The Fighter [Dark Niall Horan]

(16+) And all he would do was fight. He fought for things he loved, for things he loathed, for things he wanted, for things he needed, for things that didn't make sense . . . For me.

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*My rendition of Dark, but a Niall version.*


2. Two

       My heart beats faster as I gather my blanket from my car. Folding the sheet and setting it in the back seat, I know that I'll be alone when I step out of the car.  I'll be a different kind of alone.  Instead of being isolated in my red vehicle, I'd be in the streets—the crowded streets with people, except I won't be with people (if that makes sense).  I'd be alone in a crowded area, which is the worst thing to happen to me.  I absolutely hate it.
       I go over to across the street from the parking lot that my car sits in everyday.  My feet carry me into my best friend's restaurant called Tina's Triangles.  It's a little diner that's sort of like Subway, but it's not Subway.  You can choose your own things to put on your sandwich or you can order a meal of a type of sandwich (let's say paninis).  Each sandwich is cut in half from the square shape to a triangle.  The interior decor is so amazingly cute.  Each table is round—there are no booths—and they all have a pink table cloth on them.  The light shade is perfect for the white walls which are lined with pastel-green on the bottom borders.  All tables are set with four plates and they can be added/removed, depending on how many people are sat for a party.
       I walk up to Tina, who is behind the counter talking to her employee.  While she continues to talk to Josh, I go unnoticed.  I whistle for a bit to get her attention, but nothing works.  The shiny bell on the counter grabs my attention, so I ding it, making Tina jump.
       "Dammit, Isabelle," Tina says with a smile on her face.  "I thought you were a customer."
       "Who said I'm not?" I say.  "I want that one."
        I point to the good looking sandwich, not knowing what its name is.
       "You're lucky I love you," Tina says, giggling in between.  I smile at her in thanks as she tells Josh to whip me up that sandwich.
       "It looks like it's been a slow day," I remark, seeing that the shop is empty.  I go behind the counter to Tina.
       "It has," she replies.  "I've been looking forward to this guy to come in here, but he hasn't."
       Josh hands me my sandwich and I thank him.  My eyes widen as I remember Tina's last statement.  "Wait," I say, "a boy?"
       "Oh god," Josh says, rolling his eyes.  "This is gonna be long."
       Josh goes over to the door and flips the sign on to "Closed" so that customers don't come in.  We usually do this when I get back to seeing these two goofballs after I haven't for a few days.  Tina leads Josh and I over to an empty table that is farthest away from the door.  This is our "Conversation Table."
       "Alright, so you know Niall, right?" she asks.
       I put a confused look on.  "Niall?" I say.  "Er, no."
       "What?!" she says in astonishment.  "How do you not know who Niall is?"
       "What does he look like?" I question.
       "He's blond with brown roots, tall—about six-foot, he's a bad-boy..." This remark makes Tina stop herself and smile.  She bites her bottom lip and entwines her hands with each other.  "Oh gosh, he's perfect."
       "Do you know him?" I ask.
       As flamboyant as Josh is, he rolls his eyes and flips his hair, saying, "God, of course not."
       "Shut up, Josh," Tina says, hitting his shoulder.  "I don't know him, Isabelle, but I don't not know him."
       "That makes no sense," I respond.
       "I have never spoken to him unless he's ordering something."  Tina pauses.  "It doesn't matter anyways, everyone knows him.  Everyone knows his business.  He's a bad-boy."  She smiles at the same sentence she did not five minutes ago.
       Josh speaks, "He's cute, yeah, but he's bad news."
       "Why is that?" I ask.
       Josh sighs.  "He hurts people."  He pauses.  "Niall's a force to be reckoned with.  You never know what he's going to do next." 
       "Shush," Tina says.  "He's absolutely perfect."
       "Every guy is perfect to you," I reply.
       "But Niall's the best."
       Josh gives Tina a certain look.  She smiles with her tongue out, teasing him.  Josh smiles back and then turns into a frown, making us laugh a bit.  He stands up and turns the sign back to "Open" so customers can come back in.  While I sit here and finish my sandwich, Tina and Josh go behind the counter to serve the next customer.  On the way in, the customer gives me a devilish smile, giving me chills but I don't show it.  I furrow my eyebrows and look at him, currently unnerved.  He's a tall blond with one dimple on his cheek when he makes a face.  He's good looking and his biceps really show in the tank-top he's wearing.
       "Hey, Tina," he says to my best friend at the counter.  
       I remark that he has an accent, but I don't know which one.  Tina smiles widely as she hears her name fall from that boy's mouth.
       "Hi, Niall," she says.  Tina shifts her blue eyes over to my brown ones, raising her eyebrows and telling me that this is the one she was talking about not five minutes ago.
       That's Niall? I think to myself.  He looks . . . Like something I wasn't expecting.  I expected him to look dirty because that's the type of guys Tina likes to hang around, besides Josh.  Tina has dated over five men in the past year—all older than her by at least four years, all douche bags, all cheated on her.  She just likes the dirt bags.
       This boy, though, doesn't seem like that.  He certainly sends off a suffocating vibe to me, making me feel uncomfortable just with him in the room.  I can't put my finger on why I feel that way; I just do.  The way he dresses—silver Supras, black skinny jeans sagging not so much but a bit, a tank top, and a snap back hat on—gives me an odd feeling.  When he grinned at me as he trotted through the door, his white pearls flashed a bit.  That's what gave me chills.  I look at my arms now, seeing the goosebumps that still haven't disappeared.
       When Tina goes to the back to make Niall's sub, he turns around and leans his weight on his hands that are on the edge of the counter.  I decide to observe the man that takes up so much of my best friend's attention.  He closes his eyes for a moment and takes in a deep breath.  The male opens his eyes and they travel from the floor to me in the matter of two seconds.  I look away from the stranger, skittish now as I hear him deeply laugh at my nervousness.  Tina rings the bell behind him to get his attention back, and she does.  In my peripheral vision, I see that Niall has turned around to receive his sandwich.  I hear a wallet unzip, so he must be paying now.
       "Oh!  No, no, it's on the house," says Tina.
       My eyes widen at the pink shade of my table-topper because of Tina's statement.  Oh, god, she's actually doing this.
       I peer up from sipping my tea.  I catch sight of the male smiling and thanking Tina, turning around to leave the counter.  As he turns around, I drop my head.  Apparently, it didn't matter if I dropped it or not because Niall decides to take a seat at my table.
       "Hello," he says with the same smile that nearly killed my insides.
       I remain silent.  I view Tina as she frowns that Niall has sat with me.  I shrug my shoulders at her, feeling bad and sad and upset and frightened all at the same time.  You see, Tina always thinks there's competition with her and I when it comes to guys.  There is no competition.  Guys just . . .  Like me better?  I don't ever chase after them.  In fact, I try to avoid them at all costs.  The thought of actually talking to a boy frightens the hell out of me because I don't know what to say or do.  I'm completely alien when it comes to the opposite sex; all I know is that they sleep, drink, eat, play sports, and they like sex... Or so Tina has told me.
       Tina is the complete and utter opposite of me.  She'll go out and talk to any guy without a ring on his finger.  She'll steal any girl's beau.  There's always an unsatisfactory result, though: The guy just wants sex and nothing more, except for the five men from the past year.  They wanted sex, money, and a place to live, and because Tina is definitely the type to "easily-fall-in-love," she gave all of those things to all of those men.  I'm surprised she doesn't have an STD by now.
       He giggles at me, making me shiver but I don't rub my arms to make the bumps go away.  Niall notices my goosebumps and says, "Nervous?"
       I stay silent again.
       "You can speak, I know you can," he says.  With no answer, Niall sighs.  "What's your name?"
       No reply is given from my lips.
       "I'm Niall."
       I nod a bit, taking my iPhone from the table and sliding it to my left hand.
       "And I see you're hard to get."
       I furrow my eyebrows once more at the stranger.  He takes my iPhone from my hands as I gasp from his oblivious action.  He just laughs at me again.  I shut my eyes for a moment, mentally shooting myself for not putting a password on my iPhone.  What seventeen year old doesn't have a locked iPhone?  Ugh, this stupid one.
       "Your name is Isabelle Drake," he tells me.
       Yes, dipshit, I know this.
       "Well, you're just a little hottie," he says, giggling and scrolling through my pictures.  He looks up at my chest, comparing the picture to the real thing.  I tighten my long jacket around my body so he can't see anymore.  Niall just laughs again, his deep rumble echoing in my head over and over again with no way of stopping it.  I don't stop Niall from scrolling through my photos, not knowing what will be the result of snatching the phone out of his hand; I remember Josh saying that he hurts people, so he could hit me right here and now and not care.
       As Niall takes a bite from his sandwich, he places my phone back under my hand.  "You're quite the looker," he tells me.  "Miss Isabelle."  He pauses as I remain mute.  "Actually, I'll just call you Belle."
       I take my phone and shove it in my pocket.  The man finishes his sandwich and that's when I remember that Tina is still staring at us.  I look at her again and she has the most disgusted look on her face; I know that she's thinking I just stole him from her . . . I didn't.  I don't even know this boy.
       "How old are you, babe?" he asks, wiping his hands.
       I decide to answer this one.  "Seventeen."
       His eyes widen as his smile does.  "Nice voice you got there," he says.  "Should've heard it earlier when I asked for your name."
       The blond gets up and takes his trash to the bin and tosses it.  He's finally leaving.  I silently say a good prayer to the good forces out there that make him exit this tiny deli.  My rendition of him standing is wrong; I take notice in this when he comes over and sits back down.  I sigh a bit.
       "Well, I'm twenty two," he says, "but we're going on a date tonight."
       "W- what?" I ask.
       "I can tell that you're almost eighteen," he says, "so it won't be illegal."
       "But- "
       He interrupts me, "I'll come pick you up at six."
       I sigh to myself as Niall stands up.  I stand as well to throw my stuff away.  When I return, Niall is still standing at the table.  I reach into my chair to grab my bag and when I stand up, Niall snakes his arms to my lower back.  He squeezes me to him, eliminating any air between us.  He smiles down as he can perfectly see the top of my breasts.  How dare he?         
       Niall slides his large hands into the back pockets of my jeans.  That's when I hear Tina gasp and throw her handkerchief down on the counter top.  Niall just rolls his eyes and laughs.
       "She's ridiculous," he whispers.
       Niall abruptly kisses my neck as he has full control of where I can and can't move.  It was a quick, tiny kiss, nothing too hard for me to handle.
       "You smell really good," Niall remarks against the curb of my shoulder and neck.  "Mmm . . . "       Niall goes in for another kiss as my chest falls and rises repeatedly, quicker and quicker.  I feel him suck on my skin and that's when I sort of push away.  My mouth is agape and my eyes are closed, wanting the boy I had just interacted with to stop touching me.
       "Mmm," he says, ripping his lips, tongue, and harsh teeth away from my delicate skin.  "You taste even better."
       That whisper is the last thing that slips from his mouth as Niall slowly, lightly removes himself from me when he walks out of Tina's delicatessen. 

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