Teenage Runaway **Completed**

Hi my name is Garriyn Snow! I am 16 and my mom died 6 years ago and I am abused by my, always drunk, father. I have two best friends that i can only trust with my secrets and try to help me through my miserable life, Alexis and Christy (aka) Alex and Doug. One night when i finally got fed up with the abuse and i ran to Alexis and Christy's place and we thought of a plan. A wonderful plan makes us meet up with 5 wonderful people that changed me and my friends' lives forever.


15. Someone's Date, But Not Mine

     Alexis' POV: 


     I asked Garriyn and Christy where me and Niall should go on our date. We decided to go at noon but I had no idea on where to go since he said I could decide.

      "Well, did you want to do something romantic?" Garriyn suggested.

     "No not really. I think like every date does a dinner in a movie. I wanted to do something unique." I replied. 

     "Did you want to do something fun? Like I heard there is an amusement park in London. I'm pretty sure it's called Thorpe Park." Christy suggested.

     I perked up and I said, "That sounds perfect. I love amusement parks. Thanks Christy!" I gave her a hug and got off the bed where we sat.

     "Don't I get a hug for suggesting something?" Garriyn said holding out her arms.

     "No, I didn't like your suggestion." 

     She pouted and looked down. I walked out of the room, but i quickly came back in to hug Garriyn.

     "Yay!" she said hugging me.

     I walked into the kitchen to see Niall eating Chips Ahoy. He turned around and asked me, "Did you figure out where you want to go?"

     "Yes, I was wondering if you wanted to go to Thorpe Park? I know it's not a romantic dinner or a movie but I thought it would be fun if we went somewhere different. If you don't like it that's okay."

     His eyes lit up, " I love roller coasters, i can't wait to ride them with you."

     "So when do you want to go?" I asked.

     He looked at his watch, "You wanna go now?"


     He walked to the table next to the couch and grabbed his wallet and car keys. 

     I walked into the bed room and grabbed my purse. I reapplied my mascara and made sure to put extra perfume on. 

     I walked into the living room and stood next to the door waiting.

     I heard Niall tell the lads that we were going on a date to Thorpe Park.  They all smiled and Louis said "Don't move too fast and don't grab her bum. Chicks hate it when guys grab their bum on the first date."

     "Trust me I won't Louis" he replied whispering. 

     "Have fun lad" Harry said patting Niall on the back. 

     "I will, see you later lads!" he said turning around and smiling at me before he walked into the bed room and took his shirt off.

     I couldn't help but stare. He had toned abs and you could tell he works out. He may eat a lot but it definitely doesn't show. His arms were huge and had hairs on his chest.

     He grabbed a different shirt and put it on. He put extra cologne on and set it back in his suitcase. I looked away so he didn't know I was staring at him when he started walking towards me.

     I looked at him and he said "You ready?"

     "Yup, let's go!" i said.

     He laughed and opened the door for me.

     He turned around and said "Bye everyone, were leaving."

     Louis yelled back, "Remember what I said Niall!"

     I laughed and Niall shut the door and asked, "What's funny?"

     We started walking towards the door and he said again, "You heard what Louis said to me earlier didn't you?"

     I giggled and said "yes."

     "Don't worry I won't grab your bum even though it does look mighty fine in those shorts.

     " Umm thanks?"

     He smiled and we got out of the elevator. Once we got outside the hotel doors I started to watch Niall and see where we were going because I didn't know which car was his. 

     He walked to the passenger side of a car and opened the door for me. 

     "Thanks" I said after looking at the black luxurious car.

     I got in and he shut the door. I looked around to see polished chrome all over. It had black leather seats and had a touch screen radio.

     It was really nice. It must have cost thousands and thousands of dollars. I almost forgot that Niall was famous and he could afford things like these.

      He got in the car and started up the engine. He looked at me and said "Ready?"

     "Yup" i replied.

     He backed out of his parking spot and started towards the exit. I had noticed that he was a good and smooth driver. We drove out of the parking lot and onto the street that led us to the Thorpe Park. 


*Skips Car Ride*


     We pull into the parking lot. He parks and we get out and walk to the entrance. We stopped when we got there. I looked around and wasn't surprised to see a bunch of people. There weren't any fans coming after us, but that was probably because this wasn't planned and didn't get leaked out on the internet which was good.

     We looked at each other and smiled. I felt something touch me. I look down at my hand to see his brushing mine. I hold his hand and I look back up, "Let's go have the time of our lives!"

     "Sounds good love" he replies.

     We look back to the park and start walking in. "So where do you want to go first?" i ask him.

     He takes a minute to think then says "How about The Swarm? It goes 57 miles per hour and has a 127 foot drop straight down."

     I look at him terrified. 

     "Oh don't worry I'll be right next to you Alexis. Right there holding your hand."

     "That helps but still... 127 foot drop. That sounds horrifying." i say scared.

     "Come on, it's this way" he says pulling my hand. I run right behind him.

     We slow to a walk and go on for a few minutes. He stops in front of a roller coaster. 

     "The Swarm" he says looking at it.

     I look up to see a massive coaster. I see it going upside down when it get's close to ending.

     "Let's go, there is barely anybody in line" he says grabbing my hand.

     I follow him up the stares to the top. Once we get there we find a line with no one in it.

     My heart is racing, i'm squeezing Niall's hand, but I couldn't wait for the adrenaline rush.

     We see the roller coaster start to come back. The gate opens and he starts to walk to the seats, or I guess they aren't really seats. They are just handles that go over your shoulder and buckles in. There is no floor.

     My heart is pounding and i'm so scared. He turns around and looks at me, "Are you ok?"

     I look up at him. "y-yes." I say walking towards him. 

     He takes my hand and helps me into the seat. I pull the handles over my shoulder and I buckle myself in. I'm shaking so badly and I look over at him. 

     "It's alright Alexis, i'm right here, nothing's going to happen to you, i promise." he says taking my hand.

     My lips are shaking but i manage a smile.

     A person comes around and checks our seat belts. That's when I know were almost ready.

     The roller coaster starts to jerk forward. I squeeze my eyes shut and squeeze Niall's hand.

     "Come on babe, open your eyes. It'll be fine."

     I noticed, that was the first time he called me babe. I liked it.

     I opened my eyes and look at him, he smiles.

     I look ahead and see were inching closer to the top. I hate this part. Once we get to the top i started thinking to myself, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." 

     I look down and I instantly looked up, that was a bad idea. We start falling down and I scream. Were getting closer and closer to the ground when the seat goes upside down. I'm gripping the handle so tight my knuckles hurt. I look over at Niall and he's laughing. I stare at him wondering how he thinks this is funny. He looks over at me and yells "It's fun isn't it?" 

     I didn't respond cuz I was still screaming. We jerk to a stop. "Are we done?" 

     "No silly. Were at the best part, the 127 foot drop." he says sounding pumped.

     "Oh god no, get me off this thing, I want off!" i yell. 

     "It's fine, it's actually pretty fun if you think about it. Trust me" he says squeezing my hand. I look over at him and smile.

     "You know I'll still scream" i say laughing a little bit.

     "Yeah, i did on my first time too" he says looking forward. 

     We were almost to the top and I look down. I liked roller coasters a lot so I wasn't so scared this time around. 

     We started falling down and I wasn't so scared.

     "Woohoo!!" I yelled laughing.

     We were still going down when we went upside down again. We gradually started to twist and turn after the drop ended and before I knew it we were unbuckling. 

     I got off and grabbed my purse. I went back to Niall and we went down the exit ramp. Towards the end I grabbed his hand and said, "That was amazing! Do they take pictures here?"

     "Yeah we have to see them" he replied smiling.

     We went into the shop that said 'Photographs' and we looked for us.

     "Down here" he gestured towards me.

     I walked to him and looked up at the screen. I looked ridiculous. I guess the camera was towards the beginning because my eyes were HUGE and my mouth was wide open and I was looking down.

     On the other hand, Mr. Chill over here was smiling and had a cute expression on his face.

     "How come every time a camera around you always have the perfect expression on your face and when one is around me I look like a freak?"

     "I'm used to cameras." he said and walked around to the cash register. 

     "I would like two copies of seat #8 please" he asked getting out his wallet.

     I looked at him and said "No way. You are not buying that picture. I look ridiculous in it."

     "You look beautiful besides the mouth. I'll buy you and me a copy to keep."

     I rolled my eyes, "Fine."

     "Here you are sir" the guy said handing him a wallet sized picture of me and him.

     He gave one to me and put one in his wallet.

     We walked out of the shop and we sat down.

     "It's your turn to pick, where do you want to go?" he asked me.

     I got out the map that we got at the front and looked at it.

     I scanned it for a few minutes and finally said, "How about Stealth? What's that?"

     I look at him and he is wide eyed. "That's a bad choice."

     "Why" i ask him.

     "Stealth is the biggest roller coaster here. It goes from 0-80 in 2 seconds and goes up to 205 feet high. Your gonna hate it." he says.

     "No i won't, i'll love it. Let's go try it out." I say dragging his hand after me. 

     I follow the map on which way to go. After a while he started to lead me to it. I looked up and saw 'Stealth' in bold letters. I looked up to see one getting ready to go. It jerked and went up at top speed and once it got to the top it went down then up then down again. I was terrified but I really wanted to ride it. It really did go 80 miles per hour. In a couple minutes it was back at the start.

    I looked at him and said, "ready?"

     He gulped and said "Yeah."

     "Don't be scared i'm right here. I won't let anything happen to you." i copied him.

     We went to the front of the line and we had to wait a few rides because everyone loved this ride. Once we got to the front of the line in our row I was getting excited and I could tell Niall was nervous. I thought once we get on he will calm down.

     The coaster came back and the gate opened, "Ready?"

     "Yup" he replied. We sat down and buckled. 

     I saw the lights turn green and we were jerked out of the starting place. We were going top speed and spinning and turning around. I looked at Niall and he was having the time of his life. I looked back and saw that we were coming up to the drop. I looked and we were almost there. I hated waiting on roller coasters, it was like they were taunting us. Next thing I know were going full speed down the 205 foot drop and we went upside down and going through twists and turns. We slowly came to a stop and I sat there stunned. That was amazing.

     "You ok?" Niall asked me.

     "Yeah i'm fine, you?"

     "Im good" he replied.

     We got out of the coaster and I grabbed my purse and we went to get something to eat. 


 *Skips Eating*


     We got done eating and I said "How about we ride the Ferris Wheel?"

     "Yeah, let's go" he said grabbing my hand. 

     We walked to the Ferris Wheel. He kept brushing the top of my hand with his thumb. Once we got there we had to wait in line for a few minutes. We got on and we waited for the rest of it to fill up. We got to the top and had to sit there a few minutes and wait for the people to get situated. We both looked out. 

     "Beautiful view isn't it?" he said looking at me.

     "It is" i looked at him.

     I looked in his beautiful blue eyes. He reached up with his hand and put it around my neck. He started to lean in still looking into my eyes. Our noses were touching when our lips met. His lips were warm and we moved in sync. I felt butterflies in my stomach and warmness go through me. This was the perfect date.

     We backed out slowly breathing heavily. I opened my eyes and smiled. I put my head on his shoulder and leaned in closer. He put his arm around me and he put his chin on my head. I smelled his cologne. Whatever it was it smelled good.

     We stayed in this position until the ride ended. We decided it was getting late and we decided to head back. We got in the car and started to drive home. Best day ever is all I can say. 


     Hello lovelies! I actually looked up this amusement park and it's a real park in London so please give me credit for actually taking time looking up how fast the roller coasters went and what the names are because they are real! Enjoy this chapter lovelies!!! -1DFan4152

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