Teenage Runaway **Completed**

Hi my name is Garriyn Snow! I am 16 and my mom died 6 years ago and I am abused by my, always drunk, father. I have two best friends that i can only trust with my secrets and try to help me through my miserable life, Alexis and Christy (aka) Alex and Doug. One night when i finally got fed up with the abuse and i ran to Alexis and Christy's place and we thought of a plan. A wonderful plan makes us meet up with 5 wonderful people that changed me and my friends' lives forever.


31. The Flashback That Changed my Life Forever

     Those beautiful eyes stare into mine. They were almost like new eyes being born, beautiful green eyes. I looked straight into them when I had an instant flashback.


    “Hey Garriyn, your mom’s home!” Jacob yells upstairs.

    I drop my Barbie dolls and spring up and run towards the door. I turn the knob and start running down the stairs with a huge grin on my face.

    I see her at the bottom of the stairs holding her arms open for me. “Mommy!” I yell almost tripping over my own feet but I put my hand on the railing holding my fall back.

    “I’ve missed you so much, I always hate going to work and leaving you at home” she says into my shoulder when I jump into her arms.

    “I’ve missed you too mommy. You said you got me a present today?” I asked her while running and jumping on the couch with her sitting beside me.

    “Yes but we will have to go and get it. It’s up a little farther in the city. After dinner we will go get it. Were having your favorite tonight” she says snuggling with me and tickling me in my stomach.

    “Macaroni and chicken nuggets?” I ask jumping up and down on the couch. She catches me in mid-air and sets me on her lap.
    “Yes, and we got the one you like the most, the SpongeBob macaroni” she smiles. 

    “Yay! But I want to know what my present is nooow Mommy” I say pouting a little bit.

    “That’s the point of it being a surprise hun” she answers getting up and walking towards the kitchen. 

    I get up and follow her towards the kitchen and get a glass cup out of the cabinet and grab the ice tray out of the freezer. I pick a couple ice cubes out and set them in my cup and fill it up with water. I see my mom grab the macaroni box out of the cabinet then walk to the other side of the kitchen to grab a pot. I put the ice tray back and walk into the living room and turn on the TV. I sit down on the couch and right after I change the channel to SpongeBob my dad plops down on the couch right next to me.

    “Here, I got this for you when I went to the store earlier” he says looking over at me while pulling something out of his pocket. 

    A smile grows on my face when he pulls out a package of Skittles. “Thanks Daddy!” I scream pulling him into a little hug.

    He laughs and hands me the Skittles and says, “Don’t tell your mom I bought you these and please wait till after dinner to eat them, okay?” 

    “I will” I say running up the stairs to my room. I open my door and run to my bed and jump on top of it. I put the package of Skittles under my pillow so no one else will find it. That’s my hiding spot.

    After I do that I hear mom yell, “Dinners ready, come downstairs and eat!” 

    I jump down off my bed and run downstairs to see my plate full of macaroni and chicken nuggets. I grab my plate off the counter and sit down at the dinner table. I start gobbling down my food when I look up and see Mom and Dad staring at me. 

    “What?” I say with a mouthful of macaroni.

    “You think you’re not going to have enough time to finish your food? You’re gobbling it down like you haven’t eaten in days!” my dad says growing wide-eyed. 

    “Sorry daddy, you know I love me some macaroni!” I say shoving another forkful of it into my mouth. 

    After several mouthfuls of macaroni and chicken nuggets I look up at mom and see she hasn’t quite finished yet. 

    “I’m going to get dressed now” I tell them jumping out of my chair. “Wait!” I yell walking back to the table, “Where’s Lucy? I haven’t seen her all day.” 

    “She’s over at Lindsey’s house, remember?” Mom answers.

    “Oh yeah!” I say sounding dumb.
    I pick my plate up from the table then walk over to the dish washer and put my dishes into it. I close it and walk up to my room. 

    I open my closet and start with my t-shirts. I find one that says ‘No Photos Please’. I got it when I was in Florida a few summers ago. I put that on and decide to keep the shorts I was wearing on. I slipped on a pair of bright pink flip flops.

    Before I open the door to go downstairs I run and jump on my bed. Looking under my pillow I grab the package of Skittles and quietly open it popping a couple in my mouth. “I’ll save the rest for later” I thought to myself.

I quickly fold over the top of the package and safely put it back where it was then run downstairs. At the door I see my mom grabbing her keys when she sees me.

    “Ready my little angel?” she asks me.

    “Ready!” I yell after saying goodbye to my dad while giving him a hug. 

    “Well let’s go get you that surprise I promised!” she bends down pinching my cheeks.

    I smile when she holds the door open for me. I run out onto the porch and I turn around to see Mommy and Daddy kissing.

    “Save it for later please!” I say sounding disgusted. 

    They back away from each other with red cheeks. They say bye to each other and me and mom start walking towards the car. I jump into the passenger seat. My dad doesn’t let me sit up front because he thinks I’m still too young, but mom lets me as long as I don’t tell dad. I jump up onto the seat and shut the door with as much force as I can. Mom starts the car when I put on my seat belt. 

    “Ready?” she asks looking over at me.

    “Let’s go!” I yell sounding excited. 

    We start backing out of the drive way onto the road. We finally start driving then we end up on the high way.

    “Mommy can I please know what it is?  I’ve been a good girl all day” I pout.

    She looks over at me and says, “Oh alright, I can’t resist that face, but you have to promise me that daddy won’t know about you already knowing what we got before we got it, okay?” 

    I nod my head hard and fast.

    “Were going to go get a puppy” she says looking back onto the road. “You get to pick out the name, what type and if it’s going to be a girl or boy.”

    “Really? I get to pick it all out? But I’ve been asking for years to have a puppy and you kept saying no” I questioned.

    “Well, your father and I have talked about it and we think that you have shown responsibility and enough that we think it’s time you get a dog” she answers looking down at me. 

    “Well I have tried lately. I can’t wait! I think I’m gonna name her Rose, do you like that name mom?” I say looking up at her.

    “I think it’s gorgeous” she says looking back up at the road. “Now that we have figured out the name and the gender now we just have to see what kinds of breeds they have” she smiles.

    “Thanks Mommy! I’m gonna be very responsible. I’m going to feed her, give her baths, take her out to go potty all by myself and you and daddy are gonna be so proud” I say.

    “You better; we put a lot of thought into this and were really depending on you to take care of the puppy.” 

    “Don’t worry, I will. Butterfly kiss?” I ask her.

    She bends down and starts wiggling her nose against me. I start giggling, then I here a honking sound. I shoot up and look out my window then see nothing when my mom hits the brakes. We start sliding and I look out Mom’s window and see a great big car coming straight at us.

    “MOMMY” I scream pointing out the window. I look up at her and see the panic in her eyes. 

    It was like time slowed down and everything was in slow motion. I noticed everything from that moment on. I could see the headlights on the big car getting closer and closer. I could see Mommy’s arms jerking the steering wheel to get the car to stop swerving. I could see other cars observing what was about to happen. But lastly I could see the giving up that was happening in my mother’s eyes. Finally I felt the impact from the front of the big car crash into the driver’s side door, then it hit my mom making our car start flipping. I shut my eyes not wanting to see anything. The car was thrown up into the air twisting around, then it came smashing down onto the ground. 

    It did this a few more times making me hurt more and more. Once it slowed down to a tumble across the road it stopped, landing on its side then falling right side up. I opened my eyes looking around. Steam was coming out of everything. I looked over at my mom and she was just covered in blood. I was already crying but right then it hit me. Tears started flowing out of my eyes. I unbuckled my seatbelt and crawled over to her.

    “Mommy?” I cried. “Mommy are you there?” 

    I started getting the air bag out of the way and looked around the seat. The seat belt was still hanging from the side of the car, she never had it on. 

    “Mommy! No please, please don’t leave me! Stay awake!” I yelled pounding on her stomach.

    I punched so many more times pleading for her to come back, yearning for her to stay with me until we grew old together. But I silently knew that I was the one who caused this. If I wasn’t the one that asked her to take her eyes off the road to give me butterfly kisses then this wouldn’t have happened. 

    “Why? Why does this have to happen to me? I’m the one that caused this so I’m the one that should be dead, not her! She doesn’t deserve this to happen to her, I do! Please, take me instead!” I yelled pounding on my legs.

    I felt something grab my wrist. I looked up and saw that it was her hand. I looked up and saw her mouth open. 

    “Please don’t baby. Come closer” she whispers weakly.

    I come closer. “I want you to remember all the times we had together.” 

    She opens her eyes slowly. “I always will mommy” I sob onto her hand. Her eyes slowly opened up.

    “I want you to look into my eyes and remember what I look like. I love you so much Garriyn and never forget who raised you and made you a wonderful woman. Always follow your dreams no matter how crazy they may seem.”

    Her eyes start rolling back.

    “NO MOMMY! PLEASE DON’T! TODAY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE PERFECT DAY! STAY WITH ME, PLEASE!” I scream shaking her shoulders wondering why no one has come to get us yet. 

    Her eyes come back one more time and she smiles very faintly. I look straight into her eyes. Her beautiful green eyes that I always thought were so pretty. That was the last time I saw those beautiful green eyes open. 

Back to Reality

    Harry’s beautiful green eyes reminded me of the last time I saw my mother. That brought me the best feeling I have ever felt. Not love. Not sadness. But relief that I have found something that reminded me of her. Maybe it was her sign of saying she’s still here. And it wasn’t just something that reminded me of her but it was someone, someone that I truly and dearly loved with all my heart. That was the moment I knew. 

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