Teenage Runaway **Completed**

Hi my name is Garriyn Snow! I am 16 and my mom died 6 years ago and I am abused by my, always drunk, father. I have two best friends that i can only trust with my secrets and try to help me through my miserable life, Alexis and Christy (aka) Alex and Doug. One night when i finally got fed up with the abuse and i ran to Alexis and Christy's place and we thought of a plan. A wonderful plan makes us meet up with 5 wonderful people that changed me and my friends' lives forever.


2. I'll Let You Pass This Time

Garriyn's POV:

       I woke up still on the kitchen floor. I looked at my watch, my One Direction watch, and it said 12:55 pm. I had 5 minutes to finish this kitchen before Jacob gets home from wherever he went. I sat up and wandered how long I was asleep. " Ow" i said. I looked down on my arm, it was tingly, i guess it was just asleep. I looked around and was surprised on how much i had gotten done. I had washed all the dishes and put them up. I had picked up most of the glass on the floor and there was still a little bit left on the floor to pick up. I got up and picked up the rest of the dishes on the ground. I got up and looked around I thought it would be fine now. It looked pretty good. 


     I heard someone walk up the steps and I turned around and walked out the kitchen to see Jacob walking in the door. He didn't notice me when he was stumbling around, i guess he is still drunk. He had a paper bag in his hand with the top of a beer can sticking out of it. He tripped and fell into me and I helped him up.


     He looked up and said, " Did you get the kitchen done?" "yes" i replied. He walked past me and into the kitchen.

     He looked around the kitchen and walked over to the sink and looked in it. He looked around a few more times and looked at me and said " Good job but it looks like you missed a spot" he says while pointing at the corner of the room. 

     I looked over in the corner and i saw a little sliver of a plate. I went and picked up the piece of plate and turned around and put it in the trash. I turned around to face him and he said " I'll let you go this one time woman!"






           Author's Note:

     Hey guys! :) sorry such a short chapter but i didn't know how to end this chapter so i just ended it right there. hope you liked this short chapter though! -1DFan4152

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