The Fighter [Dark Niall Horan]

(16+) And all he would do was fight. He fought for things he loved, for things he loathed, for things he wanted, for things he needed, for things that didn't make sense . . . For me.

*Check out the trailer in the description!*
*My rendition of Dark, but a Niall version.*


3. Update

I just released "The Fighter" not ten minutes ago, so I would like to say this:

PLEASE keep checking back up on my website .  I will not always released chapters here on Movellas as often as I do on that website.  So excuse me if I don't catch up with myself. 


I'm releasing a harry Styles fanfic called "Angel".  Check out the trailer here:



PLEEEEEASE comment and like them.  It really helps me out emotionally <3 thanks.

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