All over again

When Harry goes on tour and comes back 3 years later what does Bethany think


3. lunch

Turn out Harry has all my classes and of corse all the girls are all over him it's annoying so by lunch I was sups hungry. I sit at my table and all my friends and I are eating subway." Is there space here," a voice said behind me it was Harry I shake my head but my friends give me pleading eyes." Yes." I say the words barely coming out of my mouth the only space available was the one next to me . He sits down and opens his lunch it was caviar with meat and potato i stare in awe as every girl in the school gives my table dirty looks. We were all talking even Harry I don't mind being friends but I can't fall in love "Harry mrs.durlap wants us to work on our project so I need to know when we can work." He sits next to me in chemistry and we have a project together."can you come to the beach at 4:30?" I nodded and I asked him if he will pick me up he said no. I kinda was exited

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