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Hey lads and loves my name is Christy Henderson I am British but I was adopted and I moved back to America. But I am on a search.


8. Sleepover/Movie Night


"We should watch Grease." Louis says.

"No Notebook." Harry says.

"Toy Story!" Liam yells.

"GODFATHER!!!" Niall yells.

"Freedom Writers." Zayn says, nodding.

"Beauty and the Beast!" I yell and they look at me. "What don't hate I love that movie." I say, holding my hands up.

"Hunger Games!!" Alexis says, throwing her arms up.

"Titanic!" Garriyn yells.

"YES!!!" Harry yells.

"No something we can all agree on." Louis says and everyone starts to think.

"Almost Famous?" I ask.

"What movie is that?" Harry asks.

"Well let us watch it." I say and I already pull it from Liam's movie collection.

"I haven't seen that in forever." Liam says and I put it in and we begin to watch it. We get to the part where the girl and the reporter are about to kiss and I see every guy lean towards their girl. I look at Louis and he is watching them. He puts his hands up to his mouth just before they start to kiss, Louis makes a farting noise and I burst out laughing and everyone jumps.

"Not cool Lou." Niall says, holding Alexis against him.
"Come on!" Louis says and I keep laughing.

"PILLOW FIGHT!" I yell after I stop laughing and I hit Louis in the face with a pillow and get up and run.

"Peasant you did not just do that!!" Louis yells and hops up from the couch and runs after me. I look and I run into a bedroom. "Come out peasant!" He yells and I hear him start opening doors. He slaps my door open and I keep really quiet because I am under the bed. I see his feet get closer and then he walks around and I feel his hands grab my ankles and pull me out from under the bed and throw me on the bed and hit me with the pillow.

"I surrender!!!" I yell and he laughs and collapses next to me on the bed. I hit him in the face and then I get up and start to run but he trips me and I fall on the bed.

"Got you." He whispers in my ear and I turn my head and his face is really close.

"No you don't." I say and kiss him and then hit him and get up and run.

Niall's POV

I can't believe Louis ruined my moment to actually kiss Alexis again. The first time we kissed I felt a spark and had a rush. That is a good sign, right?

"They would be such a cute couple." Alexis says, meaning Christy and Lou, which I totally agree but she is like all of us but Lou is her perfect match.

"Yeah so would we." I say, to myself.

"What did you say?" She asks, looking at me.

"Nothing." I say and start blushing.

"What is it?" She asks.

"He likes you." Harry says.

"Harry!" I yell, glaring at him and blushing and then I look back at her and she is blushing too.

"Is that true?" She asks but I don't look her in the eyes.

"Yes." I say and blush fiercely.

"I like you too." She says and then leans in and kisses me and everyone bursts out in 'awes' and I hear someone whistle. We finally come up for air and I stare into her eyes because I felt that spark again.

"GET A ROOM!" Garriyn yells.

"Yeah my children should not being seeing this!" Louis yells.

"Now now childs." Christy says and she walks over and pulls up me and Alexis.

"What are you doing?" Alexis asks.

"Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" She says.

"What the fuck!?" Alexis says and Christy starts laughing.

"I'm sorry but you should see your face!" She says, laughing, tears springing to her eyes.

Shyann's POV

I feel someone tap my shoulder and I turn around and see Liam motioning me to follow him. I look back to where Christy and Alexis were arguing and then I turn back to him and I follow him. He takes us to, i'm assuming, his room.

"Sorry it was getting a little wild in there so I thought we could get some peace and quiet." He says.

"Yeah I didn't mind it though." I say and sit next to him on his bed.

"Sorry do you like this?" He asks, meaning being at his house.

"Yeah it's really fun." I say, if this is our date I want to kiss him.

"Well do you accept it as a date?" He asks, kind of shyly.

"Yes." I say, he is so cute, I think to myself.

"Ok but I will take you on another one if you want me to." He says and I roll my eyes and smile and kiss him.

"I would love to go on a date with you or be your girlfriend." I say and wink and he blushes.

"Option two please." He says and I laugh and nod yes.

Harry's POV

"I wonder where Shyann and Liam went." I say, looking at Garriyn as we walk down the hallway.

"Maybe they wanted some alone time." Garriyn says and winks at me and I laugh.

I open a door and see it's a bedroom and empty and I pull Garriyn in there.

"We should have some too." I say and wink at her.

"Yes." She says and I wrap my arms around her.

She turns around to face me. I look down at her and we stare into each other's eyes for a while and I pretty much see what's going through her mind so I answered it. I bent down to kiss Garriyn for the first time but just when I am about to, the door bursts open and Perrie and Zayn stumble in not even looking and we move so they can lay on the bed. We left the room to look for a different one. We find one at the end of the hall and we go in and it is dark so we turn on the little lamp and we sit on the bed together.

"We just keep getting interrupted, jeez!" She says and I laugh.

"Yeah I really want to kiss you." I blurt and she looks at me and I blush.

"Y-you do?" She stutters out.

"Yes I like you and I want to kiss you." I admit and I rub the back of my neck and I find the ground interesting so I just stare at it until I feel a hand on my chin and I look over at her face and she is inching closer. I lean in and we start kissing. I put my arms around her and lay back and she keeps kissing me and she moves her hands up to my hair and she runs them through it. I put my hands on her lower back and put my hands under her shirt and rub her back. She pulls me up by my shirt and then pulls it off of me and then I lay back down. I run my hands up her back and I feel her shiver and her shirt comes up and my hand stops on the back of her bra. She looks at me and I can tell she isn't ready so I move my hands back down and kiss her more. I pull back for breath and she plops onto the bed next to me and I face her and just stare at her.

"You are so beautiful." I whisper and I put my hand on the side of her face and she turns her head and kisses my palm. I smile and move closer and wrap my arms around her. I soon feel her breathing slow and know she is asleep so I close my eyes and try to fall asleep.

Niall's POV

Me and Alexis are laying in one of Liam's extra rooms and I am feeling kind of bummed because when Christy faked marrying us Alexis looked embarrassed, like she wouldn't want to be married to me.

"Alexis." I say, looking down at her.

"Hmmm?" She asks, looking up at me and the moonlight hits her face and makes her look beautiful and I can almost not ask what I am about to ask.

"Why did you look so embarrassed when Christy pretended to marry us?" I ask, fiddling with my thumbs.

"She caught me off guard." She says, snuggling closer to me.

"I just thought it was because you didn't want to marry me because you would be embarrassed." I say, looking away.

"Niall. Look at me." She says and I slowly turn my head to look at her. "I would love to marry you but not right now i'm too young." She says and I smile.

"Really?" I ask, getting excited because I love this girl.

"Yes of course nothing would stop me unless I got arrested for some reason but I doubt that would happen." She rambles and I smile and lean in and kiss her. She was such a dork sometimes.

Louis' POV

"I burped louder than you!" She yells at me and I laugh.

"Oh whatever yours was weak compared to my Superman burp." I say and she laughs.

"You are acting like such a peasant I burped louder!" She says and I gasp.

"Did you just call me a peasant?" I say and she laughs.

"What are you going to do about it?" She says and I shake my head and jump on top of her and tickle her. "No, not my weakness!" She yells, laughing and I smile watching her because she looks cute when she is laughing and her laugh was adorable like a little puppy.

"Do you surrender peasant?" I ask her.

"Never!" She yells and grabs the front of my suspenders and pulls me down to her. "I don't ever surrender." She says and I smell her minty breath and I lean farther down and she starts wriggling. Stop wriggling so I can kiss you, I think to myself. She stops for a minute and I quickly lean down and steal a kiss from her. She instantly kisses back and lets go of my suspenders and puts her arms around my neck and we kiss. We come up for breath and I put my forehead on hers and we stare into each other's eyes. I roll off after a bit and lay next to her and she snuggles up to my side and I know she is listening to my heartbeat and soon she is asleep. I stroke her hair and close my eyes and fall into a dreamless sleep.

Liam's POV

I stroke Shyann's hair and she looks up at me and I smile.

"I am really happy I picked you as a partner." I tell her and she laughs.

"I am happy that I met you, you are the most perfect guy any girl could ask for." She says and I smile and I lean down and kiss her slowly. She scoots closer and runs her hand up my back and I shiver a little bit and she smiles and kisses me more.

"I am surprised no guy snatched you up before I did." I tell her and kiss her cheek.

"No guys really like me." She says, looking away.

"I like you and your mine now and that's all the counts." I say and she smiles and looks back up at me and we snuggle and I close my eyes and I hear her steady breathing which puts me to sleep.

Zayn's POV

I am so happy to have Perrie everything feels right. I turn to face her and pull the blanket up farther and snuggle her. I think about how Niall's sister came home and how she brought friends and how Niall and Harry and Louis fell in love and then Liam finds a stranger and they hit it off immediately. But I stay with one girl and she is perfect. I close my eyes and start to dream about living with Perrie alone and having a big house and having two pets. That would be perfect.

Authors Note

Hello Lads and Loves how was this chapter? I hope you liked it.

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