Teenage Runaway **Completed**

Hi my name is Garriyn Snow! I am 16 and my mom died 6 years ago and I am abused by my, always drunk, father. I have two best friends that i can only trust with my secrets and try to help me through my miserable life, Alexis and Christy (aka) Alex and Doug. One night when i finally got fed up with the abuse and i ran to Alexis and Christy's place and we thought of a plan. A wonderful plan makes us meet up with 5 wonderful people that changed me and my friends' lives forever.


9. Want Some Frappuccino's? That's Not Happening!

Garriyn's POV:



     I woke up to the sun shining through one of the windows. I get up and check what time it was, it was 9:48 am. I got up and opened some windows to let a breeze blow through the room. Whenever more light shined in Alexis and Christy woke up. 

     "Hey sleepy heads, how'd you guys sleep?" i asked as cheerful as I could." Eh, wish I could've slept longer without someone opening the blinds and letting all the sunlight in."  Alexis yelled. 

     "Sorry guys, but it's time to wake up." " Fine, I call one shower" Christy said back. " I call the other one" Alexis said copying Christy. 

     "Fine, i'll get in the shower after you guys then. While you guys are in the shower i'll go down the street to Starbucks and get us some coffee or frappuccino's. What do you guys want?" I asked.

     Alexis replied saying, " I'll take a Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino please." "I'll take a Chocolate Cookie Crumble" Christy also said.

     "Okay, i'll be back in a bit." "Okay" they both said. 

     I changed into some neon green shorts and a pink tank top. I looked out the window and down the street. There was a huge crowd down there and I don't know why. I decided to take the alleyway behind all the buildings and then come out in front of Starbucks. 

     I had my purse and 20 bucks in my wallet. I grabbed the key to the hotel room and walked out the door slamming to show them I had left. 

     I took the elevator down and left the building. I walked around back of the hotel and started walking down the alleyway. It was nice out, had a cool breeze coming but it was unusually dark in the alley.


*5 minutes later* 


     I was almost halfway there when I was tackled by a tall man with a black ski mask on. I looked up and he said "Take your clothes off!" "N-No" i stuttered back.

     He started to try and take my shirt off but I smacked him in the face. He got up and walked a few feet and picked up a large rock. He started tossing it in his hand weighing it. I started crawling back but my back was up against a wall in seconds. He stepped closer and threw the rock at me. It hit my temple and my eye with great force. " Hey!" a stranger yelled. The man ran off and I looked down the alley to see who had scared him off. I saw a figure start running toward me but I couldn't make out who it was because my eyesight was lost and I was out.


  *The Next Day*


     I woke up and looked around. I was laying on a couch and I was in a huge living room. I started to sit up, "Ouch!" i said wincing at the pain. My hand flew up to my cheek. It was swelled up and I could barely see out of my eye. I sat all the way up slowly, careful not to get too dizzy. I stood up and looked around. I saw a flat screen tv nailed into the wall and a guitar in the corner of the room. I looked behind me and saw a staircase, I decided to go up it slowly, holding on to the railing. I got to the top and there was a hallway. I went to the first door I saw. I opened it slowly to reveal a tall man with his shirt off laying on the bed sleeping. 

     He opened his emerald green eyes to me. " Oh i'm so sorry, I didn't mean intrude on you. I'm really sorry." i said while backing out and running down the stairs. I tripped and fell on the 3rd step. I started tumbling down and each time my side hit a stair I would grunt. I hit my face on one of the stairs and that caused me to yelp in pain. 

     Once I had got to the bottom I was in terrible pain and was hunched over holding my stomach and hip. I heard footsteps come down the stairs. I looked up and he said, " Oh my goodness, are you okay love?" He picked me up and walked up the stairs, back to the room where he was sleeping. He sat me down on the end of his bed." I'll be right back, i'm going to go get a pack of ice to put on your eye. Stay right here" he said in his raspy, low voice. " I don't think i'm able to go anywhere right now" i replied laughing a little. He smiled and opened the door and I heard his footsteps go down the stairs. 

     I sighed and touched my cheek, I winced in pain. I looked around, this had to be a master bedroom. There was a '64 inch tv in front of the bed and a chair in the corner. I got up and went to the chair, there was a door to the right of it. I walked in, it was the bathroom. I looked around again and I saw a closed door. I walked up to it and slowly opened it revealing a walk in closet.

     I walked in and was surprised to see stacks and stacks of shoes. He had jeans, suits, jackets, t-shirts, everything you could possibly think a man could have. I walked to the end of it and I saw beanies. I saw a dark green one and picked it up, it was extremely soft. I put it on and it was comfortable." Hey!" a voice said. I looked over and he was standing there with a baggie full of ice in his hand. 

     "I didn't realize a man could have so many clothes" I said while laughing. He just shrugged. " Wait a minute, your Harry Styles from One Direction!" I yelled jumping up and down, but i immediately stopped because it hurt. " Yup, that's why I have so many clothes, because i'm famous" he said while smiling.

     "Me and my friends are huge fans" I said. "You might want to come in here and hold this to your cheek" he said softly. " Oh, ofcourse" i said starting to walk towards him. 

     He handed me my the ice pack and held my waist, helping me walk towards the bed, even though i didn't need help I accepted cuz I liked his cheeky smile and he was cute. 

     " My names Garriyn, by the way, Garriyn Snow." i said while holding out my hand. He took my hand and shook it, "Nice to meet you Garriyn Snow" he said. 


Harry's POV:


     "Hello?" i yelled around my room. "Where are you?" i yelled again. I had come back with the ice just like I said but I couldn't find her. I looked around the corner and noticed my closet door was open. I looked in and found her in looking at my beanies.

     She put my favorite one on, the dark green one. She looked kind of cute in it. Her long brown hair was kind of wavy and it complimented her blue eyes. I'm glad I found her, hopefully we can have a good relationship.



*Author's Note*


     I know it took me a long time to finally introduce someone from One Direction but i think this was a good way to do it. What do you think is going to happen between Garriyn and Harry? Will they have a relationship or will she just walk off like nothing happened and get back to her life with her friends? Just wait and see my little munchkins! -1DFan4152


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