What If ?

What if there was only four members of one direction? What if harry was not in the band? What if harry was 4 years old in an orphanage because his parents split and his mum soon died after? The 1D lads love to party and go clubbing but management says its goin to far .They make a descion that will change not only the lads life but harrys too! Will it all be too much for little harry because of his past? read to find out!


3. Living hell

Harry's P.O.V.

Someone finally came and picked me up. It was an older woman with heaps of make up and really wierd clothes.I quietly got in her car not knowing what to expect. She strapped me into an old broken tattered looking carseat. I was scared she hasn't siad much to me. I just sat there staring out the window until we got there.


We pulled up to a big old scary looking house. She got me out of the carseat and gave me a small backpack with some things she got from my house. She showed me to my room it was really small and there was a little makeshift bed. This looked like and old storge room ,it was full of dust and cobwebs. I didnt feel at home I felt scared, I wanted to feel safe in my Mummys arms but I can't. I opened up my bag glad to see a photo of me and my Mum, my teddy Dusty and clothes and shoes. I put them in the broken toy chest and went down the stairs.


I went to find the lady again , the place was packed with most of the kids older than me giving me stares. I felt uncomfortable , I went searching for an adult or someone. I bumped into a girl named Jennifer . She bent down to me and said '' hey litlle guy you seem a little lost do you want some help?''. I nodded my head ,she took my hand and lead me to an office. She opened the door and sat me down on a chair.  She stared taking to someone and then she brought to a room full of toys. She introduced me to lots of boys and girls and left me to make friends.


I soon figured out they didnt like me. One older girl shoved me down and took my shoe. None of them were nice . I ran up to my room scared, hoping no one would follow me. They didn't but when I got to my room . There was a little girl sitting on the bed.''hey Harry''she said ,''hi but who are you and how do you know my name?'' I asked.''ohh i'm darcy,jenny sent me up to make friends with you because were the same age!'' she said happily. '' hi darcy'' I said shyly.''I came to say hi and dinners ready! were having pizza'' she said walking down the stairs  ,following her like a cat.


We get down to the kitchen and its packed there is only 5 boxes of pizza for like 20 kids .I tried to get in but I kept getting kicked back and pushed away.I soon noticed that darcy wasn't beside me .I gave up trying,10 minutes later the boxes were empty and I was left empty handed. I sat down in a corner and watched as jenny cleaned up the mess that had been made. Darcy came over to me with two slices of pizza and said ''here have a slice , you'll get used to the dinner rush'' ,''tks '' I said quietly.


 This was only the beggining , none of the older kids were nice to harry .They bullied him day in day out. Weeks passed and Harry got even shyer and didn't really talk much only to Darcy,his one friend.He missed his Mum and would do anything for a hug from her again.

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