Finally Important *Completed*

Hey lads and loves my name is Christy Henderson I am British but I was adopted and I moved back to America. But I am on a search.


16. Goodbye

I crawl to the back door and open it and run out and to the front. Max doesn't hear me.

"Max, why can't you just leave me alone." I say and he turns and points the gun at me.

"You are supposed to be with our family." He says and I put my hands up and a tear rolls down my cheek.

"Fine, as long as you leave them alone, I will go with you." I say and he keeps pointing the gun at me. "You don't deserve them anyways." He says and I begin to cry. He can just make me feel like nothing.

"Whatever." I say and I begin to cry and he grabs my arm and pulls me into the pizza car.

I look out the back window at Liam's house and I begin to cry.

"Shut up!" He yells, reaching back and I move his hand. I cry into my hands and curl up and I look out the window.

Louis' POV

"What the fuck just happened?" I ask, pacing.

"She just gave up!!" Niall yells and I see him pacing too.

"This can not be happening." Alexis says, hugging Garriyn.

"I only knew her for a couple days but she seems like a nice girl." Shyann says.

"She is and she is the love of my life." I say and everyone says awe.

"We need to get her back." Zayn says. "She is the life of this group, just like Lou." He says and everyone nods.

"Does anyone know where he might have taken her?" I say and Garriyn raises her hand.

"He may have taken her to that place where we were first staying." She says and I nod and we all pack in the jam-jar and drive to the hotel.


I give the person the ticket and me and Max board the plane and I keep crying. We sit in our seats and I stare out the window and cry and I close my eyes. Goodbye everyone I love and miss you.


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