Destiny Dreams ( a 1D fanfiction)

Destiny Greendale, abandoned at birth and now living in care. Having to live with loads other annoying kids and being bored to death half the time, things couldn't get worse. One day she gets loving kind foster parents and things suddenly turn for the good.


1. just another day

Hi this is my first story so it probs won't be very good! I forgot to mention that Destiny is 17 so yeah... ~Mia


Chapter 1 - just another day


I wake up to the bleeping sound of my alarm and rub my sleepy eyes. Suddenly I hear a moan from the other side of the room, "uurrgghh. You woke me up with your stupid alarm!"shouts Krissy( my VERY annoying roommate). I go to the window and open the curtains, which Krissy then moans at again. Its a warm day. I head into the bathroom and step into the shower. The water feels so good on my skin. I wrap a towel round me and head out of the bathroom. I then go to my wardrobe and pick out a t-shirt, some red denim shorts and finally stick on my red vans. Our bedroom is kinda weird. krissy's part is all covered with dark colours and posters of the latest new punk band and mine is all pretty and filled with flowers and bright colours. I head downstairs for breakfast and join the others. There is quite a few of us already down waiting in the living area. Instead I go to the kitchen to help make breakfast as its way more fun than hanging with that lot. After breakfast I decide to outside and have a walk. I do this mostly every day and its a great way to relax and take my mind off things. I always wonder who my parents are. Somehow I want to know and somehow I don't. I do because... Well I just do. And I don't because I feel I am happier without them they left me and I left them. Simple as that. I then head upstairs but hear my name name being called down at Bob and Mary's(the owners of the home) office. I had hardly ever been called to his office before and only once when I had been bribed into taking part in a prank. I walk through the old wooden door and there sit two smiling faces staring at me. "Hello Destiny," Bob announced "This is Mr and Mrs Johnston." The two faces smile and hold out their hand for me to shake. "Hello" I greet kindly before shaking their hands. I think Mary can tell i am a bit confused as to why they were here so she explained a bit more."They are going to be your new foster parents."




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