Finally Important *Completed*

Hey lads and loves my name is Christy Henderson I am British but I was adopted and I moved back to America. But I am on a search.


17. Where Are You?

Max takes us to the house that I lived in before I met my real family. I get out and go inside and I go to my room without saying anything to anyone. I sit on my bed and I stare out the window because I am unable to cry anymore.

"Hey dinner is almost ready." Max says but I don't turn towards him so he come and stands next to me.

"I don't care I am not hungry." I say and I see him look over at me.

"You have to eat we are a family, families eat together." He says and I snort.

"My family is in London." I say and he shakes his head.

"No they are right here." He says and grabs my arm and pulls me up and I punch him.

"Do not touch me, I want my real family but in order for me to do that you have to be dead or in jail." I say and he smiles.

"And I am neither." He says and gets up.

"We could rearrange that." I say and glare at him.

"What is so special about them?" He says and I laugh.

"They actually acknowledge me and love me and my real BROTHER isn't a jerk like you." I say and I get up and I start to walk out.

"Oh well." He says and grabs my ankle and trips me. "You're staying here." He says and I shake my head and then kick him and start to crawl but before I made it to the top step something hits me on the back of the head and I go out.

Niall's POV

1:00 A.M.

I jerk awake and I look around to see where I am and I see I am in Liam's spare room and I look over at Alexis who seemed to have just woke up too.

"What's wrong?" She asks groggily and I smile at how cute she looks but then I frown because I think about the dream I just had.

"I think Max is hurting Christy." I say and look away and then back at her.

"How?" She asks.

"A dream." I say and she nods.

"I am just worried about her." She says and I kiss her.

"So am I love, so am I." I say and we lay down and for a while I lie awake.

Harry's POV

I wake up because I am overheated and I want tea. So I get up and go to the kitchen to make tea. I pour a mug and as I am walking back to my room, I see Lou's light on. So I peek in and I see him with messy hair, red puffy eyes, and wrinkly clothes.

"Hey Lou want some tea?" I ask but he doesn't look at me but he shakes his head no. I come in and sit next to him.

"I'm fine Harry just go back to bed." He says and put my arm around his shoulders.

"Stop lying I know you are not fine." I say and he shrugs and looks off in the distance. "I understand what you are going through." I say and he turns on me.

"No you don't no one does when your girlfriend is kidnapped, saved, and then she leaves, then you will understand how I feel but you don't." He says and breaks into tears and I hug him and he cries on my shoulder.

"She has to come back, she hates that place." I say and he nods on my shoulder and I pat his back.

"Hopefully she comes back soon." He says and I nod.

"Me too mate. I am going to go back to my room if you need me then come wake me up." I say and walk back to my room and Garriyn is awake.

"How is he?" She asks and I come and sit next to her.

"He is miserable. I have never seen him like this before. He definitely cares about her a lot." I say and she nods.

"I understand she is one of my best friends." She says and I nod and we lay down and I lie awake thinking about how Lou was acting. I hope she comes back soon I hate seeing him like this and heck I miss her she is so funny. Just like Lou she is his missing piece.

Authors Note

Hey how did you like this chapter oh and I decided to have a little Larry moment there sorry anyways I hope you enjoyed.

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