The Outlaws Rose

Jack Marston son of John Marston


2. Blackwater

Jack almost has arrived at the city of Blackwater, so he put on his fathers hat and his bandana over his face. He rode past the graveyard in to the city square, he pulle out his LeMat and walked into to the government building and went to the front desk "WHERE IS EDGAR ROSS!?" Jack yelled at the man working at the desk "U-u-upstairs sir..." replied the man behind the desk. Jack turned around and started heading up the stairs "Umm... Sir?" said the desk clerk "You can't go up there..." Jack turned around and pointed his revolver at the man "Do you think I care?" he said before blowing a hole right in between his eyes. Jack cocked his pistol before continuing up the stairs, he got upstairs and seen nobody, but there was a door on the other side of the room, he kicked down the door, and there behind a desk was Edgar Ross, "W-who are you?" he stammered, then Jack said "I am John Marston JR., and you killed my father" but before jack could pull the trigger Mr. Ross jumped out the window.

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