The Outlaws Rose

Jack Marston son of John Marston


1. Mr.Marston

The day John Marston was killed his son Jack, swore revenge on the Blackwater government. Jack grabbed his fathers pistol called the LeMat Revolver. Every morning he would shot at the coyotes for practice. One morning he woke up and started to head outside. When he walked by his mothers, she was still asleep. so Jack went out and shot at some coyotes. two hours later Jack was hungry so he started to head back home. when he got there he looked for his mother so the frist place he looked was the pig pen, she wasn't there. He ran into the house and seen two men dragging her outside. I pulled my revolver out of the holester and shot the two men in the legs. " You killed my mother you bastard!" Jack yelled in both of the mens faces." She died in her sleep" the men replied. Jack felt like he has nothing to live for so he killed the two men by dragging them in to the feilled where the coyotes are. It was time to head into blackwater, Jack grabbed his fathers saddle and threw it on his horse he was ready.

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