All over again

When Harry goes on tour and comes back 3 years later what does Bethany think


5. Harry's house

When I got to his huge modern house he pulled me towards the fireplace and he kissed me I pulled off his shirt as he pulled of mine he laid on top of me and he started untied my top I didn't want to go all the way so I kinda stalled by kissing him a little more passionately he grinded a little on me and I knew I had to stop so I said," are you hungry?" He nodded and kissed me one last time.and got up to go to the kitchen I saw waffles and screamed I put my shirt on and he frowned I screamed ," waffles!" He laughed and put them in the toaster. They popped out and I ate them. We started watching love actually and I fell asleep. "Ring ring!" It was my mom she was probably pissed " hello" she started talking like where are you what are you doing etc. I explained I was with "friends" and I am sleeping over, I was exhausted so I went upstairs to the guest room and fell asleep.

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