Finally Important *Completed*

Hey lads and loves my name is Christy Henderson I am British but I was adopted and I moved back to America. But I am on a search.


5. Is It Really You?

When we get to our destination I get out and pay the driver. I walk up to the door and look at my friends.

"Am I ready?" I ask them.

"I don't know but if you need us we will be right here." Alexis says.

"Ok thanks." I say and I knock on the door. I wait a little and I think no one is going to answer so I turn but then I hear a door open. I turn back around and I see a tall woman with eyes and hair just like mine.

"Yes Love?" She asks, taking a drag off of her cigarette.

"Hi, are you Ginny Peterson?" I ask and she nods.

"Yes, what is your name darling?" She asks, flicking her cigarette and looking me up and down.

"My name is Christy Henderson." I say and I watch the surprise enter her eyes.

"Christy?" She says and steps out and embraces me.

"Yes." I say but she just looks at me.

"I have been hoping you would come back." She says and gets tears in her eyes.

"I have been wanting to meet you since I first arrived at the Henderson home." I say.

"Come in girls." She says and we walk in and I look around and see an older man and a younger one playing a video game.

"Who are they?" I ask, pointing.

"That is your father and brother." She says.

"I have a brother?" I ask.

"Yes you guys are twins." She says.

"Then why did you split us up?" I ask, kind of starting to get angry.

"Ah I know you are angry, that's the Irish coming out of you." She says and that takes me by surprise.

"I'm part Irish?" I ask, looking confused.

"And part Australian." She says and I look at the blond boy on the couch.

"Really?" I ask and she nods.

"I'm British and Australian and your father is Irish. Mike come here!" She says and he pauses the game and gets up and comes over.

"Christy?" He asks and I hear his Irish accent.

"Yes dad." I say and he comes over and picks me up in a hug.

"I have missed you so much." He says and puts me down and Alexis grabs my arm and I look at her and then follow her gaze to the couch where the blonde boy is staring at us.

"Christy?" He asks, getting up.

"Yes Niall this is your twin sister, Christy." My mum says and he comes towards me.

"Hi." I say and he stands in front of me and I hear Alexis and Garriyn gasping.

"Hi." He says and we just stare at each other.

"I didn't know your parents lived here I thought that since you were Irish you would be living in Ireland." I say.

"No we moved here because mum wanted to be close to grandma and grandpa." He says.

"Oh." I say and a tear falls down his cheek and I reach up and wipe it.

"I have missed you so much I have heard so many stories." He says and I look over at my parents.

"Why did you put me up for adoption?" I ask and they look at each other and then at me.

"We didn't think we could handle two babies." My mum says and a tear falls down my cheek.

"So I was the one you chose." I ask, wiping it away and Niall hugs me.

"There was mostly guys already up for adoption." She says. "We thought someone might want a girl." She adds. I walk over to her and hug her.

"I am glad to be home, you should see how the Hendersons treat me." I say and then I start to tell her about it.

Niall's POV

I can't believe she is actually here. After all these years of me waiting for her to walk through that front door she finally has. I look behind her and see two girls. One of them catch my eye, I may have to ask Christy about her later. I have to talk to the band about Christy later too. But right now I want to spend time with my sister.

"Do you guys need a place to stay?" My mum asks the girls.

"Well I really don't want to go back with the Henderson's so yes." Christy says.

"Ok well you might have to share a room." My mum says.

"That's fine." Christy says.

"But what about all our clothes." Alexis says.

"We will get jobs and work for them." Christy says.

"Or I can just buy them for you." Niall suggests.

"You would do that Nialler?" Christy asks me with puppy eyes.

"Yeah I am a rock star I have money I need someone to spend it on." I say and she walks over and hugs me.

"Thank you so much but we will still work." She says and I laugh.

"It's fine." I say.

"Are you sure?" She asks and I nod. "Ok well I am knackered, I am going to bed goodnight mum, dad, and Niall." She says and goes to the backroom.

"I think I am going to bed too." My mum says and my dad is already going to the bedroom and she follows.

"I have to use the restroom." Garriyn says and leaves and now it is just me and Alexis.

"How did you become friends with Christy?" I ask Alexis, looking her in the eyes to be polite.

"Oh well everyone that wanted to be friends with her usually used her to get to Max. Well I had to convince her that I actually wanted to be her friend. So that is what I did and happy that I did." Alexis says and he nods.

"She is really cool especially if she is anything like me." I say.

"She is a girl of her own." Alexis says and Niall nods.

"She is pretty. She totally looks like me." I say and Alexis laughs.

"She would have to look pretty handsome to look like you." Alexis says and I blush.

"Thanks." I say and she sees me blush and giggles.

"You're welcome, well it's time for me to go to bed as well. Good night Niall." She says, walking past me but stop and kisses my cheek before heading to the backroom too.

I smile and go in my room and lay on my bed and then I call up the lads knowing they would all be at Louis' mom's house and I tell them everything.

"Is she hot?" Harry asks and I wanted to reach through and jack him up.

"That is not important what is important is that she is home. And she brought friends." I say.

"FRIENDS!!" They yell.

"Are they hot? Is she hot?" They question me.

"Guess you will have to find out." I say and I say bye and hang up and lay on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. So happy she is home. So happy she brought her friend. What is wrong with me I am supposed to be focusing on Christy's arrival home but her friend. There is something about her. I mentally battle inside my head for a while until I finally fall into a dreamless sleep.

Authors Note

Yes I know Niall doesn't have a sister but just deal with this it isn't real :) So no hate please Thanks

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