Reality Check


2. Kingdoms

   Princess Bella's carriage rolled passed the magical barrier along with fire,blue,ice and black carriages. All royals were allowed to bring one person with them who if the royal family tree runs out then the friends family would rule. Bella and Kira got out of the carriage and made their way up many stairs to the council. They entered the room along with a girl with white hair and she wore a light blue dress and her name was Luminouse the ice princess. There were nine people in the room including Bella and Kira. There were five thrones placed in a circle one was mad of fire the next was made of black stone, one was of ice the next is mad of water the next was made of ice and finally one was made of pure gold and silver.

      Bella took her place in the gold and silver. Princess Lumoinouse of the ice kingdom sat down next to Bella.The girl next to her had light blue hair and wore a dark blue dress, princess Cali of the water kingdom. The boy down from her was Prince Dorian of the dark castle he had black hair and wore a white and black suit. The last throne belonged to prince Aiden of the fire kingdom he had red firery hair and a orange and red suit of fire. The door opened and an old man walked in." Thank you all for coming as you know you are what remains of your prevoiuse sucsesor besides the Sun kingdom who have decided to deattached themselves from the council".

     "We may have recived a sign from your parents "he stopped looking to see if all eyes were watching. The man snapped his fingers and one of the chamber maids strolled in with a bottle in her hands. He grabbed the bottle and opened it as a letter slipped out into his hands.

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