Teenage Runaway **Completed**

Hi my name is Garriyn Snow! I am 16 and my mom died 6 years ago and I am abused by my, always drunk, father. I have two best friends that i can only trust with my secrets and try to help me through my miserable life, Alexis and Christy (aka) Alex and Doug. One night when i finally got fed up with the abuse and i ran to Alexis and Christy's place and we thought of a plan. A wonderful plan makes us meet up with 5 wonderful people that changed me and my friends' lives forever.


8. We're Here

Garriyn's POV:


    *Skipping Flight to London*


     Once we stepped off the plane we looked around. The city was beautiful, it had a great scenery and lights everywhere from skyscrapers to cars. This was going to be an epic adventure. 


     "What do you guys think? Isn't it beautiful?" I said in awe. No answer. " Guys?" I turned around and they were mesmerized by the view. I laughed and snapped my fingers in their faces. " Haha, guys, wake up. It's just a city not something to faint about because you think it's so pretty." They jumped and smiled. " Sorry, it's just so pretty, never seen anything like it" Christy exclaimed. " Yeah" Alexis agreed. " Guys, we live in Los Angeles, we see this everyday." " But, this isn't in the US, so this is different in some ways." " Yeah, i guess it is pretty different" i said. 


     " Let's go get get our luggage and call a taxi and we can stay in a hotel, ok?" " Okay" they said in sync. 

     We walked to the luggage and picked ours up and walked outside. It was crazy out there, buses and cars everywhere, pedestrians walking as they pleased. This was going to be hard to get a taxi.

     Surprisingly enough, we saw a taxi with their light on. It was starting to get dark out. We put our luggage in the trunk and climbed in. 

     "Britannia International Hotel please" i told the taxi driver. 

     As we were driving along to the hotel we were looking out the window at the view. It was really busy out, shops everywhere, restaurants, huge grocery stores. It was really dark out and people were still out walking around. I even saw little kids running around and jumping up and down pulling their parents to hurry up and to show them what was down the rode, a kids store. 

     Alexis tapped my shoulder and said " I bet Niall would be there right now." I looked to wear she was pointing, Nandos. I smiled and said, " They probably have pictures of him up in there and try to guard them because so many fans want to take them." "Probably" she said while smiling back. 

     I saw a mall with 'Westfield' on the front of it. We had to go there sometime. Grab some coffee and catch a movie sometime. 

     The cab slowly stopped and Christy paid the taxi driver and tipped him. "Thank you" Alexis said to him. "Anytime loves" he replied. We got out and he helped us get our bags out and he drove off. We turned around and looked at our hotel. It was massive, we were gonna have the time of our lives here. This was a 4 star hotel and we were gonna pick the luxury room since we were gonna be staying here a while. 

     We walked in the front doors and we looked around the lobby. It was huge. It had a front desk, a space to sit down, a couch, a couple tv's, and a donut and coffee station. 

     We walked up to the front desk. "Hello lovelies, how may I help you on this fine evening." "We were wondering what your luxury hotel rooms consisted of?" Christy asked politely. "Our luxury hotel rooms consist of a hot tub, living room, kitchen, 3 beds, 2 full baths." the receptionist said. "Perfect, we'll take one." Alexis replied. "Alright, do you have a credit or debit card?" "Yes" Christy said while handing over her credit card. "Thank you, and here are three keys to your room. Enjoy your stay" "Thanks!" i said back. 

     We looked at our cards, it said floor #5 and room #438. Perfect, we get a balcony with it since it was the top floor. The roof was the pool so that was also a good thing.

     We picked up our backs and we got in the elevator. Alexis pushed #5 and up we went. 

     The elevator doors opened revealing a family of five. Mom, Dad, and 3 kids. They were still in there swimming suits. I smiled and Christy, Alexis and I walked down the corridor. 434..435..436..437.. ah, here we are, room #438. I started to get my card out of my pocket when Christy said, " I got it." She swiped her card and opened the door. We looked in. It was huge. The receptionist was right. It had a hot tub, living room, kitchen, 3 beds, and 2 full baths. But she did forget to mention the sliding glass door that leads to the balcony. We set our bags on our beds and we looked around. Alexis went to the kitchen and Christy went to the living room. I automatically went to the balcony.


Christy's POV:


     Wow, this was really nice. I went to the living room to check out the couch if you know what i mean. I sat down and grabbed the remote to the tv. I turned on the tv and football (soccer) came on. I looked at the couch and felt it. It was really smooth and very comfortable. There were shelves in the corner of the room and there were cabinets under the tv. In a space in the cabinets was a mini refrigerator. I opened it up and there were a few water bottles in there. I guess this hotel provides you with free water bottles. I grabbed one and drank almost half of it. I was really thirsty, I hadn't had something to drink or eat since the plane. 

     I sat back down and put my feet on the table and kept watching football. "SCORE!" i yelled. I didn't know who was playing but i didn't really care. I just felt like yelling that for the fun of it, I really like watching sports, I really get into them. Before I knew it I had fallen asleep. 


Alexis' POV: 


     I walked in the kitchen and looked around. There was an island with a sink in it in the middle of the kitchen. It felt nice in here and i really liked it. I started opening some cabinets because I was starving. Ofcourse, there was nothing in here, we had to buy our own food. I opened the frig and found a few bottles of water. I grabbed one and drank some of it.

     I walked into the living room to check it out and found Christy sleeping on the couch. I looked at the tv and saw that football was on. I shut off the tv and woke Christy up, "Wake up, let's go to sleep in our beds. We can take showers and freshen up tomorrow, ok?" " Ok" she replied while standing up and grabbing her water bottle and sliding into bed in the next room. "Wait, where's Garriyn?" Alexis said. "I'm not sure, you can find her, i'm really tired and want to go to sleep. Goodnight, wake me up when you wake up in the morning." she said kind of drowsily. " Okay, goodnight." 


Garriyn's POV: 


     As soon as I saw the balcony, i thought "Yes, that's going to be my spot. It looks so peaceful." So whenever I put my bags on my bed I came out here and sat down.

     I looked at the view from my chair. The city was glowing in the dim moonlight, lights of buildings were lit up, the cars' headlights were shining as they drove down the rode. I liked this place, this would be my thinking place or just to have some peace and quiet.

     I started to think about my future. I wondered what would happen now that we had got here. Would we try and find a job or would Christy pay for everything? Eventually she would run out of money wouldn't she? She keeps saying "Oh don't worry I've got this" or "Are you doubting my credit card? I have plenty of money on this thing." 

     You know what? Just live for the moment. Your young! So what if Christy runs out of money! We will be able to find a job, hopefully. Now that were here we can just have fun. Go to all the landmarks and go sightseeing, it'll be fun. Get lost in London, that would be a first. 

     As I was looking around I saw something. I looked closer, it was the London Eye. 




     "Look Garriyn, it's a picture of me and your dad at the London Eye on our anniversary last year when you were 4. Isn't it beautiful?" "It is Mum! I wanna go there someday on my anniversary with my husband!" I replied back to my mum. " Don't worry my little angel, you will someday."  

     "What are you guys talking about?" my dad said when he walked in. "Remember our anniversary last year?" My mum replied back. " The London Eye, one of my favorites, how could I forget?" he said before kissing my Mum. "Eww you guys! Get a room!" I yelled covering my eyes. " Aww come here" he said while grabbing me and kissing the top of my head and then Lucy walked in and said " What about me?" "You too sweetie" my Mum said to her while giving her a bear hug.

*Back to Reality*


     A tear streamed down my left cheek. I always wanted to sit in one of the carriages of it and have a romantic evening with the love of my life. That reminded me so much of my mother. She told me once " Whenever I was little I wanted to ride the London Eye with my husband." and it happened to her. I doubt it will ever happen to me though.

     I heard the screen door open and Alexis say " You wanna go to sleep now?" "Sure" i said while getting up out of my chair and coming to the door. I was about to slide the door shut when I took one last breath of the cool breeze and glanced over the city one last time. What a city.

     I changed into my pajamas and slipped under my covers, "Goodnight everyone." "Goodnight Garriyn" they said back. 

     I turned off my lamp and fell into a deep sleep.





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