Teenage Runaway **Completed**

Hi my name is Garriyn Snow! I am 16 and my mom died 6 years ago and I am abused by my, always drunk, father. I have two best friends that i can only trust with my secrets and try to help me through my miserable life, Alexis and Christy (aka) Alex and Doug. One night when i finally got fed up with the abuse and i ran to Alexis and Christy's place and we thought of a plan. A wonderful plan makes us meet up with 5 wonderful people that changed me and my friends' lives forever.


20. Torture Through a Phone Call

Harry's POV:


     "What are we gonna do lads?" I say pacing back and forth in the living room of my flat.

      "Try calling her one more time" Liam suggests.

     "I've called her a million times, she's not gonna answer!" I yell at Liam.

     "Well maybe a million and one is your lucky number. Just try it Harry, if you don't then your just losing hope and I know the rest of us wouldn't want that" he says.

     I walk over to the table and pick up my phone and start to dial her number.


     *Phone Dials*


               Jake: Who is this?


     I look over at everybody. "Somebody answered! What do I say?"

     "Ask where Garriyn is! Ask if she's alright?" Alexis screams jumping up.


               Harry: Where's Garriyn? Is she ok?

               Jake: I'll let you have 5 minutes with her, that's it. She's having the best time with me and that's all im saying.

               Harry: Let me talk to her, NOW!


Garriyn's POV:


     I was still sitting in the corner when the door bursts open. I look up.

     "No please, I didn't do anything! Please don't hurt me!" i sob and I scoot up against the wall.

      "Oh shut up bitch. I'm not gonna hurt you. You have five minutes!" he says handing me a phone.

      I take the phone and he leaves.




               Garriyn: Harry?

               Harry: Garriyn is it really you? Here let me put you on speaker

               Garriyn: *starts crying* Please Harry! I'm scared. He's beating me senseless and I can't think anymore. I cried so much but now I can't because I'm dehydrated. I'm losing weight so fast Harry please help me. I miss you guys so much and I can't take it anymore.

               Harry: Please don't give up. I'm trying as hard as I can to find you. Can you tell us where you are?

               Garriyn: Whose us? Wait is everybody there?

               Liam: Hello love

               Garriyn: Liam! I miss you so much!

               Zayn: Hello beautiful! Please don't cry, we miss you too.

               Louis: Hi Garriyn! Stay strong love, don't give up hope!

               Garriyn: I won't Louis, you guys are the only one keeping me sane.

               Niall: Hey Gear Bear! Just make sure you don't hear your stomach growling too much!

               Garriyn: Oh Niall! I'm barely getting any food so i'm starving!

               Niall: Oh that mother fucker!!

               Christy: Garriyn!! We miss you so much! I love you and stay safe!

               Garriyn: I will try Christy! I miss you and love you so much!!

               Alexis: Gear Bear!! Stay strong my best friend! I love you and never forget that!

               Garriyn: Oh Alex! Please don't give up on finding me! I miss you guys so dearly and i'm so scared!

               Harry: Hey love im back. Can you describe where you are? Anything at all? Is there a window or something?

               Garriyn: When I was first here I was unconscious and tied up in a chair and he beat me. After that he put me in the cement, cold, dark room with a bed in the corner and a window. I can't see out the window because it has shades and is bolted shut. I had to experience that the hard way. That night he raped me. Earlier I got some food. Sorry it's not a very good description but that's all there really is.

               Harry: Do you know if your in London?

               Garriyn: I'm not sure, i haven't been outside but Jake does have a British accent.


     "Times up! Give me the phone" Jake says storming in and taking the phone from me.

     I scream into the phone, "I love you Ha-" but i'm not able to finish because I scream in pain when I feel a fist dig into my jaw.

     "I said times up so no more talking!" he says. "Anyways we have a big day tomorrow so get some sleep."

     He leaves the room after I hear the call ended sound come from my phone.


     I get up from the ground and stumble over to the bed and sit down on it. I look down at my dirty, bloody hands and start to cry into them. After 5 minutes I stop, no more tears are coming.

     I stand up and lift up my shirt. There's a bruise under my ribs and my right stomach. I was severely skinny, you could count my ribs and see my hip bones bulging out. My wrists were tiny and my cheeks were sunken in. I could see the bags under my eyes from the bottom of my vision. I felt horrible and so weak. I couldn't do anything but I need to pull myself together for my friends and boyfriend who I loved so much and would never give up on. They are what keeps me breathing. They are what keeps me alive.






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