On The Septem Pecata

Joseph has kept his secret all his life but after a horrific turn of events he is ready to tell his secret and his story to the detective sitting across from him. Why is he in custody? Theft and murder.

But it wasn't his fault. They made him do it...


1. Psychologist's Report:

Name: Joseph Haniel 
DOB: 16/04?1995 
Height: 6,1"
Weight: 65 kg 

Any known mental problems: He believes he can see seven copies of himself, standing near him, at all times. He says these apparitions have plagued him for as long as he can remember but has never seeked help. 

When asked about his crimes: "They made me do it. They said I had to learn the truth or die. I didn't want to steal or... kill but they made me. I had to." Although he confesses to theft and murder he also blames all of his crimes on these apparitions that he sees, stating that they made him commit the crimes. I believe that he really does believe they are there and that they have made him commit the crimes. 

Personality: He seems to be extremely vain, disgusted at anyone who does not look good physically. He obsesses over looking "smart" at all times and will avoid anyone who does not meet his standards. Except for this vanity I see no problems with anger or hostility nor any criminal intent. I I also see no remorse for his crimes from him, merely fear of the apparitions. Very intelligent and inquisitive, a very bright student.     

Conclusion: I believe he committed the crimes due to the apparitions telling him to, or at least, he believes they did. I would suggest he is taken into the care of a psychiatric ward for rehabilitation. It is not safe for him to be part of the public.


Signed: Paul Kobin
Date: 01/08/2013

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