One Direction Images.

Hey everyone! It's my first time trying to write images, but I'm going to give it a go. I'll do my best.
So, I need your name, eye color, hair color, which boy you want it to be with, and the type of story you want it to be. You can give me specific things you want, or it can be a suprise it's all up to you. Comment with what you want and I'll do it as soon as possible. :)

*Any suggestions are encouraged, thanks!*

***I'm sorry to anyone who's I didn't get to write, but I couldn't keep up with the amount of people sending comments. In the future I may do another and please feel free to comment again, and I'll do my best to write as many as possible. Anyway I hope you can still enjoy those I've already written. Thank you to everyone who commented. x***


10. Lauren & Niall.

You were the new girl at school. You and your family had just moved from California, to Ireland. You absolutely loved it there, but you were so nervous to start school. You had great friends back at home, but you had no idea how to make friends in Ireland. You assumed it was much different than America. But you knew it was time for your first day of school, whether you were ready or not. So, you got out of your car, extremely nervous, and started to walk up to school. You had no idea where you were going, and you looked all over the place and back at your map, looking like a lost puppy. Eventually, you found your way, and you were walking to the doorway of your first class; guitar. You were glad it was your first class because you felt music was one way you could release any feelings you had, and just escape for the moment. So you sat down, and picked up a guitar. As the class went on you glanced across the room, to see a beautiful blonde boy looking at you. Once he saw you noticed he quickly looked away, and went back to playing. After, you carried on, practicing all class, and you felt much better. Class ended, and the rest of the day carried on pretty normally. You went home, and told you parents everything went well, and they asked if you'd made any friends yet. You said "Well, no, not exactly." They said, "You can't be antisocial Lauren, you have to make new friends some time." You knew they were right, but you were just shy. So, the next day when you went back to school you went with a different attitude. You weren't as nervous today. You went to guitar class, and instead of sitting by yourself, you went and sat next to the blonde boy. You didn't say anything to him, but sitting by him was a step. You started to play, and you saw out of the corner of your eye him looking at you again, and he looked like he was going to say something but then he stopped and looked back at his guitar. As you saw that, you didn't mean to, but you just reacted and you said "Hi, I'm Lauren. What's your name?" He stuttered nervously and said "Horan. I mean, Niall. Niall Horan." You laughed and said "Well hello there. You're extremely talented." He smiled and said "Wow, thank you. You're pretty incredible yourself." You just thanked him. You continued to talk all class, and you knew right away he had so much charm. You couldn't lie, you were definitely hooked already. But, just as class was going to end he looked you in the eyes and said "How'd you like to come over tonight and jam for a bit?" You blushed and accepted the invite. He said sweetly "Great, see you at 7." You couldn't even handle yourself, the excitement was real. The rest of the day felt like forever. You drove home, and told your parents you had good news. They seemed happy with this news and you said "I made a new friend today, in guitar class." They said "That's great sweetie! Who is it?" You said "Niall Horan. He asked if I wanted to come over tonight to play some music with him? He's got a bit of recording equipment for his band." They seemed somewhat hesitant, but then agreed to let you go. You had an hour until it was time to leave to go to his house. So, you ran upstairs, showered, blow dried and curled your hair, and got dressed in a pink knee length dress, and white toms. Then finally it was time to go. You texted him and said you were on the way and he responded "Great, can't wait, see ya soon!" You finally got there, and he was waiting at the door for you. You got out of the car and his jaw dropped as you walked up to the house. You nervously said "Niall? Are you okay?" He said "Yeah, I'm fine, it's just, you look incredible." You blushed, and you thanked him. It made you pretty nervous though to be honest. After, you began to play together, and you were having a great time. You sat and listened to his voice, and you began to fall in love.  Then, he made dinner for the two of you, and you thought it was extremely romantic. Once you'd finished eating you helped him wash the dishes, and he started a soap fight with you. The next thing you knew you both, and the entire kitchen were covered with soap. The two of you laughed, and laughed. Once you both stopped laughing ,and cleaned up the kitchen, he offered you a pair of his clothes to change into. You gladly accepted. He took you upstairs, and gave you the pile of clothes, and let you change in his room, while he took his new clothes downstairs to change. You changed quickly, and walked back downstairs to find him sitting on the couch alone. He looked up at you and said "Don't you look adorable. How do they fit?" You smiled and said "They fit great, thank you so much." Then you sat down next to him. It was almost time for you to leave but you never wanted it to end. You said "Niall, I have to tell you something." He nervously looked into your eyes, and you continued to say "I'm already falling for you." He smiled with relief and said "Well, I'm here to catch you" and he planted a long sweet kiss on your lips. You felt butterflies everywhere in your stomach. During the kiss you could feel him smile, and so did you. When he pulled away you heard a horn, and you realized your parents were here, so you rushed and got all of your things together quickly. You were about to rush out the door, when he grabbed your arm softly and said "Wait, one more thing. I can't let you leave with out it." You turned around and looked at him intently, and he said "Lauren, will you be my girlfriend?" Your face lit up, you were so happy you just about screamed yes, and pushed your lips onto his. He gave you a big hug just before you walked out the door and said "Goodnight beautiful. Thank you for coming over tonight." You sweetly responded "Goodnight love, and no, thank you for everything. I'll see you tomorrow." You walked back to your car, and you had a smile plastered on your face the rest of the night. Even after you got home, you still hadn't stopped smiling. You went upstairs, and went to bed wearing his clothes, thinking about him, and this perfect night you'd had. And, you realized one important thing; this would've never happened in America.

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