each other, and for once, you weren't the one blushing, he is. You both had huge smiles on your faces. You pulled him into a hug and said "Thank you, for tonight." He said "No, thank you, if it wasn't for you, I would've never met you. You're amazing." When he said that your stomach filled with butterflies. You replied back "And so are you, Harry Styles" and you planted another kiss on his cheek. It was then time to say goodbye. You hugged and had one last passionate kiss before going inside. You couldn't keep him off your mind all night. As you laid in bed, you got a text from him that said "Hi sweetheart. I can't stop thinking about you. I had an incredible time with you tonight. But, I want to take you on a real date, what do you think? Any way, I hope you sleep well tonight, and hopefully I'll get to see you tomorrow. Goodnight beautiful. x" You excitedly responded, and said "Oh Harry, I would love that! I had a wonderful time tonight as well. Thank you for being such a gentleman; I really love that about you. But, I hope you sleep well too. You'll definately see me tomorrow :) Goodnight xx" After that night, you went on more and more dates, the months flew by, and before you knew it, you and the one and only Harry Styles had been dating or 3 years. You were so hopelessly in love. One day Harry said "Rose, I have something really special planned for us tonight. I'll pick you up at 7." You said "Okay, babe" and gave him a kiss before he left your flat to go to the studio. A lot has happened in the last 3 years. You've become best friends with the rest of One Direction, you've finished school, you've been traveling with the boys, and you've moved in with Harry. You've become closest with Niall. And your parents love all of them, especially Harry. The past 3 years have been absolutely spectacular. So as you waited Harry to come back you stared at the clock and thought about what he might be planning. "Hm, well it's 5:55. I need to get ready soon. I wonder where he's taking me. What should I wear." Finally you get up with only 45 minutes to get ready, and you walk to your closet and find a really cute blue pencil skirt with a black v-neck shirt. Then you find your back sparkly toms. After picking your outfit you quickly shower, blow dry your hair, and curl it. Some how you managed to finish getting ready just as Harry pulled in the driveway. As he walked in the door your greeted him with a hug and a kiss. You say "I missed you, how'd the studio go?" He said with a smile as he kissed your forhead "I missed you too beautiful. And it was same old, same old." Then he went on by saying "You look great, are you all ready to go?" You said "Yes, of course!" He nodded, and went in to shower up and get dressed. While he did you waited on the couch for him. After 20 minutes you heard the bedroom door open, and you looked to find him perfectly groomed, wearing kahkis, and a nice dark blue blazar with a white v-neck shirt underneath. You gasped and said "Harry, you look so handsome!" He smiled and kissed you. "Let's go babe" he said as he grabbed your hand and walked you to the car. Still 3 years later, he's still just as much as a gentleman. Eventually, he begins driving. There was a confortable silence the entire ride. You looked over a few times to see that he looked kind of nervous. But, you shook it off. You figured it was nothing. You ask him "Where are we going tonight? One of the usual places?" He laughs and says "No, not tonight. You'll see." Finally the car stops, and you get our to see the car parked on a airport runway. You say "Harry, what's going on?" He said "Just follow me." He grabbed your hand and took you on the jet. He settled you down in a seat, and went up to talk to the pilot. You were extremely confused. He came back, and sat down next to you. He smiled and said "Suprised?" You laughed and said "More confused, but yes, suprised too." He smiled. He got up and brought you drinks, and appetizers. You were really pleased with how this was going already. You thanked him with a kiss. After a while, you noticed the plane was landing. Then you could get off, and when you walked off the plane you saw the eiffel tower. You shreiked "Paris? Harry, oh my gosh, this is incredible!" He laughed at your reaction and said "Anything for you my love!" He then put a blind fold on you and guided you. You stopped walking and he took off the blind fold to reveal this amazing set up of lights, a picnic basket, a tent, and much more. Then you looked up to see it was all right underneath the eiffel tower. You yelled "How did you do all of this?" He chuckled and said "You ask too many questions." You walked over and began to eat the amazing dinner that had been prepared. As you ate Harry stopped and said "Rose, I have to ask you something." You said "Okay, what is it?" He got up, bent down on one knee, and looked into your eyes. He reached back into the pocket of his blazar, pulled out a small box, and opened it. It revealed a beautiful diamond ring. He then said the words you thought you'd never hear. "Rose, will you marry me?" You jumped up, with tears forming in your eyes, and said "Yes." You then tackled him to the ground, and kissed him a million times. You both laughed with tears or joy in your eyes. He looked you in the eyes and said "I love you more than anything in this world. Nothing will ever change that." You said "I love you just as much, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." You kissed again, and by this time, you skipped the rest of the dinner, and went straight to dessert. You had a great night together. Finally you both went to the tent, and laid in eachothers arms. Embracing the night, and enjoying eachothers company. The next morning you helped him pack everything up. Every time you moved, you looked at the ring and smiled, you couldn't help it. After everything was cleaned up, you went back to the plane and flew home. Once you were back, you went straight to the flat. When you opened the door you heard "Congratulations!" You looked in to find, all of the boys, and their girlfriends. You couldn't wait to tell all of the girls, and he couldn't wait to tell all of the boys. They all looked at the ring, and giving you hugs. And immediately the talk went to the dresses, and decorations and what not. They told you they would take care of all of it for you. These two days were two of the best days of your life. Another couple months went by and it was only two days until the wedding. Everything was going great. All down to the last detail. You and Harry's relationship was better than ever. But, you didn't know how you felt anymore. You became really worried, and didn't know if being married was the best idea. As you sat alone at the flat, more and more bad things popped into your head. Suddenly, you started packing some of your things and you left. You started driving, and you didn't know where to go, but you figured you'd end up in the right place. Next thing you knew, you were in Niall's driveway. He met you outside, and said "Hey, Rose! What're you doing here?" You had your things and your hand and started walking up to the door. He said "Only two more days!" Then it hit you, and you started to cry. He followed after you as you ran inside. He said "Wait, what's wrong? Is it something I said?" You said "No, I just don't know Niall. I guess I'm just getting cold feet. I don't know if I'm ready for this." He said "Rose, you're my best friend. I wouldn't let you do this if I thought it wasn't good for you. You and Harry are perfect together. This is exactly what you've wanted." You stayed silent, and asked if you could stay at his place tonight. He said "Of course. But what do I tell Harry when he calls looking for you?" You said with tears still running "Lie to him. Tell him I'm not here.  I can't see him right now." Niall shook his head. Sure enough Harry called, worried sick, he couldn't find you anywhere. He had no idea, why you'd left or where you'd went to. Niall told him to come over. Niall acted normal and let him in. Harry had tears form in his eyes, as he walked in the door to see you curled up on Niall's couch with make up run all down your face. He walked over to you "Baby, what's wrong?" You just sat up and cried in his arms. He didn't know what to say, so he just comforted you. Finally, you told him what's wrong. "Harry, I'm sorry I left. I started to get scared. I got nervous that you marrying me would only make things harder for you. You have so much going for you, and I'd never want to ruin that." He started to have more tears. He said "Rose, you could never ruin anything. I want to marry you more than anything. I want you to be mine forever. Marrying you won't do anything but make me the happiest man in the world. I love you, Rose." You cried hard now, stuttering when trying to say "I love you too Harry. I'm sorry about all of this. I just want you to be happy." He said "I am happy, with you my love." At that moment you could resist but kiss him. Niall yelled "Ew, PDA!" You all laughed, and Harry took you home. After that night, everything was back to normal. You had a beautiful wedding. That was tied for the best day of your life, wit the day that you spoke to the one and only Harry Styles for the first time. One bold move could affect you for the rest of your life.

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