On The Septem Pecata

Joseph has kept his secret all his life but after a horrific turn of events he is ready to tell his secret and his story to the detective sitting across from him. Why is he in custody? Theft and murder.

But it wasn't his fault. They made him do it...


2. The Beginning and the Truth

I look up from my hands across the table. A man called Detective Ciacco – a fat inspector on the police force, greasy thin hair was slicked over the back of his head. A mustache resembling that of a walrus. He wore a horrible brown suit and scruffy brown shoes. The only feature of any worth was his intelligent blue eyes, set deep within his skull. He smiled a yellow smile.
“Now, Joe, I have looked over the psychologist's report and know all about what you told him. Which seems to be everything... Why don’t you tell me why you did all those things? Before this weekend you were a smart kid with no criminal record. Now look at you.” 

I turned from him to the mirror to my right. I’m sitting in an interrogation room right? That means it’s a two-way mirror. What do I care? I looked at myself as he said. Long blonde hair. Shaved short on my left side to create an under-cut with the rest of my hair sticking off to the right. Pale skin, no spots or blemishes, nor facial hair. Dark blue eyes stared back at me. I lowered my gaze to my clothes. Black leather shoes beneath slim fitting black trousers. Higher – a tucked in black shirt. Sleeves rolled up to reveal a black leather wrist watch on my left wrist. Red tie hanging from my neck. I've always loved dressing smart. Every day while people wear t-shirts and jeans I wear shirts and suit trousers. I’m thin. Tall. Athletic. Waistcoats, bracers, blazers, ties and bow ties. I've been the punch line in many jokes but who cares? I look good. I’m in my first year of university, studying British-European mythology and Parapsychology at Durham University. Possibly not the best qualification to have but when I saw they had added it to the course list I felt that I had to study it. Personal reasons made it so.
“Joe y-“
“Joseph.”The inspector’s brow creased. I turned to look back in his eyes.
“My name is Joseph. I hate being called Joe… Sir.”
“Ok, Joseph. Would you please mind telling me how the events of Saturday night, to be precise last night – July the 31st, 2013, came to pass?”
My mind races as I tried to think of something to say. I guess I’ll have to start from the beginning. I want this to end. Or... it has to end.

“I guess it began Wednesday night. I was staying back after school at around 08:00 pm studying a book I had found on…” I looked down nervously, trying to form the words in my brain.
“On what? Joseph it’s important.”
Should I tell him? I thought to myself. I’ve never told anyone… I must! It has to end! 
“It was a text titled – ‘On the Septem Peccata’.  Septem Peccata is Latin for ‘the Seven Sins’ Usually I wouldn't bother with it but there was an illustration of a man sitting at a table with 7 different copies of himself behind him.” I look back up to him to gauge his reaction. He looked as dull as ever. No understanding. I sigh and prepare to explain to him my secret. My darkest, hidden secret. He probably read it in the psychologist's report but wants to hear it for himself.

“Ever since I can remember I have been able to see them. They’re always there when I’m alone. I don’t know what they are or why only I can see them. I’ve always known to never tell anyone about them or mention them. There's a feeling in my gut that stops me from telling... I can feel it now, pulling me, trying to drag me away from telling you the truth. They’re the reason I joined the course I’m on. After years of searching I found that page with that illustration-“
“Now stop! What on earth are you going on about? You sound mad!” The detective interrupted me with a look of concern mixed with annoyance on his face. I took a deep breath.
“Ever since I can remember I have been able to see seven copies of myself standing near me. They’re all slightly different to each other but they are all definitely me. They just stand there. Eyes closed. They’d never spoken before." I looked down at the table nervously, "I’ve never told anyone that. It feels wrong talking about it…”

The inspector stared at me with his curious face, wrinkled horribly. He crossed his arms as if to separate us.
“Go on…”
Once again I take a deep breath.
“Once I saw the illustration I knew it was the same. 'They are known as the Septem Peccata. Every hundred years or so they will haunt a single person in the world until the human found how to awaken them so that they may learn the truth.' There was an inscription and instructions – 'Whisper this inscription into the ears of each of the Septem Peccata within the days before Lammas night. They will awaken and you may know the truth. Be wary though, the Septem are powerful. It is their duty to help you fulfill your desire.' My curiosity got the best of me. I did as the text said…”
“What happened then?” The inspector's brow creased deeper, “What does it mean by 'truth'?”
“I have no idea. I didn't even understand the incantation, it wasn't Latin, nor any other language I know of. After I whispered it into all of their ears I stood back and watched them. The lights in the room flickered and I felt myself go cold. The world turned gray for a second and it was like time had stopped then started again within a moment. Then something happened which has never happened before...”

I could see the inspector shift as if nervous. Did he believe me? No, he just thought I was creepy.
“What happened, Joseph?”
I looked into his eyes and felt my own fear rise as it did that night when the lights flickered.
“They opened their eyes.” 

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