All over again

When Harry goes on tour and comes back 3 years later what does Bethany think


4. the beach

At 4:00 I put on my hot pink bikini and Abercrombie shorts with a black see through top. I put my hair in a messy bun and turn on my car and start to play my favorite song I got a soul but I'm not a soldier by the killers. I arrive at the beach as I see Harry right on the water I can't say that he didn't look bad I mean he is really cute but I don't like him anymore."hey Bethany what's up?" He said even his voice was pretty warm and soft."nothing ready to start." We start working and about two hours later we finish.but it was Friday so my curfew was 1:00 in the morning ," so how was the tour?" I ask," good a lot of stress and other things but it was hilarious."Then a question came out of the nowhere," why didn't you call or text me." He looked away and changed the subject,"wanna go in the water?" I nodded and said,"race ya!" I pulled of my shorts and top and sprinted he ran and pushed me out of his way," I win." He said," you clearly cheated." He nodded his head and went underwater suddenly something grabs my legs and pulled me underwater I gave an underwater scream and he came up and laughed. We started laughing and joking around like old times. Suddenly he kissed me and I let him I slid my hand into his hair he slid his Hands down to my waist. He kissed me passionately and I did to. This wasn't right I pulled away and he said," I'm sorry really it's just I've missed you a lot." "Wanna come to my house?"

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