Reality Check


1. Princess Bella

     For a long time there was peace, there was hope. The time where everything was beautiful, it was always spring and summer. But on a day that was suppose to bring much joy and happiness only brought sorrow and destruction. It happened every time a new heir was needed. There are five castles in the land, the ice kingdom, fire kingdom, water kingdom and the dark castle, and the crown jewel of it all, castle la silver. It is tradition that all heirs must be born on a specific day, the day of the red flower.

The day came with excitement that was followed by sorrow. After the children's birth the darkness was closing in and threatened to destroy everything. So the all the rulers of the land went in to battle and none came back. With no rulers to guild them the land fell into war and despair. But there was still hope, those who thought things could go back to the way there were before the darkness came were said to be stronger than others....

"Wacky, wacky...."" Wake up!." shouted the maid." Alright I'm up", said princess Bella." hurry", the maid said frantically." What's so important you have to wake me up before the sun even rises?" asked Bella." We have discovered evidence of where the original rulers maybe"." Really? the council knows where they are," said Bella." Maybe they have asked that all the heirs meet them at the tower in today," said the maid." ok, I'll be down there in a few minuets" said Bella. with that the maid left Bella's room.

Soon Bella and her best friend Kira were in the carriage headed to the tower which was hidden and only the royal families can find it.

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