Teenage Runaway **Completed**

Hi my name is Garriyn Snow! I am 16 and my mom died 6 years ago and I am abused by my, always drunk, father. I have two best friends that i can only trust with my secrets and try to help me through my miserable life, Alexis and Christy (aka) Alex and Doug. One night when i finally got fed up with the abuse and i ran to Alexis and Christy's place and we thought of a plan. A wonderful plan makes us meet up with 5 wonderful people that changed me and my friends' lives forever.


7. Travelling To the UK

Alexis' POV:


     It was my turn to drive right now. This sucked, we live on the far east side of the United States and we had to travel all the way to London. That's really far and a very long drive. Christy was in the passenger seat sleeping and Garriyn was laying in the back seat sleeping also. We decided that we would take my car and we would switch out every 2 hours. It sounded pretty fair to all of us. 

     Right now it was 1:04 am and we were in Colorado. We planned on driving all the way to New York and boarding a plane there and then flying straight to London. I had until it was 2:00 to drive then Christy would drive. We have stopped at a gas station so far to get some food and gas and switched out. 


 *Skips to 2:00 am*


Christy's POV:


     We stopped at a gas station and Alexis had to wake me up from my nap. I looked around and saw that we were parked next to a gas pump and i said i'll pump the gas and she said ok. So i got out of the car and i pumped the gas. I put 50 dollars in the 2013 Ford Fusion. That's how much it cost to fill it completely up. I grabbed my wallet and woke up Garriyn and told her and Alexis to come inside and pick out something to eat.

     Once we got inside we all split up. I grabbed an orange pop with a hot dog and a cookie for a treat. I walked up to the counter and told the person, " I'm waiting for my friends." Both of them walked up with there arms full. I looked at Alexis and saw that she had picked out 2 hot dogs, a 2 liter of Mountain Dew, a donut, a pack of 5 gum, a Hershey's bar, and a cookie. I looked up at her and said, "Damn! Hungry?" "Starving, but not compared to Garriyn over here." She nodded towards Garriyn. I looked at Garriyn and saw that she had picked out a package of gummy bears, a package of gummy worms, a 2 liter bottle of Sprite, 2 hot dogs, a Cookies 'n Cream Hershey's bar and a regular chocolate bar, a package of spearmint gum, a bag of jolly ranchers, and a water bottle. I looked up wide-eyed. She shrugged, " Hey I gotta fill this belly of mine or else i will, and i mean i really will, go psycho on both of you." 

     We set all of our stuff down on the counter and a couple things fell off but we picked them up and piled them on top of other stuff. The cash register just stared at me and i just smiled. She started swiping the bar codes and started putting the food in sacks. Alexis whispered in my ear, " Are you sure you can pay for all of this?" I turned around and said " Ofcourse! I have thousands of dollars on this card. Are you doubting me?" "No! Just being safe!" 

     "That'll be 95.82, including the gas." the register said. I swiped my card and put in my pin. She handed me the receipt and said " Thank you, have a nice day." "Thanks, you too." Garriyn said. 

     We walked out with bags up and down our arms and put them in the back. I climbed in the drivers side and Garriyn sat in the passenger seat and Alexis layed down in the back. 

     "Here we go guys, let's get to drivin'!" I yelled. I drove out of the gas station and before i knew it i had drove out of Colorado. 


Garriyn's POV:


     It was my turn to drive and we were in Pennsylvania. We had gone through switching a few times and it was late afternoon. I was so tired and i just wanted to hurry up and get to New York. 


*45 minutes later*


     "Were here!" i yelled at the top of my lungs. Alexis and Christy jumped up. They looked around at the airport. "Let's get our bags and go wait in line for our tickets. We have 20 minutes before the plane leaves so lets go." I popped the trunk from inside the car. Everyone unbuckled there seat belts and opened their doors. I put one foot on the ground and fell down. I looked under the car after hearing to more grunts and saw that both of them had fallen too. "You guys ok?" i yelled under the car. " Yeah, our legs are asleep and are weak from being in the car too long." Christy yelled. " Mine too."

     I slowly got up and walked off the weakness in my thighs. I went to the back of the car, put my backpack on my shoulders and set everything on the ground next to the car. I shut the back and Christy and Alexis grab there bags and suitcases also. I grabbed mine while locking the car and said, "You guys ready?" They both nodded and we headed inside. 

     I told them to sit with our bags while I go buy our tickets. They said yes and i walked up and said " I would like 3 tickets for the London flight that leaves in 10 minutes please." " Here you go ma'am, enjoy your flight" she said after I gave her my credit card and she handed me my tickets. " Thank you, ma'am." 

     I walked back to the seats and said "Here are your guys' tickets. Don't lose them in the next 10 minutes." "We won't" they said at the exact same time. 

*10 minutes later*


     " Calling all the attenders for the London flight, now. I repeat, calling all the attenders for the London flight." "That's us, let's go." i said to both of them. 

     We walked to the doorway of the ramp and we handed the ticket taker our tickets and we all looked at eachother. We held hands while walking up the ramp to our new life. 



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