Teenage Runaway **Completed**

Hi my name is Garriyn Snow! I am 16 and my mom died 6 years ago and I am abused by my, always drunk, father. I have two best friends that i can only trust with my secrets and try to help me through my miserable life, Alexis and Christy (aka) Alex and Doug. One night when i finally got fed up with the abuse and i ran to Alexis and Christy's place and we thought of a plan. A wonderful plan makes us meet up with 5 wonderful people that changed me and my friends' lives forever.


6. Uh Oh! Something's Wrong!

Jacob's POV: 


     I was suddenly jerked awake from a long nap, and from the sound of my door closing. I got up and put my shirt on that was lying on my ground. I'm not sure how it ended up down there but I didn't really care at the time. I was starving so I opened the door to my room to see Garriyn peeking in her room with a backpack on her shoulders and a suitcase in her right hand. I cracked my door really quick to see what she was doing. I saw a tear run down her cheek, but she wiped it away quickly. She slowly shut her door and turned around and started down the stairs. I followed her quickly but quietly trying not to make a sound. She put her hand on the door knob when I put mine on hers stopping her from turning it. She was trying to run away and i knew it. 


Garriyn's POV: 


     I flinched when I saw him. " Where the hell do you think your going?" my dad screamed at my face. " Uh.. i just... i was just-." "Just what? You were planning on running away weren't you?" he interrupted. " It's no-." i stuttered. " You are not leaving this damn house, you hear me?" 

     He took my suit case and threw it across the room and opened the door and shoved me outside. I landed on the porch but rolled down the few stairs into the grass. I got up and he was walking towards me and I heard someone scream "Garriyn!" I turned and looked, it was Alexis and Christy standing there with worried looks on their faces. I looked back at my father, he had gotten a large stick that was very stick, it looked like a small tree branch. I started backing up but I had backed into a car. I looked around and i was trapped.

     I crouched down as far as i could go, like that was going to help me at all. He hit me in the side of the neck with the stick. I looked at my friends and yelled " Call 911, now!" Jacob said, " Shut up you little shithead!"

     He kicked me in the shoulder and picked me up and slammed me against the car. I could tell it was his car by the color. I yelped in pain and he smacked me in the side of the face. I put my hand up to my cheek and rubbed the spot that he hit me in. 

     In the background I could here Alexis screaming, "Help! Come quick, she's being kicked and abused by her father. She needs help now!" Alexis and Christy were crying now. I don't know why they wouldn't help me, it was probably because they were afraid of him too.

     Next thing I know, he pushed my face into the concrete and started punching my face and gut. I kept doubling over and trying to protect myself but each time I tried to protect a part of my body he would find another place to hit. He punched my face and when I looked up he had stood up and gotten another sharp stick and had cut my face with it. That hurt like hell. He punched me in the temple and the next thing i see are cops running towards me then my vision goes dark.


*20 minutes later*


     I see complete darkness. I can hear fine but i can't see anything. I tried moving my fingers but they wouldn't move. I thought and decided that i was probably in a coma. 

     I heard sobbing coming from two people. I heard someone say " It'll be alright girls. She's just in a coma. We did some tests and she should be awake any minute now." "Thanks doctor, my names Alexis by the way and this is Christy, we appreciate you helping our friend here. She's been abused by her father ever since her mom died. Speaking about her father, where did they take him? Do you know anything?" Alexis asked sounding scared. The doctor replied by saying, " I think they took him to jail for 50 years, by the time he is able to get out he will most likely be dead." " Good, he deserves it." Christy said. 

     " Well i'm going to leave the two of you with her. I have some paperwork to fill out. If she wakes up come and get me and i will see if she is ok." "Thank you Doctor" Alexis and Christy said. " Anytime girls" he replied to them.

*Regains Consciousness*

     Slowly I opened my eyes to a bright light and my vision ever so slowly became clear. " Alexis? Christy?" i said weakly. 

     They both looked at me and a smile grew on both their faces. They jumped up and ran over to me. "Slow down you guys! I'm not fully awake yet!" "Your alive!" Christy yelled. "Haha yes i am, hey can someone go get the doctor and tell him i'm awake? I heard all you guys were saying while i was in that coma by the way." i asked. "sure, i will" Christy answered almost immediately. 

     She turned around and walked through the door but before she shut it she said " be right back." I nodded. 

     " So how do you feel?" Alexis asked. " I feel okay. Tired, hungry, and very weak." 

     " When Christy comes back with the doctor we can ask him for some food and water, k?" "Okay" i replied. 

     "So what are we gonna do after this? Are we still going to London?" i asked worrying about what is going to happen. "Ofcourse we are silly? Just because of this doesn't mean were gonna miss One Direction! You crazy!" she said kind of loudly back. 

     "Sorry, it's just i thought this would make us stay here. Where are our bags and when can we go?" " Whenever the doctor says you can leave and all our bags are over there in the corner." 

     I looked over and saw all our bags. The door to the room opened and in walked Christy and a tall, dark man walked in with a clipboard in his hand who i assumed to be my doctor. 

     "Hello, my name is Dr. Anderson and i am your doctor. I had my assistant bring some snacks and some water for you to eat." "Thank you" i said while smiling. A girl around the age of 25 walked in with a tray with some steak, rice and a cup of water and sat it on my lap after i had sat up. 

     I dug in while the doctor asked how i felt. " I feel great" i replied after i had ate a couple bites out of my steak, had a few spoonfuls of my rice, and had a huge gulp of my water.

     "Well as soon as you feel good to go, you can leave. Just make sure to check out at the front desk on your way out." "Wow, thanks Doc. " I held out my hand and he took it and we shook hands. 

     He walked out and i finished my food and gave it to the nurse and she walked out too. " Little help please?" i said looking at Christy. " Oh, ofcourse" she said while taking my hand and helping me stand up. 

     We got all of our bags and walked out the door. We went to the front desk and i said to the receptionist, " I would like the check out please." 

     "What's your name sweety?" "Garriyn Snow" i said back. 

     " Looks like your free to go!" the receptionist said.

      And with that us 3 walked out the hospital doors. 


Author's Note: 


        Hope you guys liked this chapter. I put alot of thought into it, that's why it's so long. Get ready for the next chapter because i will be uploading it tonight too. Love ya!! please favourite for me!! - 1DFan4152

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