All over again

When Harry goes on tour and comes back 3 years later what does Bethany think


2. so we meet again

4 years later..."JESSICA, give me back my shirt!" I scream. my 11 year old sister always takes my stuff and this time she took my navy blue lace shirt that says my Bffl is this loser with an arrow to the right pointing to nobody but when I get to school my friend Miranda is going to that to so I'll be complete.i slip my shirt on and then slip on my faded blue jeans. I grab my mint jansport book bag that matches my vans I start to walk to school as I see Miranda and we start talking "have you heard one directions new song." I shuddered when she said that because I haven't talked to Harry in 3 years."no I haven't." I lie I listen to all their songs and follow their twitters because they are a good band. We get to school and there is a red carpet rolled out along with loads of people surrounded then I hear" I can't believe one direction is coming to our school!" I almost had a heart attack that means I'll see Harry again" long time no see" a warm voice says behind me I turn around and there he is with his perfect green eyes and his brown curly hair I smile hug him and say" how was the tour?""good " I walk away when he turns to sign an autograph Miranda and I get to class early and I think no more falling in love with that bad boy because I don't want to get hurt. Again.

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