What If ?

What if there was only four members of one direction? What if harry was not in the band? What if harry was 4 years old in an orphanage because his parents split and his mum soon died after? The 1D lads love to party and go clubbing but management says its goin to far .They make a descion that will change not only the lads life but harrys too! Will it all be too much for little harry because of his past? read to find out!


1. before it all went wrong

harry's P.O.V.

I was sitting in my room hiding under my bed .I was scared because mummy and daddy were fighting again. I didn't know what to do because I would always ask mummy for help and I dont know what to do .I grab my favourite teddy and pray for help hoping someone would listen.suddenly I heard the front door slam and footsteps trodding heavyily up the stairs . I was frightend so i pulled my teddy closer to my body.Then I heard footsteps enter my room and my mum started calling my name ''Harry , where are you Harry , Harry'', she called out. ''I'm under the bed '', I whispered.my mums face soon appeared uder the bed beside me . She gave a long hug and whispered '' shhhh its alright baby come to momma'',as I cried into the crook of her neck.                                                          


She wiped the tears of my cheeks and wrapped me up in a blanket and put the tv on for me. She then went to make my dinner.A few minutes later she came back with chocolate milk and a plate with tacos because she knows thats my favourite . I ate my dinner peacefully while my Mum sat on the couch beside me as we watched spongebob squarepants . I must have fallen asleep because I woke up in my bed . I got out of my bed and crept downstairs.My Mum was in the kitchen making tea .'' do you want to go to the cinema Harry? '' she asked as I walked into the kitchen.''sure Mum I'll go get dressed! '' I exclaimed running up the stairs.I opened my wadrobe and grabbed the first top and bottoms I saw!


 I ran into to the car as my Mum locked up the house. she put me in my car seat. I was really excited ,I couldnt wait because we're going to see the new movie the Lorax! As we were driving in the car we came to a red light and suddenly a van crashed into the side of the car. everything went black as I heard my Mum scream '' HAAAARRRRRRRRRRRYYYYY ''.


I woke up in a big white room with tubes on my arm and some stiches on my tummy and my forehead . I was scared because I couldn't see mummy and I was alone. Soon a nurse walked through the door. She quickly saw I was awake and her face softened. She spoke softly to me '' hello harry , are you ok? '' she asked.''I'm fine but who are you, wheres my Mum and where am I ? '' I asked nervously . ''Well my names Nurse Elizabeth but you can call me beth or lizzy , your in a Hospital love and your Mums here too '' she replied with a saddness.''Can I see her please '' I asked . ''Harry I'm really sorry but your Mums gone to Heavan'' she sad with a grim sad face.'' When will she be back'' I asked confused. '' Harry your Mum shes dead '' she said . I didn't believe but I felt in my heart she was telling the truth the tears started to stream down face. Lizzy came over and higged me and I just waited for my Mum to run through the door but she never did.



Later that day I was free to go but I didn't have anyone because I didn't know where my Dad is . So now someone from an orphanage is coming to take me there. All I could do was wait and thats what I did.  




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