Teenage Runaway **Completed**

Hi my name is Garriyn Snow! I am 16 and my mom died 6 years ago and I am abused by my, always drunk, father. I have two best friends that i can only trust with my secrets and try to help me through my miserable life, Alexis and Christy (aka) Alex and Doug. One night when i finally got fed up with the abuse and i ran to Alexis and Christy's place and we thought of a plan. A wonderful plan makes us meet up with 5 wonderful people that changed me and my friends' lives forever.


29. Trying to Wake Up

           *5 hours later*

    “Garriyn” a voice says shaking me.
    “Garriyn, wake up” they say again. 

    My eyes drift open and the first thing I see is Harry still there with his eyes closed. I look up and I see Christy. 

    “What? What’s wrong?” I ask.

    “You weren't supposed to be in here, remember? The nurse was supposed to tell us when we could visit” she replied.

    “I’m sorry” I sigh. “I just really wanted to see him and make sure he’s doing ok.”

    “It’s fine. I don’t think anybody knows you’re in here. Everyone is still asleep except for me. I was awake when the nurse came and told me I could visit him and so could the rest when they wake up. I won’t tell the nurse you were in here, it’s just between you and me.” she says winking. 

    “Thanks, I've been here all night and guess what? He moved. I asked him to twitch his nose if he heard me and he did. He even tried moving his leg and he smiled at me, it was great to see he’s making progress. He still can’t open his eyes though.” I look over at him.

    “He will soon Garriyn, trust me.” She looks at the clock. “I bet your hungry, we should go get some breakfast into you.”

    “I really don’t feel like leaving him Christy. He’s probably going to wake up if I leave then I will miss him opening his eyes.” I say squeezing his hand even harder.

    “It will only be for a few minutes, McDonald's is just down the rode. If you want we can go through the drive though and you can take it back here and eat it” she says smiling. 

    “I guess we could do that” I say looking back up at her. “I’ll meet you out in the hall.”

    She turns and opens the door and leaves. I look back at Harry. “I’ll be right back, ok? Don’t miss me too much. Love you.” I say then I bend down and give him a long kiss on his cheek, close to his lips. I whisper I love you in his ear again then slowly let go of his hand and leave. 

    “Let’s make it quick” I tell Christy as we start walking down the hall.
    “Quick is my middle name” she replies. 

    Were almost to the door when I hear a voice say “Where you going?”

    I look over and Niall is sitting up with his eyes half open.

    “Going to get something to eat and were in a hurry, bye” Christy says to him.

    “Wait! Get me a cheeseburger no onions and large fries and a water please?” he asks us.

    I look at Christy then back at Niall, “Sure.” 

    The sliding doors open when we get near them then we walk to the van.

    “We forgot the keys, I’ll go get them” I say.

    Before I turn around Christy dangles keys in front of me. I run towards the passenger side and get in. Christy slides into the driver’s side and starts the car. 

    We pull out of the hospital parking lot and get on the main road. After about 1 mile Christy takes a left. I look over and sure enough there’s a McDonald’s right there. She pulls in and there is one car ahead of us in the drive through. 

    “What do you want?” Christy turns and asks me.

    “I’ll take a cheeseburger no pickles and just ketchup and small fries and a Dr. Pepper, please” I smile a huge smile at her dragging out the e.

    She laughs and pulls up to the microphone. 

    “Hi my name is Jill, how may I help you?” 
    “Hi Jill, I’ll take a cheeseburger with no pickles and just ketchup with small fries and a Dr. Pepper. Also, I’ll take a cheeseburger with no onions and large fries and water. Um, a 10 piece chicken nugget and small fries and a Mountain Dew, please, that would be it. 

    “Alright I have a cheeseburger, no pickles and just ketchup, with small fries and a Dr. Pepper. A cheeseburger, no onions, large fries and water. 10 piece chicken nugget and small fries with a Mountain Dew to drink. Would that be all for you today? “Jill says.

    “Yes” Christy replies.

    “Your total will be $14. 78, please pull up to the window” she tells us.

    Christy puts the car in drive. She slowly pulls up the window and hands the lady a handful of cash.

    “Your change will be 22 cents, here you are ma’am.” She hands Christy her change.” Just pull up to the next window and that’s where you will receive your food. Thank you and have a nice day.”

    “Thanks and you too” I say across Christy.

    She pushes on the gas and we arrive at the next window in a matter of seconds. The window opens and a lady appears with 2 bags in her hand. She hands one to Christy and she hands that one to me. The lady hands over the second bag and Christy gives that one to me also. She puts 3 drinks in a drink carrier and hands it over.

    “Thank you and have a great day” she says before shutting the window.

    Christy starts to drive. I look in one bag and I see 2 burgers wrapped in the foil that McDonald’s uses and a box that says 10 piece on it. I look in the other bag and see 3 boxes of fries, one bigger than the others. I close both bags tightly and hold on to them for the rest of the ride back. 

    We arrive back shortly. I quickly open the door of the car and get out, thinking that Christy gets the drink carrier, she does. 

    I start running towards the entrance. I want to make sure my baby is doing okay. The doors slide open and I slow down once I get to the waiting room. I sit down and open the bags quietly realizing that everyone is still asleep. I take out the cheeseburgers and I open the wrapper of one and take off the top bun, no pickles. This one is mine. I take the other one and set it on my lap and I open the other bag and take out the large fries. Christy walks in right after I took them out. I get up and tap on Niall’s shoulder. He opens his eyes slowly. He sees that I have food and jerks up. 

    “Here’s your cheeseburger with no onions, large fries, and Christy has your water.” I tell him handing his food over. 

    “Thanks” he says unwrapping his cheeseburger and taking a huge bite out of it. 

    I grab a thing of fries out of the bag and the other cheeseburger. I walk towards Christy and check and see which drink is mine. I grab the dark brown one and I manage to put it under my arm.

    “Thanks” I tell her. 

    She nods and I take it as a ‘your welcome’. I start going down the hallway I went down last night. I reach the elevator and I push the ‘up’ button with my elbow. A few seconds later the elevator dings and the doors open up. I see one other person in there holding a glass vase full of flowers. 

    “Pretty flowers you have there” I tell her while walking in and pushing number 4.

    “Thanks, they’re for my husband” she replies. “Who’s the food for?”

    “It’s mine, I’m starving” I reply laughing at how she thought it was for someone else.  

    She nods her head as soon as the elevator doors slide open. I look up and see that the screen shows ‘4’.  I walk out and I look at the room numbers after a few steps and I see I’m at 352. I grip the box of fries with my teeth and I open the door with my free hand. I look in and am glad to see that he didn't wake up while I was gone. I open the door all the way and take a step in turning around when I get far enough in to close the door quietly. 

    I see my seat is in the same spot as before. I go and sit down and drag a table beside me. I set my stuff down and lean back in my chair and sigh, I’m starving.

    “I’m back babe” I tell him. 

The color in his cheeks has come back, that famous rosy color at the top of his cheekbones.  His lips are redder and he doesn't look as pale. The cut above his eye has faded to a pinkish color. I’m glad he’s doing better. I smile and take his hand in mine. I bring it up to my lips and kiss it. My thumb moves back and forth across his hand. I set it back down gently and start to eat my food. 

                *10 minutes later*

    I finish the last of my fries and take a sip of my Dr. Pepper to help swallow it. I feel bloated now after eating all of that. I get up and put my cheeseburger wrapper and my empty fry box in the paper bag it came in. I walk over to the trash can and throw the stuff away. I walk bag to my seat and take another mouthful of my drink. I set it down and turn my attention back to Harry.

    “Will today be the day you get to see me? Squeeze my hand once for yes and or squeeze it twice for no” I ask him.

    He doesn't squeeze at all, he must still be asleep. 

    “Well I hope you don’t mind but I think I’m going to go to sleep too” I tell him. “Might want to scoot over.”

    I get up out of my seat and walk to the other side of the bed. I’m glad hospitals make big beds. I get to the other side and I pull back the covers and sit down on the bed. I slid one foot under and then the other. The covers are pretty soft, so I guess you could say it was pretty comfortable. I pulled the covers over me and I looked over to Harry, he looked so warm now. I moved closer to him and put my hand on his stomach and my head on his chest. 

    “You’re warm, you know that?” I asked looking up at him as if I was waiting for an answer. 

    I leaned up and kissed him but this time it was on his sweet, luscious lips. That spark that I've been missing was finally there, from his lips through my body. I couldn't wait till he woke up so when we did kiss he really meant it. I put my head back on his chest and started to drift to sleep, but before my mind drifted off I felt something, his chest vibrated. I looked up at him but his eyes were still closed. I put my ear to his chest again and it happened again. I realized that he was humming. It finally went away after a few seconds. I kissed his lips longer this time and put my hand in his hair, stroking it while I kissed him. Then I put my ear back to his chest, the humming continued. I smiled; he couldn't wait till he woke up either. 

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