Blogging Away

So, my first movella, isn't this exciting? I think so.
I thought to begin with I would start a blog so you wonderful lot could learn a little bit more about me :)
Hope you enjoy xxx


2. 8/6/13

So its 7:13am GMT and I can get back to sleep because of the sun, so I thought I would just write some more of my blog.

What am I up to today?

I help out at Rainbows (which is the lower version of Brownies) from 9:30-10:40, then I will get back to revising. At 3:00-4:30 I go horse riding which is SO much fun, I will post a picture on here after if I can work out how to...


Todays Topic- Activities

I take part in a lot of activities, I am in 2 choirs at school, orchestra, take violin, piano and singing lessons, go to 'Rise studios'- a performing arts school, play ukelele, go horse riding and volunteer at rainbows :)

Yeah I do a LOT. I feel sorry for my mum, who takes us to every party, every activity so thanks mum :) 

My top ten favourite activities of my life so far :P 

10) Community Arts- A choir at my school where you sing to the community. 

9) Trampoline- I got to level 9 before I had to quit because it got too much :(

8) Drill- We are the only school in the country still to do drill! It is a series of marching and arm exercises. 

7) Ballet + dance- I used to do ballet from 2-11, but where we did ballet we had like one teacher per year, sometimes two so we quit. I still dance in my bedroom from time to time, but I am hoping I can join adult ballet when I am a little older. 

6) Being in shows- I have just been cast as 'chorus' in my schools show of Sunset Boulevard, I have never been in an upper school production so I am so excited :D I will let you know the progress of that :) I have also performed at Shafesbury theatre with stagecoach twice! I love to perform and have recently written a pantomime which we are going to perform at Rise. 

5)Rainbows- The rainbows are all so sweet and I feel so good being able to give something back to the community. It is so much fun and we get up to so much during a term. The rainbows age from 4-7 so they are a joy to work with :)

4) Music- music is a big part of my life. I have taken countless examinations and I am working towards my Grade 6 violin. I love being able to play in orchestras and I have recently been accepted into 'Chiltern Youth Chamber Orchestra' (Cyco for short...). 

3) Writing- I love writing and coming up with ideas for things. I hope my story (when I publish it, will be interesting for you all to read)

2) Zumba- I go to zumba every week....well I've been slacking off since exams began...but it is really fun and a great way to get fit :) It is something I really enjoy and I feel great...if not hot...after a session. 

1) Horse riding- I go riding every saturday at Brawlings Farm. Everyone there is really helpful and kind. The horses are so much fun and I always look forward to Saturday. There is also Pony club camp taking part there during the summer and I am sooo excited :D. 


Well that's it for today....



P.s I was looking at my profile and it looks like 23 of you have read the first chapter so I hope you all enjoy this one. Thanks for the support guys :) 


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