What If ?

What if there was only four members of one direction? What if harry was not in the band? What if harry was 4 years old in an orphanage because his parents split and his mum soon died after? The 1D lads love to party and go clubbing but management says its goin to far .They make a descion that will change not only the lads life but harrys too! Will it all be too much for little harry because of his past? read to find out!


2. the wild night

Louis P.O.V.

 I was in the new apartment with Niall , Liam and Zayn.I was playing fifa on the playstation with Niall, he was winning of course! Zayn was falling asleep and Liam was on his laptop probably on twitter.''I'm bored'' I said , ''well why don't we do something!''Liam exclaimed .''like what'' I replied.'' we could go clubing again!'' Niall suggested. ''nah we always go clubing and im tired'' Zayn said. '' come on Zayn don't be a party pooper! it'll be great fun'' Niall siad.''were going and so  are  you !'' I sassily  replied. Liam ran up stairs and got a hoodie and his phone while Niall grabbed his supras and put em on. I grabbed my wallet, phone and my jean jacket. Zayn stayed put on the couch but all three of us dragged him off the couch . He got up angryily and put on his leather jacket and walked towards the door.


We all got out of the taxi and paid the driver. We went straight up to the bouncer and he greeted us with smiles and let us in. We always get in without queing because were famous and were kind of regulars at funky buddah. We got inside and the music was blaring.I went straight over to the V.I.P. section with Liam and Zayn.Niall practilly ran for the bar ,he soon came back with a tray full of shots. we downed them all. The cool refreshing burning feeling going down my throat. God knows how many we drank but I was already tipsy. I went and got shit load of drink beers, shots and some other wierd drinks I don't even know .


By the time we all finished those I went down onto the dance floor,I was pissed. I started grinding with a few random girls.I stared to make out with a hot blonde.I then just went to the bar and got more drinks. After that I don't remember much.


 I woke up in my bed no knowing how I got here. But I didn't care because I had a massive headache and need breakfast and the pills. I got out of bed and immeaditly regretted it. I heard loud noises downstairs. When I got down there Liam and Niall were trying to make pancakes and failing horribly.''what time is it ?'' I asked groggily.''about half eleven'' Niall replied.''Zayn still in bed?'' I asked. ''yep'' Liam said. They finally made bout 12 pancakes, Niall had 6 and I shared the rest with Liam. Zayn finally came down about 1hr later.'' how did we get home last night?'' Zayn asked ''Simon got Paul to collect us because we were kicked out at 4am'' Liam replied looking at his phone. Suddenly all our phones went off , it was a text from Simon saying' cometo the office NOW , need to discuss last night lads '. were in for a treat I thought! 



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