On The Septem Pecata

Joseph has kept his secret all his life but after a horrific turn of events he is ready to tell his secret and his story to the detective sitting across from him. Why is he in custody? Theft and murder.

But it wasn't his fault. They made him do it...


3. Awakening And Sloth

I stood there staring at them in my small class room in the university. They stared back at me. Where I was scared though, they looked deadly serious. This had never happened before. Even their eyes were exactly the same as mine. I waited a few moments with held breath. 5 seconds – no movement just eye contact. 10 seconds – I begin to breath but don’t move. I shift uncomfortably under their gaze. Again curiosity overwhelms me. I had been waiting for this – whatever it was. 

“What are you? Why have you been around me all my life and why can’t anyone else see you?”
My eyes dart from each of them. Questions poured out of me desperately. The silence was unbearable. Just before I thought I was going to break under their scrutiny they finally spoke. One after the other they told me their names.
“I am Luxuria. Also known as Lust.”
“I am Superbia. Also known as Pride.”
“I am Gula. Also known as Gluttony.”
“I am Avoritia. Also known as Greed.”
“I am Acedia. Also known as Sloth.”
“I am Invidia. Also known as Envy.”
“I am Ira. Also known as Wrath.”

They all sounded exactly me. They all look like me. Though they’re all different in little ways… always have been. It was only after I learned their names that I understood:
Luxuria – naked. Exactly the same as me in every way except he is always naked. Covered in scratches on his back and bite marks on his neck, chest and stomach. Lust.
Superbia – Always dressed in an amazing black suit. Expensive looking black leather watch. Hair done perfectly.If I had money, he is what I would look like. Pride.
Gula – He is me if I was anorexic. I’m already quite thin but he is skeletal. His eyes look hungry and he keeps licking his lips. Gluttony.
Avoritia – he dresses extravagantly. Golden jewelry adjourn his fingers and his neck. Golden buttons and cuff links. He wears a purple waist coat with a white shirt and black trousers. Greed.
Acedia – Always in a pair of gray boxers. Always stands slouched as if he’s too tired to stay upright. Dark bags under eyes are always present. Sloth.
Invidia – he wears a shirt and a green tie. His shoes are scuffed and the watch on his wrist is a cheap knock off. His hair is like mine on a bad day too... he just can’t get anything quite right. Envy.
Ira – Always dresses exactly like me. He’s the only one who changes clothing, whatever I wear, he wears. In fact, he’s the only one who looks perfectly like me no matter what. Wrath?

couldn't take it. These things that had been present with me for all the years of my life had finally spoken! They were named after the 7 deadly sins though. Why? I couldn't think. What should I say? What should I do?! Within my confusion I did the only thing I could think of. I ran. I ran all the way back to my apartment; usually a 10 minute walk. Now a few minutes run. I ran into my room and locked the door. I shared the apartment with fellow students though I never really got along with them. As I turned the key I knew they were behind me. They’re always nearby. I turn around and there they were. Eyes still open though smiles now played upon most of their lips. Ira was the first to speak.
“Really, Joseph? Thought you’d know you can’t get away from us by now?”
Acedia collapsed on the bed, it creaked underneath him. He was real! Physically there!  Luxuria stretched in place, he seems to enjoy being naked and showing off. He spoke up.
“Forget him Ira. We’re awake and Lammas is in a couple days… we should get to work.” His grin grew wider.
Hmm, you’re right. I guess we’d may as well start with the easiest one. Acedia.” He nodded in my direction but my copy on the bed refused to move. Ira showed his wrath.
“Fucks sake Acedia!” he roared before continuing in my own quiet, rageful voice, “Wake up and fulfill your duty. Do it or I’ll never let you rest again.”

This seemed to get Acedia’s attention. As the rest of my copies stood back the lying figure stood up and walked towards me. His painfully slow gait made the anticipation painful. I pressed myself against my door. I held my breath as he closed in on me. What was he going to do?
"Stay back! What are all of you and what do you want?!" I pleaded. 
Acedia stopped in front of me, about a yard from me. He yawned sluggishly,
"We are the Septem Pecata, though you already know that. What we're doing here? Well you know we haunt a single human once every century so that they may learn the truth. But do you know what the truth is, Joseph?" 
I shake my head in reply, still pressed against the door. At this Superbia stepped forward and jumped in to reply, 
"The truth is what you get when you embrace us, or at least, embrace the concept from which we were born. 'The seven deadly sins' as you call us. More like human instincts that you're ashamed of. Basically, allow us to reject the grace of God from your body by sinning the deadliest of sins. If you do so before Lammas night, then you shall be granted audience."
My head swam, this was all going too fast! 
"An audience? With whom?"
Ira stepped in at this moment, clearly quite annoyed at the delay, 
"The big guy, Joseph. You are granted audience with God. You may ask him for the truth and then you may share it amongst man kind." 
God? He's real then... and I am to be granted audience?
"What if I refuse? What if I just tell you I don't want to ask him or commit the sins?" 
They all giggled at my questions, amused by my human naivety. Invidia answered my question.
"Well then, you share the fate of all the others who made that decision before you. We'll kill you and drag you to Hell. Trust me, Hell is... well it's worse than anything your human brain could understand. You will suffer pain unfathomable."
"Oh... I have no choice then? Fine, I'll do it. I'll learn the truth. How do I start?" 
Acedia replied now, obviously just wanting to go to sleep.
"Well, it's simple - you must commit sloth, of the worst kind. I think sleeping for 24 hours will do."
"What? A whole day?! Are you ma-"

He placed his warm hand on my forehead.
“The sin of sloth rejects the grace of God. Now sleep brother.”
The world went black. I fell into nothingness. 

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