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I LOOK AROUND. And what do I see? The exact opposite of love; hate. Well first of all, Kate hates Andrew because she thinks he was going out with Sally the same time he was going with her. I could tell Kate the truth. I could tell Kate that Andrew’s “friend,” Channing, pushed him into Sally and Sally pulled him in for a big kiss when she saw Kate. But this Valentine’s Day, I feel hate for the humans; despite my name. Mad that they chose my brother’s name, Valentine, and not mine. I mean, I don’t see Valentine ever helping out on “his” day. It’s just me. But yet they don’t call it “Love’s Day,” no. They call it “Valentine’s Day.”

Hi I’m Love, a Not–Completely–Normal Girl.

    “I hate you! Get off of me!” Kate shouted.

    “You really hate me? I doubt it, Kathrin.”

    “Shut up!” she said, her face was red, and she stomped on his foot. Then she just walked away.

    “Wait! Kate! Don’t go...”

    Just then, I felt even more hate for humans. If he says he didn’t do it, then guess what? He probably didn’t do it!

    I got up.

    “Hey,” a boy said, smiling in my direction.

    “Uh, hi.”

    “You must be new. Haven’t seen you around.”

    “Uh, yeah...New.”

    “I’m Joshua. what’s your name?”



    I nodded. “Lanna.”

    “Are you free tonight?” (Tonight was Friday.)

    Another thing I hated about humans; they just ask your name and ask for a date.

    Smirking, I said, “No, I’m rich.”

    “No…I mean, are you single?”

    “No, I’m plural.”

    “You’re good at this.”

    “I know.”

    “Do you have a boyfriend?”

    “No, I have a dog friend.”

    “Do you have a date?”

    “No. Dates are nasty.”

    He looked frustrated.


    I smiled.

    He looked back at me, and so I decided to do a little mind-reading.

    Why is she not accepting? he asked himself. Nobody rejects me! And then he left.

    I laughed at that boy.

    Just then, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

    The boy was back…with a box of chocolates.

    “Look, Lanna, I’m sorry that I didn’t ask you the ‘right’ way.” He bent on a knee and looked like he was about to propose to me. “Will you, Lanna, be my date tonight at the highschool Sweetheart Dance?”

    Who could say no to that?

    “Yeah. I guess, Joshua.”

    He smiled.

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