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Hey lads and loves my name is Christy Henderson I am British but I was adopted and I moved back to America. But I am on a search.


28. Unfocused

Louis' POV

I hear the words I never thought I would hear. She broke up with me. I can actually hear my heart breaking. I look at Niall and he nods and pats my back and I shake my head and I get up.

"I love her, I know what I did was stupid but she is the only women I will ever love." I say, looking around at everyone and I stop on Alexis and Garriyn and they look at the ground.

"We're sorry." They say but I shake my head and I go to my room and close and lock the door. I lay down and I stare up at the ceiling for a while until I decide it's time to go to bed so I close my eyes but I can't fall asleep so I grab my cup and I drink the tea that I have in it and then I lay back down and I finally fall asleep.


We are on stage finishing Live While We're Young and we go in for a clothes change and I talk to the lads about what I am about to do and they nod and we all go back on stage.

"Excuse me." I say and everyone stops talking. "Hi, um I just lost the love of my life, she broke up with me. It was my fault. I uh was drunk and I kissed a girl... I didn't mean to and I felt extremely bad after that. I just want her to know that she is the only woman I love and will ever love unless... Anyways I dedicate this song to the love of my life." I say and we start singing Over Again and I look out at the crowd and everywhere I see Christy.

Dream Over

Alexis' POV

"I feel bad for what I said. I didn't think I would break them up. I just wanted her to know." I say to Niall and he kisses my forehead and I look up at him.

"I know and it really sucks to be me. If they were to ask me to choose sides I wouldn't know which to pick because I love them both equally. She is my twin he is my best mate." He says and I laugh.

"Oh my poor little leprechaun!" I tease and he nods with a pouty look on his face and I kiss him and he smiles. "Now let's go to sleep we have a concert tomorrow." I say, poking his nose and I snuggle against him and I close my eyes and I fall asleep.

Garriyn's POV

I look up at Harry's cute face and I wish he would wake up so I can talk to him but he needs his sleep so I won't bother him. I start to think about what I could do to make it up to Louis but I just think I should apologize. Harry stirs and then puts his arm around me and I snuggle against him and I close my eyes and I fall asleep.

The Next Morning Louis' POV

I go downstairs to the buffet and I start putting food on my plate and Garriyn walks up to me and I sigh.

"Louis I just want to apologize." She says and I look at her.

"The damage is done." I say and I go and sit with the lads.

Later That Night My POV

I am flipping through channels when I hear LWWY so I watch the telly and the lads are on there and my eyes start to sting. The finish and go to clothes change and then they come out but the music doesn't start playing.

"Attention everyone." Louis starts and I start to flip the channel but then I stop. "Christy if you are watching this I want you to know I am stupid and I was drunk and I shouldn't have ever done that. You are the only woman I could ever love. I am so sorry and I hope you can forgive me. I love you and I dedicate this song to you since I know it is your favorite." He says and they start to sing and I start crying and Louis just keeps his eyes on the camera like he can see me. I just stare back and my phone starts going off but I ignore it. I love him, why did I do that?

Authors Note

Hey lads and loves how did you like this chapter?

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