One Direction Images.

Hey everyone! It's my first time trying to write images, but I'm going to give it a go. I'll do my best.
So, I need your name, eye color, hair color, which boy you want it to be with, and the type of story you want it to be. You can give me specific things you want, or it can be a suprise it's all up to you. Comment with what you want and I'll do it as soon as possible. :)

*Any suggestions are encouraged, thanks!*

***I'm sorry to anyone who's I didn't get to write, but I couldn't keep up with the amount of people sending comments. In the future I may do another and please feel free to comment again, and I'll do my best to write as many as possible. Anyway I hope you can still enjoy those I've already written. Thank you to everyone who commented. x***


2. Layla & Louis.

You go to West Cheshire University. As you walked around campus you frantically looked through your folder looking for you project you needed to turn in, within the next five minutes. You were pretty stressed, and you weren't pay any attention to anything except looking through your papers. All of a sudden, you had no idea what hit you, but the next thing you knew you were layed out on the ground and all of your papers were up in the air and falling back down on top of you. Then, a boy came into your blurry view. He had short brown hair, and he wore a white and blue striped shirt with red pants. You thought he was the most attractive boy you've ever seen, and your heart stopped when he knelt down in front of you to check on you. He said "I am so sorry, are you okay love? I honestly wasn't paying any attention. I feel absolutely horrible." You could hear the worry in his voice. You came to, and replied "Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just late, and I can't find my project anywhere. At least now maybe I can find it easier since my papers are all spread out." You both giggled at the unfortunate luck. He quickly helped you pick up all your papers, and he walked you to class as he began to search with you for your project. You made it to your building just in time. And he found your project. You were so grateful. You thanked him and went to walk inside and he yelled after you, "Wait love, I didn't catch your name?" You angelically said " Layla." He said "I'm Louis. I'm so sorry about your papers, and about hurting you, but I'm really glad we met. I hope I see you around soon beautiful." Before you had to leave you said "I'd love to" with a smile. He said "Great! I'll pick you up at eight tonight, be ready!" You just blushed with a smile and walked into class. You honestly couldn't wait to see him again. That day, love literally hit you both, hard.

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