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Hey everyone! It's my first time trying to write images, but I'm going to give it a go. I'll do my best.
So, I need your name, eye color, hair color, which boy you want it to be with, and the type of story you want it to be. You can give me specific things you want, or it can be a suprise it's all up to you. Comment with what you want and I'll do it as soon as possible. :)

*Any suggestions are encouraged, thanks!*

***I'm sorry to anyone who's I didn't get to write, but I couldn't keep up with the amount of people sending comments. In the future I may do another and please feel free to comment again, and I'll do my best to write as many as possible. Anyway I hope you can still enjoy those I've already written. Thank you to everyone who commented. x***


13. Eden & Harry.

You're in your freshman year of college. You attend Holmes Chapel University. You're studying abroad, and you absolutely love it so far. You miss your family terribly, but you know this was your best decision you've made so far. Although you love it, it's also extremely stressful. You're studying to become a nurse, and that's a really competitive major to enter into. On top of that, you've been so busy that you haven't gone out much and you haven't really made any friends. You spend most of your time alone, but you were actually beginning to get used to it. Always rushing around and being busy was tiring, and when you could sit alone, and eat while listening to music, it was almost like your meditation. Well one morning you wake up, and everything is the complete opposite of okay. You woke up late, because your alarm didn't go off, and you began to rush. As you rushed around you quickly got dressed into some older tight jeans, an over sized sweater, and boots. After you threw your hair into a messy bun, and said "good enough." Finally, you were rushing to get your things so you could eat breakfast before class, and just as you bent down, your pants ripped. You couldn't have been more frustrated. So you slammed your things down, and changed into yoga pants before quickly running out the door to eat. As you walked you put in your headphones to try to calm you down a bit. You listened to your music as you ate every morning. Once you got to the school café, you began grabbing your favorite things for breakfast: eggs, hash browns, a banana, and orange juice. You saw a opened table and practically sprinted to it. As you walked you only were focusing on the table. Suddenly, you ran right into someone, and your food spilled all down the front of you before you fell onto the ground in front of everyone. You honestly didn't even want to look up, you just felt like crying, and pretending there was no one else there. Immediately after bumping into you a young man with brown curly hair scrambled to you to help you up. You just sat with your head in your lap, not knowing what to do or say. He kneeled down beginning to clean everything up as he said "Oh my gosh, love, I am so sorry. I wasn't even paying attention. I'm such an idiot, I feel absolutely awful." You stayed silent for a few seconds but finally you looked up managed to say "it's okay" through your silent tears.  When you spoke, he looked at you surprised, and then noticed you were crying. You could see the embarrassment, and sadness on his face as he said "Oh no, please don't cry. It's okay sweetie, I'll get this all fixed. All I'm worried about is if you're okay? Can I help you up?" He reached out his hand and you grabbed it saying "No, really I'm fine. It's okay." At this point you weren't even hungry anymore. You just wanted to get out of there and crawl into a hole. You began to leave, and made your way outside. Next thing you know you hear "Wait! Hold on just a second!" Confused you turned around to see the curl haired boy running after you in his black skinny jeans, gray V-neck with dark blue blazer over top, and brown boots. You just stood in place, and waited as he caught up to you. Out of breath he walked next to you. You didn't want anything to do with him, not because you were mad at him, you didn't even know the kid, but you didn't really want anything to do with anyone at this point, and it was only 7:00 am. You walked back to your apartment and he followed right along, not saying a word, just walking. Eventually you made it to your door, and you were about to walk in without saying a word, and he didn't know what to say, to stop you, so he just blurted out something random; "I like cats." You actually kind of smiled and said "Uh, okay?" The half smile you had, gave him the courage to say more, so he then said "You never told me your name." You sighed and said "Look, you don't have to feel bad for me because you bumped into me. I'm fine. Thanks for walking with me or next to me, whatever you want to call that, anyway." You opened the doorway and was halfway in when he shouted "Wait! No, that's not why I'm asking." You turned around to face him with a discouraged look on your face. "Okay, so what exactly do you want from me? I don't have much to offer you today, not even a clean shirt off my back." He began to frown and he said "I just was wondering if I could take you out to make it up to you... You didn't even get to eat anything." You almost completely rejected him, but then you rethought for a moment. You never go out, and you're always alone. With the day you were having, it probably wasn't a good idea to be alone all day, all you would do is cry. You were late for class now anyway, so you could forget about that. You had nothing else going on, and you could tell it was a sincere apology, so you said "Okay I'll go, and by the way my name is Eden." You could see his face light up a bit when you told him you would accompany him and as he said "I'm Harry." He guided you to his car, and helped you in. After he ran around to the drivers side, and got it, to begin driving. You weren't concerned at all about where you were going, because you were stuck in thought about everything that had happened this morning. You were in a deep stare as you glared out the passenger seat window. Harry glanced over and saw you, and he knew there was more than your bump in at the café this morning, so he nervously said "I know you don't really know me, but we can talk about it if you want." You snapped out of your trance and slowly looked at him. Accidentally, you spat out "What is there to talk about? How I've had the worst day? Or how you knocked me down? Or maybe even how I missed class? " He shied away, and it got extremely silent.  You could see that you hurt his feelings a little, and you immediately said "Look, I'm sorry. Today just hasn't been a good day. I'm just really stressed right now." He quietly muttered "No, I understand. I'm sorry again about bumping into you. I wish I could help make everything better." You smiled slightly and said "Actually, you already have." He snapped his head over and smiled back at you in shock. You had to admit he was really cute, and he was really sweet, he didn't even know you and he was treating you so nicely and trying to take care of you. You felt terrible about snapping at him, and you really wanted to make it up to him. The car ride was about 10 minutes, and you were finally there. He walked around, opened the door, helped you out, and took you inside of a small bakery. As you walked inside he said "This is where I work on the weekends, these people are great!" You watched him walk behind the counter and hug a few older women working. You found yourself staring at his beautiful smile, with the cutest dimples you've ever seen. When he looked back over at you, you quickly looked away, and blushed because you knew he saw you staring. He then took you over and introduced you to all of the ladies there. You could see how much they loved him there, and you began to think he must be a great guy. He sat you down at a table, and then left to go get your food. He brought back all kinds of juices, bagels, fruit, breakfast pastries, and muffins. You laughed at all that he had brought and he said "I wasn't sure what you were in the mood for, so I just brought one of everything!" You laughed even harder, and thanked him. He just laughed along with you and said "It's my pleasure." He was so gentleman like. You really liked it, because everyone knows that's definitely rare in America. You thought, you could definitely get used to that. Eventually, you two had finished eating, and you began to drive back to your apartment. You begin telling him "Thank you so much, Harry. I had a great time, you definitely made today better. If it wasn't for you, I would've been sitting alone miserable all day." His smile grew bigger and he said " I'm glad I could help. I had a blast. I'm happy you agreed to come out with me." You both continued to smile at each other, then looked away awkwardly. Finally you arrived at your apartment and you were getting out to say goodbye. You both awkwardly stood in front of each other, and finally you swiftly hugged him and held on tight. He was surprised, but immediately hugged back. He pulled away and he said with a cheesy smile "Thank you again, and I hope to see you soon." You replied back "No really, thank you. And of course you will. Just call me." You gave him your number, and kissed him on the cheek sweetly before walking inside. You turned around to look at him before entering, and he was still standing there like a statue with rosy red cheeks from blushing. You waved once more and walked inside.  You couldn't wait to see him again, because you knew feelings had already sparked inside of you like crazy. Who knew the "worst" day could turn into something so beautiful.

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