Finally Important *Completed*

Hey lads and loves my name is Christy Henderson I am British but I was adopted and I moved back to America. But I am on a search.


6. Meeting the Lads


"I have to go to rehearsals today mum." Niall says and I walk in, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

"Can I go?" I ask, getting down a mug and getting some tea.

"Sure as long as you don't bother us." He says and smiles and I laugh.

"Me? I would never do such a thing." I say and smirk and sip my tea.

"Sure, if you're anything like Louis you will do such a thing." He says, pushing me playfully.

"Well when are you leaving?" I ask, sitting down.

"Just about to." He says and I hop up and run to the backroom.

"GET UP LAZY BUMS we are going to rehearsals." I say and start changing.

"Who's rehearsals?" Alexis asks, groggily.

"One Direction's rehearsal." I say and that wakes them up.

"Really?" They scream.

"Yes!" I say and run out of the room.

"Are you getting ready?" Niall asks me.

"Can I borrow a pair of your sweats and a shirt, please!?" I say, making the puppy dog face.

"Yes but you clean them and then we will go shopping after rehearsals." He says and I run to his room.

I look in his drawers and cover my mouth and laugh. I opened his boxers drawer. I laugh and then slam it shut and I finally find his pants drawer and look for some sweats. I find a pair that fit me and then I look for a shirt. I see this really cute white shirt that says 'Vas Happenin?' on it so I slide my current shirt off and then this shirt on. I go back to the backroom where the girls are already dressed. I pick up the beanie I took from Niall's room and slide it on my head and I look at my outfit.

"You look great." Alexis says and I smile.

"Thanks now lets go." I say and we go to the living room and we leave with Niall.

Skipping Car Ride

"Hey Paul this is my sister-" Niall starts but Paul interrupts.

"Christy!" He says and hugs me and the girls.

"Is it alright if they come in with me?" Niall asks.

"Sure." He says and we all walk in.


"Ello lads." I say and they all just stare at me. "Is something wrong?" I ask.

"No we just didn't know you were British." Zayn says.

"I'm also Irish and Australian but enough about me. These are my friends Alexis and Garriyn." I say and they all say 'hi' in sync.

"Come on Niall we have to start rehearsing." Liam says and we leave and sit with Paul while they sing.

"This is why I love them." I say meaning their voices and how they look at each other while singing.

"They are the perfect band." Alexis says. I look at her and then back and I can see Niall staring at me but I doubt he knows it but I just keep staring back.

"Hey Paul." Perrie says, coming in and then stopping. "Who are they?" She says, looking at us.

"This is Christy, Alexis, and Garriyn." Paul says, pointing at us and we wave.

"And?" She says, smiling slightly and giving us a little wave.

"Christy is Niall's twin sister and her friends." Paul says and she goes wide eyed.

"OMG!!! You are THE Christy!" She yells and runs over and hugs me and then hugs the girls too.

"Yes love." I say, smiling and her eyes get wider.

"I have been dying to meet you." She says.

"I have been dying to meet you too." I say and she smiles.

After Rehearsal

"We should really hang out again." I say, standing in between Niall and Garriyn and Alexis is on Niall's other side.

"What are you guys doing now?" Zayn asks.

"I am taking them shopping." Niall says, smiling at us.

"SHOPPING!!!" Perrie squeals. "I want to go!!" She says.

"Why don't we all just go." Zayn suggests and all the lads nod.

"Let's go shopping, I need new Steve McQueens to make my ass look good." Louis says and snaps his fingers and everyone laughs.

Authors Note

'Ello loves and lads. Sorry this was a sucky chapter next one hopefully is better. Love you! ;)

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