Finally Important *Completed*

Hey lads and loves my name is Christy Henderson I am British but I was adopted and I moved back to America. But I am on a search.


14. Really?

"I'm bored let's play a game!!" I say and everyone looks at me.

"Hide and seek." Liam suggests.

"No truth or dare." Harry says and I laugh.

"7 minutes in heaven." Louis says.

"You would suggest that." I say and laugh.

"That's why I did." He says and winks.

"I like hide and seek." I say. "What do you guys think?" I ask and they make sounds of agreement.

"I'll count." Zayn says and I nod and everyone goes and hides. I go hide in the pantry since there is space.

"Ready or not here I come!" Zayn yells and I hold my breath. Soon light spills in and I look up at Zayn who is grinning down at me.

"You are so mean." I say and he helps me out.

"How, it's not my fault you don't know where any good hiding spots are." He says and I push him and he laughs.

"I am going to look for the others." He says and I nod and I get some candy from my purse and start to snack on it. Liam comes in next.

"Hey." I say and he smiles.

"Hey where were you hiding?" He asks and I nod my head towards the pantry. "Nice I was upstairs in my closet." He says and I laugh.

"Not the best place apparently." I say and he nods and laughs.

"Never hide in the bathroom." Harry says, coming in and leaning on the counter next to me.

"I was in the pantry." I say and he laughs and I hit him on the arm lightly.

"Let me guess you were in your bedroom closet." Harry says, leaning forward to look at Liam.

"Yes and how did you know??" He asks and Harry smiles and takes some candy from my hand.

"He is good." Garriyn says, coming in and standing next to Harry.

"Always hide behind a mirror." I say and laugh.

"I see you Perrie!" I hear Zayn yell and then I hear squealing and then she is in the kitchen.

"What." I say.

"The." Liam says.

"Fuck." Harry finishes and we look at each other and laugh.

"He got me." She says.

"Obviously." I say and sit on the counter.

"Jeez Perrie you are loud." Louis says and stands in front of me, in between my legs and I offer him some candy and he takes some.

"He is really good." Shyann says and I laugh.

"That's what Garriyn said." I say and lay my chin on Louis' head.

"I am good." He says, walking by looking for Alexis and Niall.

"Good luck." I say, laughing and he waves me off.

"I bet they are hiding together." Liam says and I just shrug.

"Found you!" I hear Zayn yell and then Alexis walks in.

"You were wrong." I say to Liam and he snaps his fingers.

"Where are you Niall!" Zayn yells and looks around for him a little more.

"Maybe he's in here." Liam suggests.

Zayn starts to look around in the kitchen and ends up finding him literally not in the kitchen.

"If I were Niall where would I be." Zayn says to himself.

"Well if he isn't in here then I don't know where he is." Harry says and I push Louis forward and I hop down and go to the laundry room and I look in the dryer.

"What!" Niall yells and I laugh and I help him out.

"How did you know he was in here?" Zayn asks, coming in.

"I don't know I just thought of where I would hide and then checked in here." I say and shrug.

"That's some weird twin stuff." Louis says and I laugh and look at Niall.

"Anyways who's next?" I ask, looking at the group.

We play a few more rounds and then we got bored so we thought we would just sit and talk. Well in the middle of playing that I get a phone call.

"Hello?" I ask and everyone keeps talking but I see Niall and Louis watching me.

"Hey darling." My mum says, kind of panicked.

"What's wrong mum?" I ask and that gets Niall's full attention.

"Well you know how Max was put in jail?" She asks.

"Yes." I say and start to get a little panicked, I stand up and Louis and Niall are up quick and I walk into the hall and they follow.

"Well your step parents bailed him out and I was watching the news and he said he was coming for you." She says and I stop breathing and I drop my phone. I would have fell too but Louis caught me.

"Hello mum, it's Niall. What happened?" He asks and I watch him and see him turn pissed.

"What happened?" Louis asks, after Niall gets off the phone.

"Max is out of prison, we have to make sure she is with one of us at all times." He says and I feel Louis nod and then he drags me back into the living room where everyone is looking at us.

"Max is out of jail, my mum said that on the news he said he was coming for Christy so we have to have one of us with her at all times, got it?" He asks and everyone nods. This is going to be a long week, I thought to myself.

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